9 Common Moistenland Problems Troubleshooting

moistenland troubleshooting
moistenland troubleshooting

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Moistenland Troubleshooting

Common Problems and Solutions:

What to do if the Moistenland automatic drip irrigation kit is not working?

You must check for clogged drippers/emitters. Often, this happens due to incorrect pressure within the system. Make sure that you have the appropriate pressure regulator installed in your system.

If the size of your plant is big, put more than one dripper so that enough water gets through. You should also soak the tubing in hot water for a few minutes or apply some vegetable oil at the end of the hose for easy installation.

Ensure that all spikes are as deep into the tubing as possible. The water may not pass through if the supply tubbing is not properly inserted into the inlet and outlet port.

To avoid the siphoning effect, you must also place the unit at the same height as the plants.

  1. Faulty Timer

You may be wondering why your timer is not working; this is because the timer is not waterproof and is advised not to be used directly outside. It is also important to ensure you run manual watering before setting the timer.


  1. Leaking Hydroponic System

There is a possibility that your system may be leaking, so you must test your system before planting anything. Make sure to tighten any valves and that connections are tight and secure.

Regularly check your system for root overgrowth, clogged drains, or outlets.

  1. pH Levels:

pH levels are very important for hydroponic growth. It is crucial to adjust the pH levels of water to 5.5, not any lower than that. You can either use lemon or a pH down. Then check the pH levels with pH paper or a pH meter.

ph level

  1. Plant Diseases:

Before cutting and planting the seed, ensure that the area is clean and disease-free, as humidity, high temperatures, and lack of sunlight can make these plants susceptible to diseases; therefore, make sure your plants receive some light, artificially, if at all.

  1. Faulty Refilling system:

Though you may be deeply invested in your hydroponic system, you still may not be able to figure out why your plants are not growing is essential.


This is because you need to refill the water trays with approximately 16oz of water every 2-3 days; you should not forget to fill the water.

  1. Inefficient Utility Setup:

Utility inefficiency is a common reason why people’s hydroponic systems fail. Most of the time, people do not have proper knowledge about how to set up their system. If you’re facing such an issue, please contact a professional.

The smart light system needs to be on for 18 hours and is supposed to be off for 6 hours. You need to ensure that ample light is received and time to rest, although the system is automatic and may work independently and efficiently.

Why is my Moistenland soil tester not working?

Although Soil testers are easy to operate, there may be a few reasons your soil testers may not work. First, you must put your soil tester in one of the four modes provided; light, moist, nutrient, and pH.

soil wet

Then you have to insert the meter into the soil for a few minutes, after which you get the meter out of the ground clean and dry. Your meter may not show the reading correctly because you might not have inserted the meter deep enough into the soil.

The meter needs to be at least 2-4 inches deep into the earth, and you need to leave the meter in the soil for at least 10 minutes before taking the meter out of the earth and checking its reading.

However, keeping the meter for too long in the soil is also not recommended . It is not advisable to test the water or other liquids with this meter, nor is it suggested to use it for hard soils or objects.

  1. Adjust Automatic misting system Settings

Your automatic misting system requires all its main tubing from the water supply to the pump to be checked and from the pump to the fog line for leaks, preventing the system from pressurizing.

misting system

Check for any leaks at the 2 nozzles or the fittings that will prevent the system from pressuring. Check the 16ft black hose for any debris.

  1. Faulty Bluetooth

You may be concerned about why your sprinkler timer isn’t working. The issue may possibly be your timing system. You must Check your timing program and make sure that your duration settings are properly configured.

Then you are supposed to make an adjustment, and then you need to run a test in which you can set up a temporary program to turn it on for a minute or more and see how long the sprinklers stay on.


If in case your sprinklers turn on but do not turn off again, it is more certainly because there is a problem with your setup. This is normally because of a simple error with the turn-on and turn-off times and can easily be fixed.

You can also change the mode from “automatic” to “manual” if you want to turn the sprinklers on and off yourself.

  1. Not Enough Water in the System

A hydroponic system needs to be checked regularly to see if the water level is low, as this can cause problems with plant growth. Plants need to be watered daily, and the roots need to be kept moist.

If the water level gets too low, the roots will not get enough oxygen, and the plants will start to wilt.

It is essential to check the water level in the reservoir every day and top it up if necessary.

The ideal water level is about 2 inches below the top of the grow bed. If the water level drops below this, the plants will start to suffer.

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