5 Best AeroGarden Alternatives To Try!

aerogarden alternative
aerogarden alternative

AeroGarden is a brand that has come up with a device that can help people out when growing herbs indoors. The tool is equipped with tons of features that can allow users to keep their plants healthy without much effort.

Though, you should note that the company has several models.

All of these are equipped with unique features and have different prices. This is why going through all the options carefully can be important.

The great thing about the devices is that they can keep your plants healthy while also ensuring that they can last you the entire season.

Though, some people might not be able to purchase these devices. This can either be because of the product being limited in their area or they might be looking for a cheaper option.

When it comes to this, numerous brands have come up with an alternative for AeroGarden.

These have the same features as the original device, but you should note that most of the alternatives are quite bad.

These can break down and cause tons of problems for the users. This is why we will be using this article to help you out.

Going through the information provided below should allow people to find some of the best alternatives that can be bought instead of the AeroGarden lineups.

AeroGarden Alternatives

  1. Garden Tower 2

garden tower 2

The Garden Tower 2 is a famous product that has been getting quite popular recently. You should note that the design of this device is also unique as it is built vertically.

This allows people to plant tons of herbs in a smaller area. In most cases, about 50 plants can be grown within a 4-square feet radius.

The design alone makes the tool quite amazing as there are several other features that you can get because of it. People should note that Garden Tower 2 uses organic soil to keep the plants healthy.

Most alternatives to AeroGarden are equipped with hydroponic systems that use liquids.

Having water instead of soil can allow you to save a lot of water but there are some limitations to the system. People are only able to grow herbs that stay at base levels.

Any plant that goes above the limit cannot be grown on the AeroGarden device. On the other hand, this is not an issue with this tool.

The Garden Tower 2 is capable of growing a lot more herbs as well as vegetables and fruits.

The complete list of plants that can be grown is provided on the official website for this brand so make sure that you visit it once.

One downside to this model is that the grow lights and their stands have to be bought separately. This is because Garden Tower 2 is designed to be used outdoors.

In case you want your plants indoors, the indoor kit can be bought that includes all the required accessories.

  1. Rise Gardens

rise garden

Rise Gardens is another product that is similar to the AeroGarden devices. You should note that this brand offers a much wider range of devices that you can choose from.

Depending on the model of equipment you purchase, the features can greatly vary.

Talking about this, people should note that the rise gardens come with variants that can grow from 8 up to 36 plants at once.

The 36 plant models are slightly different as these have a base that can plant 12 herbs at once. These can then be upgraded by adding additional levels on top.

A maximum of 2 levels can be added that allow people to plant 36 plants at a time without any issues. The main limitation of the feature is that the height of the plants should be kept at the base level.

If these are too tall then they will touch the upper layer, causing problems as a result.

The main feature of these devices is that they can self-water. The only thing that you have to do is keep the tank filled up so that the water can circulate within the device on its own.

Additionally, the equipment is compatible with Wi-Fi. You can easily connect it with your router for better control.

The Rise Garden tools can all be controlled using their application that is available in the app store. You can then keep a check on your plants, feed them, or even water them even while you are not at home.

This can be an amazing choice if you want to plant tons of herbs in a smaller area.

  1. ZMHOO Hydroponic Growing System

ZMHOO Hydroponic

The ZMHOO Indoor Hydroponic Garden is another device that people can go for when purchasing devices like these.

When it comes to this tool, you should note that it is quite similar to the AeroGarden lineups. The shape dimensions and features are all quite similar.

This is why this device can be a great alternative for people trying to look for a substitute.

Some of the main features that make this model better than AeroGarden include having the ability to plant 8 pods at a time while also having 24-watt LED lights.

Most of the models from AeroGarden only support 6 pods at a time which can be quite annoying. The team is trying to upgrade this feature, but no model can grow more than this at the time.

This is why the ZMHOO Hydroponic Growing System can be a great alternative.

The LED lights installed have a wider spectrum that can better imitate sunlight. These can keep your plants healthy for the entire season and ensure that your harvest is both beautiful and delicious.

As for the watering system, this works the same as AeroGarden’s hydroponic system.

The growing light can also be adjusted and taken up to about 14.96 inches high. This allows people to plant a variety of other plants including vegetables, flowers, and even fruit.

You can switch between these modes whenever you want to without any problems.

  1. EZORKAS Hydroponics Growing System

EZORKAS Hydroponics

The Ezorkas Hydroponics growing system is a similar device that is manufactured to be better than the AeroGarden growing systems. You should note that the main features of this device are its capacity and lighting options.

The Ezorkas growing system is capable of holding up to 12 plants at a time.

This feature alone makes the tool quite amazing as people can grow tons of varieties without any issues. The hydroponics system ensures that the device can self-water.

As long as the tank is filled up with liquids and plant food. The device will ensure that the plants are kept healthy.

When it comes to the lights on the growing system, you should note that these are rated at 36 watts. These are also full spectrum which allows them to replicate the sun better.

You should note that this can be amazing as most herbs use the sun as their main power source when staying healthy.

The only issue with this model is that using water instead of soil has its limitations. You are provided with a set limit of plants that can be used in the growing system.

The vegetable growing mode and fruit growing mode on the device are both different.

When it comes to this, the fruit mode uses red lights while the vegetable mode uses blue lights.

You should note that the wattage ratings on these lights might be much higher, but this does not translate to better performance. The drawback with these is their high-power requirements.

  1. Idoo Hydroponics Growing System

Idoo Hydroponics

The Idoo Hydroponics Growing System is another device that offers similar features to the AeroGarden model. These are capable of growing 7 plants at a time which is lower than most models on this list.

Though, you should note that this is still more than what the AeroGarden can plant.

The 24-watt LED lights come with an extendable light stand that can be used to adjust it whenever you want to. You should note that the power ratings might be slightly lower, but these can help in preserving power.

Additionally, the efficiency of the model makes the power enough to keep your herbs healthy.

The Idoo Hydroponics Growing System comes with 3 total growing modes that people can select from. The first one is the “Normal Mode” that is selected by default.

This provides your plants with 14 hours of automatic illumination every single day.

The second mode that can be selected is the “Grow Mode”. This allows plants to grow better as less light is required during the process.

Considering this, the automatic illumination is lowered to 12 hours every day. Finally, the last mode that you can select is the “Enjoy Mode”.

This emits a total of 16 hours of automatic light every single day which allows for much faster growth. Keep in mind that this also drains a lot of electricity so use the function wisely.

The hydroponics system on the tool also has two modes that you can select from.

This includes the normal pump which will water your plants for 5 minutes after every 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can keep the pump switched off for 12 hours straight.

The sleep mode is usually set for nighttime automatically.

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