5 Reasons Why Kubota 3 Point Hitch Will Not Raise

kubota 3 point hitch will not raise
kubota 3 point hitch will not raise

As star machinery on your farm, a tractor helps you in many ways. From plowing to planting, a tractor helps you accomplish a wide variety of agricultural tasks conveniently and efficiently.

Its ability to pull heavy weights on rough terrains makes it an ideal option for farming. In addition to farming, modern tractors are widely used for landscape maintenance and lawn care as well.

Since tractors are the most popular farming vehicles, hundreds of companies manufacture them. While market competition benefits the customers by keeping the prices low, it can leave first-timers scratching their heads.

Choosing your first tractor could be challenging when you have thousands of options to choose from, and you’d want to buy from a reputed company.

kubota tractor

Kubota is a famous heavy machinery manufacturer based in Japan. The company was established in 1890 and is best known for its high-quality tractors. It has manufactured many powerful tractors over the years and has earned a great reputation in the industry.

3 point hitch is a system used by farmers all over the world to attach implements to the tractor. It transfers the weight of the attached equipment to your tractor’s drive wheels, allowing you to use the equipment safely.

Like most tractors in the market nowadays, Kubota tractors also allow you to attach implements to your tractor with the 3-point hitch. However, there are times when this hitch stops raising. This could be quite frustrating for the farmer as they won’t be able to use the attached implement.

In this article, we will look at some possible reasons and potential fixes for this problem. Let’s get started!

How to Fix Kubota 3-Point Hitch Will Not Raise?

Below are some reasons and solutions for the 3-point hitch not raising problem in Kubota tractors.

  1. Check the 3-Point Hitch Knob

Kubota tractors come with a knob to operate the 3-point hitch feature. This knob is usually located under the operator’s seat in Kubota tractors. However, its location may vary depending on the model and make of your tractor.

Therefore, if you cannot find it under the driver’s seat, it would be a good idea to refer to the operator manual of your Kubota tractor.

So, if you notice that the 3-point hitch on your Kubota tractor is not working, start by checking its knob. If the knob is turned all the way in, the 3-point hitch won’t go up or down. Basically, this knob controls the amount of hydraulic fuel flowing to your 3-point hitch.

It goes without saying that if the fuel doesn’t flow to the 3-point hitch, it simply won’t work. If that’s the case, turning it clockwise will fix the problem.

  1. Checking the Hydraulic Pump

Checking the Hydraulic Pump

Without an iota of doubt, the hydraulic pump is a key component of the hydraulic system of your Kubota tractor. It is a component that is used to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.

So, if the 3-point hitch on your Kubota tractor is not raising, there is definitely something wrong with the hydraulic pump.

First, check the electric motor of your hydraulic pump and make sure it is working properly. If it is not, get it repaired or replaced to fix the 3-point hitch not raising problem. However, if it is working as it is supposed to, proceed to check the shaft of your hydraulic pump.

If you hear a sound coming from the hydraulic pump of your Kubota tractor, it could be due to cavitation. Cavitation refers to the process of creation and collapse of air bubbles in the hydraulic pump.

These bubbles are formed in the fluid, regardless of the fluid viscosity. Apart from the noise, it can lead to various other problems.

If not dealt with timely, it can cause mechanical damage to your hydraulic system. Furthermore, it is often associated with excessive vibration, and you will notice a decline in your pump’s performance. In severe cases, cavitation can lead to hydraulic pump failure.

oil viscosity

High oil viscosity is one of the most common causes of pump cavitation. If the resistance of the hydraulic oil is high, it won’t flow properly to the hydraulic pump. It usually happens when the oil temperature is low.

Nowadays, many tools are available in the market to detect cavitation. With these tools, you will be able to detect cavitation in an early stage before it causes some serious damage to your hydraulic pump.

Moreover, regular maintenance is recommended to avoid major hydraulic pump problems down the road.

Aside from the hydraulic pump, make sure to check the hydraulic oil level of your Kubota tractor. Hydraulic oil plays a vital role in the proper functioning of your hydraulic pump. It lubricates its components and dissipates heat to avoid overheating.

Furthermore, it also transmits the energy that your hydraulic pump needs to run. So, the hydraulic pump will lack energy if the level of hydraulic oil is low, and it won’t be able to raise the 3-point hitch of your tractor. So, check the reservoir and refill it if there is not enough oil.

  1. Checking the Handle

Checking the Handle

Once you have checked the hydraulic pump, the next component to check is the control handle. This handle moves the attached implement up and down, so consider checking it if the 3-point hitch is not raising.

A control handle uses many knick-knacks, such as pins, to function. These components may get damaged or corroded over time. Sometimes, the damage could be obvious.

So, examine the control handle for any signs of damage. If some pin or rod is damaged, simply replace it to bring your 3-point hitch back to life.

  1. Clogged Hydraulic Filter

Clogged Hydraulic Filter

A hydraulic filter removes impurities from the hydraulic oil, thus protecting the hydraulic pump of your Kubota tractor. However, debris can get stuck inside this filter.

A clogged hydraulic filter is bad news as it has a direct impact on the performance of your hydraulic pump. If it is clogged, the contaminants can access the pump easily.

To test the hydraulic filter, remove it from your Kubota tractor and see if it is blocked. If so, replacing it will resolve the 3-point hitch issue.

  1. Calling in a Professional

Calling in a Professional

The aforementioned solutions have worked for many farmers. However, if they don’t fix the problem, it would be a good idea to seek help from an experienced mechanic. They will identify the problem and do what needs to be done to fix it.

The Bottom Line

The 3-point hitch is a handy piece of equipment as it allows you to use the implements. However, many users have reported that it does not engage sometimes.

There could be a number of reasons for this problem, which we have outlined in this troubleshooting guide. The hydraulic pump is the culprit in most cases, so consider getting it serviced regularly and make sure it has enough fuel.

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