6 Best Things To Grow In AeroGarden

best thing to grow in aerogarden
best thing to grow in aerogarden

AeroGarden is a plant-growing system that allows people to plant and grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables indoors.

The great thing about the device is that it comes with tons of features that help in ensuring that your plants can stay healthy. The plants are kept maintained without people having to do anything.

The device runs on a hydroponic system which means that water will continue to circulate inside it constantly and there is no need for soil.

This can be great as 80% of the water is saved however, the major issue is that there are some limitations when growing plants.

People have to choose from a list of varieties that can be planted in their AeroGarden which is why keeping a check on them is essential.

Now that you understand this, some users might ask the question “What is the best thing to grow in AeroGarden?”.

If you are wondering the same thing then going through this article should help you out. This is because we will be providing you with tons of recommendations that you can select from.

Choosing one of the plants usually depends on the user’s personal preferences so make sure that you go through all of them.

Best Thing To Grow In AeroGarden:

  1. Big Leaf Herbs Like Mint and Basil


Big leaf herbs are one of the best things that you can grow in your AeroGarden. There are several reasons behind this including the low maintenance of the variety as well as its speedy rate of growth.

Both of these factors combined make the variety one of the best types of plants that can be grown.

You should note that the herbs are also great additions to your harvest as these are used in tons of cases. You can either add these to your recipes or make herbal tea out of them.

The herbs can also give your house a unique scent that is quite fresh and heavenly.

The tea made using mint and basil herbs is not only delicious, but it can also be quite healthy. This is because herbs are filled with nutrients that can keep people healthy.

Aside from this, another thing to note is that there are different varieties of these mints.

Depending on which one you plant, the characteristics can slightly vary. There are tons of great options in these varieties including spearmint and peppermint but choosing between them depends on your choice.

Just make sure that the variety you have planted is beneficial to you and your garden.

  1. Small Leafy Herbs Like Lavender and Rosemary


While mint and basil are great options, you should note that these can sometimes be a little too large for your AeroGarden. This is where smaller leafy herbs come in that take half the space in comparison.

The great thing about this is that people can plant several types of herbs without any worries.

Having an assortment of different herbs in your house that can be harvested occasionally, can be amazing.

People can choose from the numerous types of small leafy herbs that can grow in AeroGarden and then plant them inside the device. Staying cautious during this is important to avoid problems.

While you have the option to plant seeds inside some models of AeroGarden, this can be quite tricky which is why people recommend that you avoid it.

Instead of this, you can go with varieties that can be planted using the seed pod kits from the brand.

Talking about this, AeroGarden has several herbs that can be bought in the form of seed pod kits. These include thyme, parsley, rosemary, sage, tarragon, dill, chives, and even lavender.


Simply planting these inside the AeroGarden can be enough to keep your plants growing.

Though, if you are looking for a better quality of leaves then make sure that the plant food being used is compatible with these varieties.

The pH value should be kept in check to ensure the best level of freshness and taste in your herbs.

  1. Cilantro

If planting multiple types of herbs is not your thing then you can even go with a single variety. When it comes to this, cilantro is often considered to be the best option that you can go for.

These annual herbs are known for being some of the most used plants all around the world.

The variety is also often known as coriander in tons of regions which might confuse people at first. The great thing about this plant is that all of its parts are safe to eat.


The fresh leaves growing on it as well as the seeds from the plant are used traditionally for cooking.

The seeds have to be dried first before they can be used so keep that in mind. These are mostly referred to as coriander seeds which are quite healthy.

These can help with reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, seizure, and obesity. Aside from this, the dried seeds also raise energy levels.

Now that you understand how amazing the variety can be, planting this inside your AeroGarden is a good option. The herb will last you a much longer time and AeroGarden offers different types of pod kits for this variety.

This makes it easier for people to grow these plants while avoiding issues.

  1. Large Leafy Greens and Lettuce

Plants with large leaves that have vibrant green leaves like lettuce are also some of the best varieties that can be used in your AeroGarden.


Keep in mind that the plant not only looks good, but it can also be a great addition to your diet. Adding these veggies to your salads or recipes can make them better.

The main reason why these are great for AeroGarden is because of the low maintenance requirement. Once planted, the device will keep the leaves watered and fed constantly.

The spectrum lighting will also allow the sunlight requirements to be replicated.

Keeping this in mind, as long as you keep the water filter and plant feed compartment filled up, you should be able to get consistent harvests from the plant.

This makes planting lettuce a lot easier and ensures that you can get fresh leaves almost every day.

People should note that the leaves on these varieties have to be removed occasionally. This helps in promoting the growth of new leaves so that they can take the place of the ones getting plucked.

To ensure consistent harvests, make sure that you keep on taking out some fresh leaves every day.

  1. Fruits Like Strawberries and Tomatoes

Aside from vegetables and herbs, people can also grow small varieties of fruits indie the AeroGarden. When it comes to these, you need to first find species that can grow without soil.


Strawberries and tomatoes are some of the best options that you can go for in this case.

Though, you should note that varieties like bell peppers and eggplants are also great options. While all of these can be planted, deciding one of them usually depends on what type of fruit or vegetable is required more.

You can easily determine this by considering what your requirements are.

Once done, people can then start planting the varieties in their AeroGarden by purchasing their pod kits. This is quite simple but make sure that the plant food being used is compatible with the variety.

If you want different types of fruits growing in your AeroGarden at once, then make sure that the requirements on these are similar so that most problems can be prevented later on.

The “Grow Every Seed Pod Kit” from AeroGarden is great for these scenarios as it helps in keeping the varieties healthy.

This includes all the stuff required to keep the plants maintained which is why make sure that you purchase it if you are running into issues.

You can find additional details regarding the pod kit by visiting the official website for AeroGarden.

  1. Different Varieties Of Flowers

Finally, another thing people should note is that they can also plant different varieties of flowers in their AeroGarden. There are tons of species that can be planted and each of them makes the device look beautiful.


You can even select varieties that have sweet fragrances.

Keep in mind that the device will take care of the plants on its own. This allows people to grow different varieties without any issues.

The optimal levels of heat, light, and nutrients found on the AeroGarden make it much easier for people to grow different species.

The information provided above should help people in understanding that there are numerous options that they can choose from.

While these are some of the best options that you can select from, tons of other varieties can be planted inside AeroGarden as well.

This is why make sure that you go through the options carefully and check other seed pod kits as well before deciding.

The process should help you in finding the best possible things that can be grown inside your AeroGarden, allowing you to keep them for a long time without any complaints.

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