Bobcat T66 vs Bobcat T595 – Which One Is Better?

bobcat t66 vs t595
bobcat t66 vs t595

Your working efficiency is bound to enhance by a substantial margin if you have a Bobcat on your farm. Bobcat manufactures efficient and powerful track loaders that ease the farmers in every way possible.

As far as the price range is concerned, Bobcat track loaders are highly expensive, and a reliable Bobcat track loader comes at a large price.

That’s the reason the purchase of Bobcat products comes after extensive thought. Most of the users have compared Bobcat T66 and T595 units to see which one wins the race. A lot of people are confused while making a choice between one of these loaders.

This article helps you make the decision by setting a great comparison between the two leaders. Let’s move on to studying the individual features of Bobcat T66 and T595 and the factors that set them apart.

Bobcat T66 Vs. Bobcat T595

Compact Track Loader Comparison Table

Features Bobcat T66 Bobcat T595
Tipping Load 7,000 lb 6517 lb
Operating Weight 8,927 lb 8022 lb
Gross power 74 hp 70 hp
Auxiliary Std Flow 17.6 gal/min 17.1 gal/min
Length 134.9 in 133 in
Fuel Tank 28.3 gal 36.5 gal

Bobcat T66 Compact Track Loader



Regardless of the working conditions, Bobcat T66 delivers maximum performance without compromising the quality of work. Whatever category of the application you might have, Bobcat T66 pushes through it the most. When compared with the other equipment on the list, it successfully wins the charts.

The T66 is usually referred to as a skid steer with tracks . There are different parts of a Bobcat T66 track loader. Some of them include a direct-drive system, a redesigned Bobcat inline engine, enhanced cooling performance, and lift arms that are manufactured with cast steel.


The rated operating capacity offered by a 74hp loafer is 2450 lbs. Talking about hydraulics, it is as powerful as it can get. The breakout forces are also delivered powerfully.

The cycle times are fast. As far as the lifting capabilities are concerned, they are incredible. The environment offered by the loader is pressurized and sealed, thanks to its roomier cab design.

With the supple joystick controls, the Bobcat T66 allows you to have smart control over every tip and tilt. You can even find the control of horsepower management and speed on the joystick. The driver seat of the Bobcat T66 gives an incredible view, and the credit goes to the cab.


Counting the rest of the equipment, you also have the heated air-ride seat, automatic heat and air conditioning, a clean-side enclosure, and a creative display.

You can get the information on the machine and the performance data on the display of the unit. You can bring an improvement in productivity during long hours by combining superior torsion suspension undercarriage with the loader.



As far as the speed is concerned, the standard travel speed of Bobcat T66 is more than that of T595. With an additional option of the 10mph second travel speed option, the T66 is as functional as equipment can get. On the other hand, the T595 has just a single travel speed option of 7mph.


The size and structure of the T66 are also more than the T595. The additional weight of a few hundred pounds adds more power and features to the unit. There is more use of ease with the T66 model.

According to some experts, the purchase decision of the loader should not be impacted by the difference in performance. For example, a good deal on the T595 unit should get you to choose the T595 model.

There is no doubt that the T66 is more powerful, but one should not spend thousands of dollars extra on similar equipment. T595 is an ideal option in terms of affordability as well.

Bobcat T595 Compact Track Loader


The Bobcat brand is popular among the masses because of the aggression and speed it delivers. The loaders made from Bobcat endure the severity of extreme conditions in the best possible manner. The same is the case with the Bobcat T595. It flaunts most of the attributes of a classic Bobcat product.


The T595 product knows how to suit the preference of the operator, thanks to its optional control configurations and incredible comfort levels.

In addition to the grand power and environmentally friendly features, the T595 also has hydraulic functionality, a parallel lift path loader frame, and a roller suspension.

The installation of the common rail fuel system technology in the making of the T595 engine promises more efficiency and power. The quality of paint and coverage is premium, and it successfully meets the automotive industry standards.

The rear steel door allies the easy access to all the filters and lube points from the ground level. Besides, you can also get access to the components like the fuel system, the alternator, and the compressor because the engine is mounted east-west.



Despite being an older model, the features and stats offered by the Bobcat T595 are exemplary. The 74 horsepower of the new T595 variant models enables the farmers to perform daunting tasks for their landscaping projects.

While holding more gallons of fuel, it surpasses T66 in fuel capacity. An important thing to remember while opting for T595 is that it is unable to switch between different travel speed modes.

Therefore, users who are looking for a loader for the high demanding farming and landscaping projects should settle for the T66.

However, the T595 is a powerful machine that delivers reliable performance without crossing the budget limits.

No matter which model you opt for, it all depends on your budget and personal objectives. Experts usually recommend that the buyers must try the unit themselves before fixing the deal of purchase. In this way, they can have a better understanding of the performance of the unit.


Even though there are many similarities between the Bobcat T66 and T595 units, the T66 unit brings enhanced power and more features to your setup. So, if you’re not limited by the budget and the price difference is not too substantial, then going with the T66 model is almost always the better option.

The Bobcat T595 lacks a few features when compared with the superior T66 unit. Even though it is not as powerful as the T66 unit, there are still a few benefits of owning this unit over the Bobcat T66.

The best thing about this unit is that it is more fuel-efficient, and you won’t have to spend as much money on the fuel.

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