6 Ways To Fix Hose End Sprayer Not Siphoning

hose end sprayer not siphoning
hose end sprayer not siphoning

A hose-end sprayer is a crucial tool that has a great number of uses in farming and gardening. Through a hose-end sprayer, one is allowed to mix different liquid products with water at the very end of the hose.

This allows the farmer to be able to spray different gardening products in their garden. There are mainly two types of hose-end sprayer. Both of them have their own particular use. However, another great thing about a hose-end sprayer is that it can also be used to mix certain powered products as well.

How to Fix Hose-End Sprayer Not Siphoning?

Besides farming and gardening, a hose-end sprayer is also used in plenty of other applications. Regardless of where it is being used, we have started receiving reports of users that their hose-end sprayer is not siphoning. There could be plenty of reasons for this to be happening.

Today, we will be talking about this issue in detail by giving you a number of troubleshooting steps that should help you get the issue fixed. So, if you want to learn how you can successfully troubleshoot the problem, then we suggest you keep on reading!

  1. Ensure the Tube Is Not Clogged

One of the first reasons why your sprayer may not be siphoning could be due to the tube. You will have to make sure that the tube is not clogged. If it is, then you may start to face problems such as the one you are currently facing.

  1. Rinse the Tube

While we have already mentioned how your tube could be clogged, it could also be that the tube is just dirty. In either case, what we recommend you do is to rinse the tube thoroughly. Depending on the situation, you may have to keep on rinsing the tube repeatedly.

  1. Try Changing the Tube/Hose

It could be that the tube or hose is having problems. This is why we suggest you check the tube/hose and see if you find anything weird. If you can’t seem to figure out the problem, then what you can do is to try and change the tube or hose of the sprayer.

  1. Ensure That You Are Mixing the Right Amount

There is a high possibility that you are not mixing the right amount of product into your hose-end sprayer. For instance, you could be using too much of the product, and a very low amount of water, or the other way around.

Regardless of the concentration, you will have to make sure that you mix only the right amounts of products into your hose-end sprayer.

  1. Make Sure You Are Using the Right Product

There is also a slight chance that you are trying to fix something that isn’t supported by the hose-end sprayer. You will first have to determine the type of sprayer that you currently have. Afterward, ensure that the product that you are trying to use is actually supported by the hose-end sprayer. If not, then you may start to experience issues like this one.

  1. Hose-End Sprayer Could Be Broken

If none of the above-mentioned steps seem to work for you, then chances are that the hose-end sprayer that you are trying to use is completely broken. If that really is the case, then you can only try one of the two following things; either get the hose-end sprayer checked and repaired, or completely replace it with a newer one.

Replacing the hose should eliminate all problems that you are currently facing. So, we recommend you do that as a last option if nothing seems to work for you.

The Bottom Line

Mentioned above are the 6 different steps on how you can fix hose-end sprayer not siphoning. If you are in dire need of a quick fix, then we highly recommend following each and every single piece of instruction that we have written in this article.

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