Bobcat T66 vs Bobcat T76 – Main Differences


Skid steers are one of the most widely used equipment on construction sites. They are a must-have for every construction worker, and more and more construction workers are investing in them.

They are super versatile and perform all tasks efficiently and quickly. Furthermore, compact skid steers are also available in the market nowadays that can work in narrow areas.

With that out of the way, choosing a skid steer could be a challenging task, especially if you are buying it for the first time. Thanks to their immense popularity, the market is highly saturated.

With hundreds of options to choose from, you may go through option paralysis. As a first-timer, you’d probably go with the best brand.

Bobcat is a renowned company that designs and develops heavy machinery. With experience of over six decades, the company surely knows how to manufacture the best skid steers. It enjoys a great market reputation and has millions of loyal customers across the globe.

The Bobcat T66 and T76 are two best-selling skid steers by Bobcat. Both pack some great features and are constructed exceptionally well. So, which skid steer has more features and offers value for your money?

In this article, we will be comparing these legendary skid steers. By the end of this article, you’d know which one is right for you.

Bobcat T66 vs Bobcat T76: Main Differences

Here is a detailed comparison between the Bobcat T66 and T76 skid steers.

Features Bobcat T66 Bobcat T76
Engine Inline Inline
Load capacity 2450 lbs 2900 lbs
LED display Yes Yes
Speed 7.2 mph 6.8 mph

Bobcat T66

The Bobcat T66 is a feature-packed skid steer that has all the features you’d need to perform your construction-related tasks. No matter how hard your project is, it will help you complete it efficiently. Let’s take a closer look at it and see what makes it special.

For starters, the Bobcat T66 skid steer uses tracks instead of wheels for more stability. Their higher traction makes them a great choice for all kinds of terrains.

No matter how rough the terrain is, the tracks on the Bobcat tractor will not let you down. Of course, tracks offer more ground contact than wheels. This great surface area means that they maneuver smoothly, even on difficult surfaces.

If you are a construction worker, you’d know that the skid steer is to be used on a variety of surfaces. The thing with the wheels is that they are not suitable for soft or rough surfaces. They easily sink on soft surfaces, and of course, tires are susceptible to punctures on rough terrains.

To top it all off, tires wear out sooner than tracks. So, if you are sick and tired of replacing your tires every now and then, the Bobcat T66 skid steer would be a great choice for you.


Bobcat T66 skid steer uses a powerful Bobcat inline engine

The Bobcat T66 skid steer uses a powerful Bobcat inline engine for ultimate output. Thanks to this engine, the Bobcat T66 skid steer is capable of operating at 7.2 mph. Of course, it is not the fastest in the market, but still fast enough to help you complete your tasks quickly.

It’s no secret that construction workers have a lot on their plates and have to get the job done quickly. The single-speed units take an eternity to complete simple earthmoving tasks.

Fortunately, the Bobcat T66 is a two-speed skid steer that allows you to increase the speed and do the same job in no time. With this skid steer, you will be able to work more and, eventually, make more money.

There are many reasons to love the Bobcat T66 skid steer, and its excellent fuel efficiency is one of them. Despite its heavy-duty engine, it consumes very less fuel. It will surely save you lots of money in the long run, making it a financially-intelligent investment.

Now coming to its load capacity, the Bobcat T66 skid steer can easily lift up to 2450 lbs, which is more than enough for all construction projects. This operating capacity might not be as much as the T76, but it gets the job done. Furthermore, its lifting capabilities have also impressed many users.

LED Display

Bobcat T66 skid steer is that it has an LED display

Another cool thing about the Bobcat T66 skid steer is that it has an LED display that keeps you updated about activated features and provides other important information.

Thanks to its automatic heat and air conditioning, you can work in all weather conditions. And yes, it can attach lots of attachments, such as forks, buckets, etc.

Furthermore, the Bobcat T66 skid steer comes with a rear-view camera to ensure your safety. Not only do they help you park the skid steer easily, but they also avoid minor accidents.

It goes without saying that a construction site is a busy place as there are hundreds of workers. The camera reduces the chances of an accident to a great extent.

The major selling point of the Bobcat T66 skid steer is its reasonable price. It is made of premium materials and has many amazing features, yet it comes at a surprisingly affordable price.

This makes it a great option for anyone seeking a budget-friendly skid steer without compromising on performance. All in all, the Bobcat T66 skid steer offers a great package.

Bobcat T76

Next, we have the Bobcat T76 skid steer. It is the elder sibling to the Bobcat 66 and comes with many improved features for the best performance. Let’s discuss its features in detail!

Like the Bobcat T66, the Bobcat T76 skid steer also has a track system for more stability and mobility on rough and muddy surfaces. They have a better weight distribution and ensure smooth rides.

Furthermore, installing them is a straightforward process. All these reasons make them a preferred option for construction workers.


Bobcat T76 skid steer also uses the same inline engine

The Bobcat T76 skid steer also uses the same inline engine. This engine is known for its great performance and fuel efficiency. From the fuel filter to the hydraulic pump, every component represents the best quality.

The thing that sets the Bobcat T76 skid steer apart from its competition is its innovative joystick. If you have ever used a skid steer with a joystick, you’d know that it makes operating the skid steer an absolute cinch.

Whether you want to control the skid steers’ features or use an attachment, this joystick can do it all.

LED Display

It boasts a highly advanced LED display

Convenience is high on the agenda with the Bobcat T76 skid steer. It boasts a highly advanced LED display that provides you with all the information you need while driving. Many users have appreciated its high 800×480 display resolution, which makes it easier for you to read the text clearly.

Furthermore, the Bobcat T76 skid steer uses a sound-dampening technology that effectively reduces the noise and allows you to work peacefully. And yes, it is capable of carrying up to 2900 lbs. All these features make it one of the best skid steers on the market.

The Bottom Line

The Bobcat T66 and Bobcat T76 skid steer are the two most sought-after skid steers by Bobcat. Both boast many innovative features and ensure smooth and comfortable rides.

However, the Bobcat T76 skid steer takes the crown, thanks to its high load capacity, LED display, and joystick control. Having said that, the Bobcat T66 skid steer also offers a great deal and is a great option if you are low on the budget.

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