3 Ways To Fix Lawn Mower Won’t Stop Running

lawn mower won't stop running
lawn mower won’t stop running

A Lawnmower is arguably the most crucial piece of equipment for your garden. There are many different varieties of lawn mowers available on the market. Depending upon the garden layout, gardeners can browse through a wide variety to choose the perfect fit. These machines are easy to use, and if you buy a reliable lawn mower, it will speed up your garden management substantially.

A problem that many gardeners have reported recently is that their lawn mower won’t stop running. If you’re having similar challenges with your machine, then try following these steps.

How to Fix Lawn Mower Won’t Stop Running?

  1. Remove Spark Plug Boot

If the lawnmower doesn’t stop running even after letting go of the handle, you can remove the cable connected to the spark plug to fix this problem. All you have to do is leave the machine on a level surface and grab pliers to help remove the boot. You just have to access the cable mounted on the top of the spark plug and pull it with pliers.

Your lawnmower will stop running immediately, and then you can work towards fixing the defect in your machine. This process is quite simple, and you can remove the boot immediately. However, make sure to use pliers for safety purposes.

  1. Fix the Stop Switch

One of the main reasons behind this issue is that the lever connected to the handle won’t make contact with the switch stop once you let go of the handle. So, if you’ve bought a second-hand lawnmower or the lawnmower was damaged previously, then you’ll need to fix the stop switch connection to troubleshoot this problem. Now, the process to fix the stop switch is relatively easy, and you’ll be able to do it yourself.

All you have to do is grab a screwdriver and unscrew the top cover of the lawnmower. Once you’ve removed the cover, trace the wire connected to the handle and the lever. Now notice the connection of the lever with the stop switch on the lawnmower. If the lever is not touching the stop switch once you let go of the handle, use the screwdriver to fix the connection. You’ll need to apply some force on the stop switch to bend it back into its place. After ensuring the contact between the lever and the stop switch, you should turn off the lawnmower quickly.

  1. Repair Center

If you cannot fix the stop switch connection yourself, then the only option you’ve left is to take your lawnmower to a repair center. You can also call an expert to help you with the machine, but it will probably cost more. So, depending upon your budget, you can choose either one of these options for fixing the lawnmower.

However, if you bought the lawnmower recently, the warranty is likely at the current moment. So, you can contact the customer support of your supplier and claim the warranty. That way, you’ll be able to get the problem fixed without spending any money. Hopefully, this helps you get around the stop switch issue with the device.

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