4 Steps For iDOO Hydroponics Growing System Troubleshooting

idoo hydroponics growing system troubleshooting
idoo hydroponics growing system troubleshooting

iDOO is the global leader when it comes to the health and wellness industry.

The brand has come up with tons of devices which include body weight scales, air beds, and tons of other similar equipment. Recently, the company started manufacturing home growing systems.

These devices have been getting quite popular because of all the features they come with. You should note that the main purpose of the device is to grow plants indoors.

This can be great as you no longer have to keep a check on the different varieties growing.

As long as the food and water compartments on the device are filled up, plants should grow without any issues.

However, people have recently been complaining about running into some problems with these devices. These can be quite annoying to deal with, but some steps can be used.

There are several problems that you can run into, but it is important that you first understand what is causing them.

If you are having the same issue, then going through this article should help you out. This is because we will be providing you with some common problems as well as steps to fix them.

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System Troubleshooting

  1. Root Rot In Plants

One of the most common problems that you can run into with the iDOO hydroponics growing system is that your plants will start getting root rot.

If this happens, it is essential that you deal with the issue quickly. This should help your plants in surviving as the disease can easily kill them if left untreated.

Root Rot and Humidity

Now that you understand this, start by checking the roots of the varieties being planted.

If you notice that these are getting moldy and black, then something might be wrong with the plants. Try taking one of the pods out to confirm the problem.

In most cases, it is best that you take steps beforehand to prevent this problem from ever appearing.

Any plants that have root rot on them should be removed before this starts to spread further. It is recommended that you clean the device and change its water reservoir frequently.

This should be done every time your harvests are complete, and you are thinking about installing new pods.

These usually last you an entire season so make sure that you clean the device properly after it. If you forget to do this, then there is a higher chance of this problem as the mold grows further.

As mentioned above, taking steps beforehand is always better. Ensuring that you clean the tank and device using a chemical that will sterilize it is a great option.

People can even wash the tank inside a dishwasher as this is quite simple and takes a few minutes.

The only thing that you have to do is leave the tank inside the dishwasher and keep the heat levels low. This prevents the plastic from melting and the tank should be sterilized after coming out.

  1. Plants Starting To Die

Another common issue that you will notice people reporting with the iDOO hydroponics system is that the plants inside the device start to die.

dead plant

This can be extremely frustrating for people, but you should note that the equipment requires some maintenance and taking care.

In most cases, people forget to keep the growing system maintained which results in tons of problems.

Talking about this, several things should be kept in mind. When it comes to this, the first thing that you need to do is ensure that the water reservoir is filled up.

This is important as hydroponic systems only use water to grow plants.

While having no soil can help in saving water, you should note that this is the only thing keeping your varieties healthy. As long as you keep the water reservoir in check, tons of problems should be avoided.

The water usually starts evaporating over time which is why people should remember to fill it back up.


If you live in a warmer area and keep the spectrum lighting at high brightness, then staying cautious is essential. The great thing about the iDOO hydroponics system is that it also comes with Wi-Fi support.

This allows people to connect their mobile phones to the growing system. They can then be notified whenever the water level starts to drop.

The food compartment is also necessary to keep in check as it provides your plants with all the nutrients required.

  1. Application Not Working

Sometimes people report that the mobile application on their hydroponics system is not working.

If you are running into the same problem, then there are some things to keep in mind. The first thing that you should check is if the mobile application is updated.


If there are no new updates, then you might be on an unstable version. Try uninstalling the application and then downloading a stable variant.

You can easily search for this online and there should be tons of stable options that you can select from.

If the problem still appears then your final option is to clear the cache files from the settings. These can be removed by accessing the application’s settings and details.

  1. Faulty Hydroponics System

The problems mentioned above are normally the most common issues that can be found with the iDOO hydroponics system.

However, in some cases, the problem can be from the device getting damaged. If this happens then your only option is to find the part that might be faulty.

This can take a lot of time and effort which is why it is much better that you contact the support team for this brand instead.

Contact Customer Support

They should help you in finding the problem and then provide you with some simple troubleshooting steps that can be used.

Make sure that you provide the team with all the information required regarding the issue.

This helps them in isolating the faulty part and then provide you with a replacement. In some cases, people might have to send their devices back to the brand.

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