iDOO Hydroponics Growing System Review

idoo hydroponics review
idoo hydroponics review

People might often think about growing plants in their homes. These can make your garden look beautiful and even provide you with fresh harvests.

Though the main reason most people decide to back off is because of all the things they need to keep in mind when planting varieties.

Every plant has its unique characteristics that should be taken care of. This can take a lot of time and effort and not every person might have this luxury.

This is why brands like iDOO have started manufacturing growing systems that can be used instead.

These come with a small smart box that will grow plants on its own. The only thing that you need to do is keep the device running and your plants will provide you with fresh harvests.

This leaves out all the negatives that people get annoyed by when deciding to plant varieties.

You should note that iDOO Indoor Garden has been getting quite popular lately because of all its features.

Although if you are thinking about purchasing this device then some additional things should be kept in mind. This is why we will be providing you with a small review of the device.

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System Review:

iDOO is a famous brand that is mostly known for all of its devices related to the health and wellness industry. The company has come up with tons of equipment that has numerous features.

However recently the brand came up with a hydroponics system that can be used to grow plants.

The first thing that you should note about this equipment is that it grows plants using hydroponics technology.

If you are not familiar with it already then note that this only uses water to grow plants and there is no soil required. This can be great as the device is kept clean and a lot of water is saved.

When comparing hydroponic systems with standard gardens, people can note that over 80% of the liquid being used is saved. This is because normal gardens use little water while the rest of it is washed away.

On the other hand, all of the liquid poured inside a growing system is used by the plants.

You should note that the nutrient requirements of the plants are maintained by using plant food. These are fertilizers that contain all the nutrients your plants will require to grow and stay healthy.

Talking about this, making sure that the food and water compartments are filled up can be essential.

This is why the iDOO growing system also comes with a notification alert setting that can be set up. There are two ways to use with the first one being an automated alert setting.


The device will beep for some time and the light should start blinking on it which indicates that it is low on water and food.

On the other hand, the second feature that can be used here is the Wi-Fi support this growing system comes with. This can be used after you have connected the growing system to your internet connection.

Downloading and setting up the mobile application is also necessary.

Though once all of this is done, people can then start getting notifications on their mobile phones.

These should help you in keeping a check on the plant and food compartments at all times. Additionally, you will be alerted by a notification whenever these start to go low.

This helps in keeping your plants healthy for a long time and ensures that issues can be avoided.

However, another great thing about the application is that it can be used to control the lights on your home growing system. The lights equipped on the iDOO system are full spectrum lights.

This replicates sunlight so that you don’t have to keep the device near a window. Though the lights also use a lot of energy keeping that in mind can be important.

Luckily, the lights can be switched off through your mobile phone and you can even set an automated routine for them.

The process allows the lights to only run while these are required. You can usually save a lot of money by keeping the lights switched off for several hours a day.

Additionally, the lights produce a lot of heat which is why your plants also require some rest from it.

If you keep the lights switched on for an entire day, then your varieties will start to die from the heat. Other than this, another great thing about the iDOO Hydroponics System is that it can grow up to 12 pods at a time.

This is much higher than most growing systems available on the market.

On top of this, the design of the equipment makes it look attractive no matter where you place it.

The small size allows people to even place it on their shelves or tables. Having a device that will not only look good but also provide you with a consistent harvest can be amazing.

This is one of the main reasons why so many people decide to go for the iDOO Hydroponics System.

If you are still feeling hesitant or have any questions in mind regarding the device, then your best option is to contact the support team for this brand. This is usually helpful in cases like these.

The only thing that you need to do is either ask the question or report your issue. The team might then ask you some further questions regarding the device and you will then be provided with an answer.

The questions are generally asked when you are running into problems with the growing system.

These allow the team to isolate the issue so that it can be easier for them to fix the problem. In case any parts on the device are damaged or faulty, iDOO will ask you to send the growing system back to them.

They will then get it repaired for you and the costs are generally covered by the warranty.

This is why make sure that you also go through the warranty guidelines once in case you have recently bought the growing system.

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