9 Ways To Fix John Deere PTO Problems

john deere pto problems
john deere pto problems

There are certain tasks on a tractor that cannot be done with the PTO. In case your PTO is not engaging, you don’t have to worry about it because it can be fixed in some ways.

What Is A PTO?

PTO, Power Take Off, is a method where power is taken from a power source and then transferred to a separate machine. On a John Deere tractor, the PTO is in the form of a stub shaft that makes a connection with the drive shaft of the attached machine/implement.

Under the proper management, the rotation of the stub shaft and drive shaft occurs at the rate of 540 RPM. The rate can also be 1000 RPM.

All in all, the job of a PTO is to transfer power and torque to your engine. It finds its frequent use in trucks and tractors. Machines use a large number of PTO methods.

The proper functioning of the John Deere tractor is highly dependent on the proper working of the PTO. If the latter doesn’t happen, a lot of problems can arise.

Fixing John Deere PTO Problems

The technique of PTO is applied in almost every tractor, and the problems are equally possible in all tractors, no matter what the company or model of the tractor is.

John Deere tractors have also fallen prey to PTO problems that have stopped the engagement of the vehicle. In some cases, the tractor doesn’t move at all.

Sometimes the problem is not even complicated enough to get in touch with the professional. Probably the low air pressure levels and transmission oil levels are what that’s causing the PTO problems. All you need to do is make necessary adjustments and see if that works.

  1. Check The PTO Fuses

Check The PTO Fuses

As soon as you are aware of the PTO stalling, you need to check the PTO fuses. There is a high chance that any of these fuses have blown out. In some cases, the missing fuse has also been observed. However, that is a very unlikely situation.

  1. Ensure There Is Enough Oil

Ensure There Is Enough Oil

A low amount of oil in the machine is the potential cause of a PTO problem in your John Deere tractor. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check the level of oil in the back end before making any proceedings on other things. In case the level of oil is below, just refill the tank with the oil.

An important thing to consider is that the level of oil is mostly low when there is a leak. Another possible scenario is where you have been driving the machine even with low oil.

  1. Get The Clutch Checked

Get The Clutch Checked

The worst possible scenario that you can imagine with a PTO problem is the damage to the clutch. It could be broken. If that’s the case, you need to contact the professional as soon as possible and get it repaired.

Sometimes the damage to the clutch is immense, and you might not be able to repair it. This requires you to replace the whole system with a new one.

  1. Replace The Clutch Pack

In most situations, the PTO grinds, but it fails to engage. Talking about the solution to this problem, there is nothing that can be done externally to deal with this problem. It has a simple solution that demands the replacement of the clutch pack.

The damage to the clutch pack is real, and it results from the overload of the PTO. In addition to affecting the pack, the damage can also extend to the shaft and the clutching rings. It can lead to you getting them replaced with the new ones.

  1. Check The Link Between the Clutch And The Hand Lever

Check The Link Between the Clutch And The Hand Lever

A number of users have complained about not turning off the PTO shaft even when the PTO light is on and the clutch is engaged. In this situation, check the link that’s connecting the clutch and the hand lever. The clutch fails to engage if the linkage is bent.

Another link that provides the connection between the driveshaft and the rear gearbox also needs to be checked. The reason is that it can also be broken or bent. It can also cause problems for the PTO. The shifter is controlled by the lever that is located on the rear gearbox.

The engagement and disengagement of the PTO are carried out by the shifter. The control of the PTO is lost if there is a disconnected linkage between the shifter and the shaft.

If you don’t see any issue with the linkages, all you need to do is turn the PTO shaft manually. The turning is easy as you shift it in one direction. However, the shift in the other direction gives you a hard time because of its connection with the clutch and the PTO drive shaft.

  1. Check The Electrical Connection

It might not sound like an obvious cause behind the PTO problem, but a poor electrical connection can have a huge effect on the PTO of a John Deere tractor. If you find any corroded terminals, clean them. If they are too defective and damaged to be cleaned, replace them with the new ones.

  1. Check The Roll Pin

Inside the rear housing, there is a rolling pin that functions as a lever to the shaft. A PTO lever carries out the operation of the shaft. The breaking of the roll pin prevents the transmission of the lever’s motion to the clutch.

  1. PTO Relay Module Could Be In Need Of Replacement

PTO Relay Module Could Be In Need Of Replacement

The PTO module can go bad and create a problem for your John Deere tractor. If you are trying to locate this relay module, you are most likely to find it near the fuse panel. Having confirmed the issue with the relay module, replace it with a new one.

  1. Speed Sensor

Speed Sensor

The speed sensor is yet another cause that can result in a PTO problem. In some models, the place of a PTO speed sensor is the same as that of the ground speed sensor.

No matter what the case is, the best recommendation is to get the speed sensors checked and see if they are causing the problem. The solution is simple, which requires you to replace the sensors with the new and functional ones.

6 thoughts on “9 Ways To Fix John Deere PTO Problems”

  1. Have a 2130.
    PTO will engage and spins on it’s own . Stops when

    Stops spinning under any kind of load and will not turn.
    Had the PTO brake band replaced when entire clutch and pressure plate were replaced. Didn’t know was problem until time to use.

    Oil level is fine. Runs well with no problem with power steering.

    Any idea?

  2. I have a 3046R tractor that the PTO will not engage. We have checked the fuses and they seem to be alright. The PTO lights come on in the dash when you lift the PTO button up (yellow). With the engine running, the PTO shaft will not turn.
    The PTO shaft will not turn by itself with the engine off.

  3. Hi, I have a john deere premium 6930, the pto turns off it self after about 3/4 minutes, checked the switch and solenoid and are good, could you help me on this please.


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