6 Annoying Kubota M7060 Hydraulic Problems With Solutions

kubota m7060 hydraulic problems
kubota m7060 hydraulic problems

If you work on a farm, you are aware of how time-consuming and demanding it is. A tractor is a crucial farming tool that automates regular agricultural tasks, including tillage, plowing, and field planting.

Each operation will need a lot of labor, including preparing the area, planting the seedlings, applying fertilizers, and harvesting. The tractor performs more accurate work and has many other uses.

It saves time and effort while being appropriate for both small and big farmlands. Higher-quality crops are produced by affordable tractors. Tractors are unquestionably the backbone of every farmland today!

Kubota Corporation – How They Work?

Osaka, Japan, is home to the multinational Kubota Corporation. It was first established in 1890 and is still going strong today. Kubota provides a full range of services for farmers, from the development of agricultural machinery that meets their needs to the production of that machinery.

It is Kubota’s mission to help farmers around the world and to have a better future. Manufacturing relies on industry and infrastructure to function correctly. By providing solutions to support these infrastructures, Kubota helps them live happier, more prosperous lives.

When new services and businesses are needed, Kubota develops new products and services ahead of time.

Kubota’s goal is to create a self-sustaining society by utilizing technology and innovative solutions to maintain the tasks on farmland. They have introduced a Kubota M7060 Tractor that has brand the talk of the town!

But recently, it was reported by many people that Kubota M7060 is causing hydraulic problems. In this article, we will explain the most common hydraulic problems of Kubota M7060 with their solutions. Let’s get straight into it!

Troubleshooting Kubota M7060 Hydraulic Problems

  1. Motor Won’t Rotate

Motor Won’t Rotate

If you have problems with the rotation of your motor, the first thing you should check is the type of fuel you are using and the injector pump. Most likely, you’re using the wrong type of fuel, or your fuel filter is clogged with debris.

Either way, make an effort to thoroughly clean the fuel filter before adding high-quality fuel to the engine. The injector pump, for example, may need to be thoroughly checked to ensure it is working correctly.

  1. Steering Not Working

Steering Not Working

As a tractor driver, if your steering wheel does not move in the direction you want it to, this can be dangerous. It could also have unexpected outcomes. Most of the time, this is caused by low oil index and defective hydraulic components.

The steering problem on a Kubota M7060 is usually resolved by adding oil to the index. Isn’t it that simple? But still, your tractor steering is still not working. Go ahead and take the next step!

You must ensure that the tractor’s hydraulic system is free of air.  If there is, get rid of it immediately! The hydraulic cylinder can also be damaged, which can prevent steering from not working. In this case, repairing or replacing the hydraulic cylinder would be the best solution.

The steering wheel’s excessive free play can sometimes be a problem. It’s because the steering column coupling or shaft is worn out. Replace the defective part as soon as possible.  If the steering linkage or hydrostatic steering unit is faulty or worn, this can lead to a loss of steering control. Replace them if necessary.

Sometimes the tractor steering works, but it turns the tractor to the right or left simultaneously. A problem with the hydrostatic steering system or cylinder is to blame here. If necessary, have them changed or repaired.

Damaged or worn front wheel bearings cause the same issue. Replace the bearings if they’re worn out or adjust them correctly. Replace worn-out or damaged front tires, or simply replace the entire tire if necessary.

  1. Engine Not Getting Enough Power

Engine Not Getting Enough Power

The nozzle and compression should be checked if you notice that your vehicle’s engine isn’t getting the power.  Repairing your tractor will be necessary if you have low compression or insufficient atomization in the nozzle.

Make sure the fuel injectors aren’t clogged or malfunctioning, and replace them immediately if necessary! Simply repairing or replacing the Injector will raise the fuel injection pressure. If the engine is overtaxed, reduce the load or change gear.  Make adjustments to valve clearance if the valve clearance is out of whack!

The incorrectly low idle speed must be corrected. Eliminate any clogs and thoroughly clean all piping and hoses before restarting it. It is normal to lose compression if your valves are leaking or broken.

  1. Engine Stops Shortly After Running

Engine Stops Shortly After Running

One of the most common Kubota M7060 issues is that the tractor’s engine shuts down after a few minutes of operation. The fuel or air filters may be clogged or blocked. 

Check the air and fuel filters for debris before moving on to the next step of troubleshooting. Do a thorough cleaning of all the filters. Additionally, the parts may be damaged and might be unable to restore.  If that’s the case, you’ll need to replace all the filters in the tractor.

  1. Diesel Overheating

Diesel Overheating

Overheating in your tractor can be caused by your Kubota M7060 not working.  However, in this case, the cooling system is the real killer.  The best possible solution is to start by checking the temperature of your cooling system and the surrounding area.

Be aware that your tractor may overheat if it is under too much stress from a heavy load. The tractor may also overheat if the gears are misaligned or if the belt is strained.

Your tractor is highly recommended to be serviced if you encounter any of these issues. Alternatively, you can take your tractor to a nearby repair shop or call a professional.

It’s also important to check the cooling system for clogs or worn parts. Always verify the oil level in the engine to make sure it’s sufficient. Ensure that all fan belt tension is appropriately adjusted and if needed, replace the belt. Lastly, if the Thermostat isn’t working correctly, get a new one!

  1. Difficulties Starting the Tractor

Difficulties Starting the Tractor

The most common cause of tractor starting issues is a dead battery or a problem with the tractor’s wiring.  In this case, you’ll need to make sure your tractor has enough power to start. The power is a crucial requirement for the tract to start!

Tractors not starting is a common problem, but it can be fixed very quickly and simply. In most cases, this is due to a lack of fuel. However, if this is not the only problem, faulty wires or cold weather might be to blame.

First, check the wire connections. It would be best to fix any loose or broken wire connections. However, if this is not the problem, you should check the fuel, as there may be moisture mixed with the fuel.   If this is the root of the problem, allowing it to warm up would be the best course of action.

Kubota M7060 Problems – Still Not Resolved?

The article has covered the solutions for all the hydraulic problems that your Kubota M7060 tractor would be having. But if all of these solutions become ineffective, you are left with the only option to get in touch with your device’s support staff.

Make sure you give them thorough information about the issue. Establishing trusting relationships is the core of providing excellent customer service. Be clear about the problem, and support staff will provide an effective solution.

If the problem is still not solved, you must immediately check your tractor’s warranty! Each Kubota tractor comes up with a warranty of 1500 hrs or 24 months. Check it out and complain to them on their website.

The team will contact you and inquire you regarding the tractor, issue, and its warranty. But before that, ensure the Kubota M7060 tractor wasn’t damaged because of your negligence. After successful validation, your tractor will be repaired or replaced, and you’re good to do miracles in farmland!

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