8 Methods For Resolving John Deere 9660 STS Problems

john deere 9660 sts problems
john deere 9660 sts problems

Before the invention of machines, harvesting was a time-consuming process. It required a huge amount of labor force to complete the task within the required time. Moreover, the time necessary and labor directly affected the harvesting cost, making the process quite difficult for low-budget farmers.

After the arrival of combines, the time required for harvesting was reduced from months to days.

When it comes to harvesting, John Deere has been providing the market with high-quality combines. One of its famous combines is 9660.

The users of John Deere 9660 STS have complained about its problems. If you are also facing any, then the following guide will help you.

How to Fix John Deere 9660 STS Problems

There are many John Deere 9660 STS problems, but the most prominent ones are listed below. We did in-depth research on how to solve different kinds of 9660 STS problems.

Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we have mentioned various issues along with their solutions.

  1. Overheating problem

Overheating is a major issue that cannot be ignored. It mostly occurs when the friction in the engine increases because of the excessive wear and tear of the engine parts. If you are also facing this issue, then do not ignore it.

Overheating engine

You should act as soon as possible because there is a huge possibility that delaying will cause the engine to catch fire. There are many potential reasons behind this issue, but the most prominent ones are the following:

  • Engine oil has been overused.
  • Engine parts have worn out and need replacement.

So in both cases, the problem can be easily solved. If engine oil is causing the issue, then replace it with a new one.

Try to top your engine with high-quality oil from a trusted source because low-quality oil reduces the lubrication, reducing the wear resistance of the engine components.

On the other hand, if the engine parts are worn out, replace them at the nearby customer service center. It can turn out to be quite expensive.

Therefore, if your vehicle is under insurance or warranty, you should claim them.

  1. Shaker Bearing gets Lose.

A common issue on the John Deere 9660 STS is that people see a shaker getting loose or not working properly. For us, it’s very straightforward and easy to fix.

This happens mainly because the bearings get lost over time, and dust will accumulate between them.

This starts causing friction which makes the system tight and less effective. You need to adjust your shaker system, there are instructions on John Deere’s website, but we will outline the basic steps below.

Step 1: Clean off all the dust around each bearing, and make sure to get in between them (smaller particles). You can use anything from a cloth or paper towel to a small hand brush.

Step 2: Using the bolts provided with your combine, tighten them up, so they remain in place while you adjust the shaker system.

Step 3: Take down one of the rollers from the frame and hold it in place by inserting its long bolt through one of the holes at the bottom. Then you can turn the bolt with a wrench to adjust the shaker system.

Step 4: Now that you have determined how loose or tight the shaker is, you must tighten up those bolts and your set!

These steps should help fix any John Deere 9660 STS Problems you encounter. This issue worsens over time, so you should try to make adjustments as soon as possible.

  1. Flangs Require Replacement

When it comes to the flang that holds the rotor in place, it can wear out or break at times.

This is one of the commonly faced problems with John Deere 9660 STS combines, which need replacement every so often. The flang sits atop a hub with teeth that mesh with gears on the agitator.

The agitator is in the upper section of the cleaning system, which breaks up stalks and separates foreign material from grain.

When the flang wears, small pieces can travel down into the rotor hub and possibly seize or damage it.

  1. Flang And Gears

Some of the most common problems found on the John Deere 9660 STS combines are due to worn flangs and gears. Keep in mind that the teeth on these gears are likely to wear out over time, so they may also need replacement.

To keep your combine running at its full potential, you should be aware of these issues and consider replacing the parts before they break or wear out.

It’s easy to find replacement parts such as flangs and gears because they are sold through John Deere dealerships.

  1. Randomly Shuts Down

The John Deere 9660 STS Tractor has been known to shut down randomly and unexpectedly, causing great distress for the operator at the time.

System Shuts Down

This problem seems more common in older models or machines used in poor conditions without adequate care or maintenance. It is important to watch for the warning signs of some of the most common causes, which include:

Low fuel levels or poor-quality fuel

– Overheating due to clogged radiators or blockages in the cooling system

– Electrical issues such as faulty sensors or wiring problems that cause unexpected shutdowns or power loss

If your John Deere 9660 STS tractor is shutting down unexpectedly, there are a few easy things that you can do to try and troubleshoot the problem.

Be sure to have adequate fuel levels in the gas tank and the auxiliary fuel tank if one is installed.

Consider checking all fluids to ensure they are at the proper level, and inspect the radiator for any signs of blockages or overheating. Lastly, check all electrical connections to ensure nothing has come loose or is interfering with power flow.

If none of these steps help to solve the issue, it may be necessary to take your tractor to a repair shop for further diagnosis and potential repairs.

  1. Alternator Issues

The John Deere 9660 STS tractor is a high-power and multi-tasking vehicle used by farmers. It is known for its ability to handle tough terrain, low maintenance, and continuous service time.

The John Deere 9660 STS tractors do suffer from some small issues. One of the most common problems is an alternator that does not work properly.

One possible reason for a faulty alternator on your John Deere 9660 STS tractor is excessive heat.

Overheating can cause the rotor in the alternator to become stuck or warp and lose its alignment with the stator inside the alternator.

If the rotor is damaged or out of alignment, it will not be able to produce a steady stream of electricity.

To address this issue, you may want to consult with an experienced mechanic or tractor specialist who can inspect the rotor and make any necessary repairs.

  1. Header Wears Out

Every machine degrades from time to time. It mostly occurs because the wear resistance of a machine reduces with time.

Therefore, every machine comes with some kind of restrictions. This means that there are certain conditions in which you cannot use your machine.

Similarly, the header of the 9660 STS wears out with time, but it degrades quicker than is claimed by the John Deere 9660 STS manufacturers.

This shows that the body parts of this machine are not as strong as the company claims. Therefore, if you want to purchase this machine for a field with rough conditions, avoid purchasing it.

It is because its header wears out quickly if used on uneven surfaces.

  1. Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Intake

The fuel efficiency of a vehicle plays a major role in deciding the business’s profitability. It is because transportation has a high cost that cannot be ignored. Most users of 9660 STS are not happy with its fuel efficiency.

This shows that the maintenance cost of this machine can turn out to be quite high.

It can be used for large fields because over there cost is negligible compared to huge profits, but for smaller fields, they turn out to be more expensive. Therefore, you should make your decision after deeply analyzing your fields.

  1. Spare Parts

It is necessary to do research on the spare parts of a vehicle before purchasing it. It is because, with time, the parts start degrading and need replacement. Therefore, you need to look for two things in a tractor, which are:

  • The availability of spare parts,
  • The cost of spare parts.

You need to make sure that the spare parts are excessively available in the market because if you require any urgency, then you can easily purchase one.

On the other hand, the cost of the spare parts matters a lot. It is because high expenses will directly impact the cost of maintenance.

Moreover, it is quite likely that if you are a low-budget farmer, you will not be able to afford the maintenance.

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