5 Kubota M135GX Problems You Should Know About

kubota m135gx problems
kubota m135gx problems

Tractors are the pillars of farming. They speed up the pace of plows and harvesters’ work. Despite being inexpensive, they play a crucial role in reducing production costs.

With tractors, you get better soil results and a higher-quality crop. Working on a tractor saves time because it makes the process go quite faster. Tractors have unquestionably taken their place as the spine of today’s farms.

Founded in the United States, Kubota is a manufacturer of tractors. Since its dawn, the company has made several advances in the manufacturing sector. There is a lot of buzz about their tractors in town.

To ensure the durability of the heavy machinery, Kubota ensures that every part of it is made from high-quality materials. Food, water, and the environment are at the heart of their mission to support daily life. The company has been operating since 1072, as stated in its motto!

Tractors made by this company are the most dependable on the market. Since its inception, Kubota M136GX has become a household name among farmers and other business owners worldwide.

Anything with many moving parts or machinery can eventually break down after some time. The same holds true for the Kubota M135GX.

The issues with the Kubota M135GX tractor may start causing a massive craze during its operation. These issues are critical to know about the Kubota M135GX, so read on to find out what they are! Let’s get to it right away!

Common Kubota M135GX Problems 

1. Engine Output Problem

Engine Output Problem

There is no more important component for tractors than the Internal Combustion Engine. An engine’s oxidizer and fuel are combined in a confined patch known as a combustion chamber. The tractor is fitted with an engine. The tractor’s engine ranges in power from 20 to 120 horsepower.

Tractors can be invaluable, regardless of the size of your farm. Unfortunately, like any vehicle with an engine, it will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Tractor repairs can be done on-site at your farm, or you can pay a visit to the mechanic.

Though, both of these options can be costly. For the sake of saving several bucks, why don’t you try to assess your engine issues? Kubota uses diesel engines in its tractors.

The common problem is that your engine won’t start at all. The battery is the most common culprit when the engine won’t turn over. Battery terminals may be corroded, preventing current flow, or the battery cables may be faulty.

Ensure your battery terminals and cables are in good condition and test the battery. If you don’t have access to a load tester, you can take the battery to almost any auto parts store for free testing.

If your engine is turning, but you can’t get it to start, there are two main issues you should be looking out for — both of which are fuel-related.

Fuel filters and lines from tank to engine should be checked first. If you have a blocked fuel filter or lines, your engine’s fuel supply will be cut off. Sometimes all it takes to remove a blockage is simply cleaning or replacing your fuel filter.

It’s also possible that the fuel control lever on the engine itself is the source of the problem. Even if the fuel filter is clean, if it’s jammed shut, the fuel won’t be able to get to the engine. It’s essential to figure out why it’s jammed. If it’s still moving, you can try lubricating the moving parts with a spray bottle of oil.

In addition, installing fuel boosters in the fuel tank will help you get the most out of your tractor. The fuel boosters will clean the tractor’s engine’s jets, allowing it to operate at its peak efficiency.

2. Engine Stalling Problem

Engine Stalling Problem

A stalling engine problem occurs when the engine is running but dies after a while.

To keep the Kubota M135GX running, it’s best to go for diesel fuel only.

The Kubota M135GX’s engine has been the target of numerous customer complaints. They claim that the engine is underperforming. Unfortunately, many customers have complained about this right away after purchasing the tractor.

Cleaning the fuel lines and filter takes care of the problem, so that’s all that’s needed. Usually, this issue is caused by clogged fuel lines or fuel filters. When the fuel-air mixture is compressed in the engine, diesel ignites. In this case, the solution is to pressurize fuel lines and clean them out.

Fuel contamination could be the cause of your engine shutting down after a short period. Even though it may show up freaky at first, Take a whiff of your tank’s oil aroma. So, if you can smell gas in your diesel engine, drain it, flush the fuel system, and refill it with diesel fuel.

Additionally, a malfunctioning fuel pump can cause this issue. Because the fuel pump is defective, the engine does not receive the amount of fuel it needs to run smoothly, resulting in a sluggish performance. Just replace the fuel pump at your local customer service center.

3. Transmission Problem

Transmission Problem

You may encounter transmission issues with the Kubota M135GX. The transmission problems can be easily fixed, but only if the root of the cause is analyzed. We’ve listed the most common transmission issues and their solutions below.

  • Hard Gear Shift

Some users reported that the gearshift becomes more difficult with time. A dry linkage or a hard shift cover may be to blame for this issue. Thus, lubricating the linkage or removing the shift cover will solve this problem.

  • Noisy Axle

Another common complaint from customers was the roaring sound coming from the front axle. There is a defective gearbox at the root of this issue. As a result, getting a new gearbox is highly recommended. It will cost you a bare minimum amount of money.

  • Rough Gear Shifting

Users of this device also expressed dissatisfaction with the smoothness of the gear shifting. To fix this issue, you should replace the gear oil with the recommended one for your Kubota M135GX tractor.

4. Engine Overheating Problem

Engine Overheating Problem

Even though engine overheating isn’t a common issue, some users have encountered it. Most of the time, the engine overheating problem is caused by a malfunction in the cooling system. The same might have happened with your Kubota M136GX tractor’s cooling system.

The Kubota M135GX truck’s engine must burn fuel to keep it running, generating a lot of heat. Radiators are used to dissipate heat from a diesel generator’s engine coolant to the outside air. This process prevents the engine from overheating when it is functioning correctly.

First of all, check if your radiator is not leaking with coolant. If the radiator’s fins are covered in dirt or mud, you can use compressed air to clean them. Using a hose and a soft brush to clean the radiator’s fins is a good idea, but be attentive not to bend any of them.

Ensure not to open a hot radiator cap. In addition to being extremely hot and pressurized, the coolant can cause your cap to fly while scalding you with hot steam. We’ve seen radiator caps go through windows, into people, and the air. So be careful.

Due to the tractor’s poor maintenance, overheating issues can arise. As an outcome, if you don’t want to experience this problem again, make sure your tractor is well maintained. A professional should be called in if the troubleshooting steps outlined here fail to resolve your issue.

5. Steering Problem

Steering Problem

Other than the tractor’s engine overheating problems, some customers complained about the tractor’s steering issues.

The steering wheel is said to rotate without resistance from the user’s hands. The steering pump in your vehicle is frequently to blame for this problem. Therefore, all you need to do is exchange the steering pump for a new one.

On the other hand, many customers have complained that the steering wheel becomes difficult to turn after a while. It is because the air trapped in the pump or the steering oil is below the required level.

Simply remove the air from the pump and refill it with steering fluid. This will put an end to the problem.

The Bottom Line

The Kubota M125GX tractor has become a popular choice around the globe due to Its high-quality output. The tractor has many advantages and minor drawbacks if it is not maintained correctly.

This article discusses all of its problems and ways to fix them . For farmers to have a long-term relationship with their tractor!

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