Why Are Hay Bales Left In Fields? (Answered)

why are hay bales left in fields
why are hay bales left in fields

Hay is a grass or any other type of herbaceous plants that have been cut down and dried. It has a number of uses. However, it is mostly used as animal fodder. They are ideal for feeding livestock of grazing animals. For instance, horses, goats, cattle, sheep, and donkeys eat hay.

Most people don’t know this but hay can also be fed to other smaller domestic animals which include guinea pigs and rabbits. Hay can prove to be very effective as animal fodder especially when there isn’t pasture for the animals. Besides this, it may also have other uses as well.

Why Are Hay Bales Left in Fields?

On almost every farm, you may have seen farmers leave hay bales out in the field. At the same time, you may have wondered the reason for leaving these hay bales out in the open. For those of you wanting an answer, we have definitely got one in this article!

First of all, we would like to emphasize that there is definitely a reason why these farmers like to leave hay bales on the field. Let’s take a look at why does almost every farmer do this:

Reason Why Hay Bales Are Left on the Field:

One of the biggest advantages of leaving them on the field is that this helps them get more storage. As already mentioned above, hay bales have a lot of uses but they are mostly used as animal fodder. In either case, a farmer must always have access to a huge quantity of hay bales.

Although the farmer is free to place the hay bales anywhere, he’d like. In order to be efficient, he will have to make sure that he places these hay bales somewhere that is easily accessible. Leaving large bales of hay inside will make him run out of storage pretty quickly.

If you see hay bales just scattered around the field, then this means that the farmers have probably done this to be able to quickly pick or move them. However, if you see them placed around the edge of the field, then they are probably being stored.

Lastly, another reason why farmers may leave them out in the open might be due to laziness. Leaving them outside is much easier and does not require that much physical work. This way, the farmer will always be able to easily retrieve the bale.

One thing to keep in mind is that bales can have an outer inch of the layer get ruined by the weather. As a result, this practice is only recommended if you have a very big hay bale. In case it is small, most of it might get ruined. This is why small bales are usually stored inside.

The Bottom Line

Ever wonder why are hay bales just left outside in the fields? Through this article, we have given a detailed answer to this question. Be sure to give it a thorough read!

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