Reviews For The Enorossi Hay Rake: Is It Worth Buying?

enorossi hay rake reviews
enorossi hay rake reviews

Since the Industrial Revolution hit the economy of Britain, things changed on a much wider scale. The greatest achievements that entailed were faster, cleaner, and steadier production rates as compared to the manual methods, especially in the agriculture industry. This came as a blessing for the farmers as the manual techniques were extremely crude, time-consuming, and physically labor-intensive.

The invention of tractors, hay rakes, and much other farming machinery made the lives of common farmers much easier. The piece of equipment being discussed is the Enorossi Hay Rake is a key piece of machinery for any farmer.

Enorossi Hay Rake Reviews


The first thing to understand is why we are using this particular piece of machinery. Hay, in agriculture, is dried up grass and other related weeds that are being used as animal feed. Hay is cut and left on the fields to dry up under the sun, or by using hot air.

These are then collected and put together in batches and sent for storage in the sheds. The problem arises when the hay is cut up and dried, but now it needs to be collected and batched together. Since it is dried up and prone to flying away, it may become a nightmare for the common farmer, for this very reason we ought to use the “Hay Rake”.

Machinery Structure

Most Enorossi hay rake reviews will start by describing its structure. It is a simple piece of equipment that can span a larger area. As the rake is fitted, with large wheels which can rotate as it moves across the field. The rake is attached to a tractor and is usually in the V-shape, thereby meaning it has a greater chance of reeling in the spread-out hay patches into a single line, which can be collected and batched. These wheels have spikes attached to them, which rotate with speed and pull the hay towards the center, which then is collected in the mid-area and can be batched together.

Choosing the Right Rake

It all depends on the size of the farm and the person pulling it in the tractor. Since a larger farm may require the Easy rake superstar-Pull Type V-Rake. As this is likely to give you a width of 32 to 38 ft. On the other hand, if the farm is located in an area where the spikes need to be altered then you must choose that Enorossi hay rake which has independent wheels instead of a single line of spikes. As they can be removed or folded altogether when it comes to the hay collection part.


The Enorossi hay rake reviews should be able to make a big difference for the customers, as they need to state all the necessary information. The advantages and disadvantages are the critical ones. The good thing about using this piece of machinery is that it has a single-line mounting system, so it is very easy to just back up the tractor, drop the pin, attach the hydraulics, and start collecting. Whereas its counterparts have a three-point patch-up, which is a nightmare when it comes to connecting the tractor with it. The other advantage was that of an independent wheel system, which gives it mobility and easy to repair the structure as any damaged spike can be replaced on the spot, rather than removing the complete wheelset.

Using the Rake

Before you start raking, you must get yourself accustomed to the Enorossi hay rake, but you can always learn as you go. You must get to know which parts should move and which should not. However, the rest of the functioning and adjustment is more or less the same as the sunflower rake or the three-point hitch rake did. The kicker wheel can however be stopped from functioning by installing a block near its hydraulics system, which will cause the other spikes to move but make the kicker wheel static.

On the other hand, you can make the rake angle change as you please, since lowering the distance between the end spikes would make the front spikes wider apart, which would make it easier to rake.

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