What Causes Dipstick To Get Stuck? (Answered)

what causes dipstick to get stuck
what causes dipstick to get stuck

Using lower-quality fuel and oil in your unit can create many problems in the long run. Even though you will save some bucks while using lower quality fuel, you will have to pay a lot more in repair costs in the long run. So, to avoid such expenses, it is best to spend a few bucks extra to get quality fuel and oil for your unit. That way, you will save a lot in repair costs, and you will also get more performance out of the system.

Lately, some of the users have asked about the dipstick getting stuck in the unit. Let’s go over some common reasons why that can happen and how to fix this issue.

What Causes Dipstick To Get Stuck?

1. Sludge & Build Up

One of the leading reasons behind this problem is the formation of sludge and build-up in the valve. Most of the time, this issue can be traced back to the extensive use of lower quality oil in the system. So, if you were using the wrong type of oil and didn’t give any attention to the quality of oil, then that is why you’re unable to get the dipstick out of the valve.

To get the dipstick out of the unit, you will have to remove the sludge and build-up from the valve. Depending upon the severity of this issue, you can rely on the use of a heat gun to remove the valve. However, you will have to practice extreme caution to avoid damage to the valve. Just briefly use the heat gun on the entry point and use pliers to pull out the dipstick. After a few minutes, the sludge should free up the dipstick, and it should come out relatively easily.

2. Corrosion & Broken Parts

Even if you have been extremely cautious about the use of quality oil in the unit, this issue can still present itself in the form of corrosion and broken parts. Many people that were struggling with this type of condition mentioned that the yellow knob would come off of the dipstick, and the metal part would stay stuck. So, if you’ve had the unit for a long time, it is likely that you’re struggling with corrosion and broken parts situations.

Now, in most situations, you should be able to get the dipstick out by grabbing the top section with pliers and pulling it out. Even if the yellow knob is broken, there should be a small metal section sticking out of the valve. Just grab it with the pliers and pull it out with force. It should come out relatively easily.

On the other hand, if it is completely jammed in the valve, then you might have to drill the valve to get the dipstick out of the unit. However, you will have to replace the valve after drilling through the unit. So, consider your options accordingly if you don’t have the budget for a replacement. There is a good chance you won’t have to bother with this method, and the dipstick will come out when you pull it with pliers.

3. Debris in Valve

Debris in the oil valve is another reason why you might be struggling with the stuck dipstick. This issue can be quite annoying to deal with, and you can’t rely on a heat gun for this particular condition. So, if you believe that debris is stuck in the valve, then the best thing that you can do is rely on the use of penetrating oil. With that said, it can be a time-consuming process to get the oil stick from the valve.

If you are unsure about the cause of this issue, then calling an expert should be your first option. That way, you won’t have to bother with renting out the tools if you don’t already own them. Other than that, you will save a ton of time while trying to diagnose the issue. So, if you don’t have a budget problem, just call an expert to help you maneuver around this problem.

With that said, most of the time, people are struggling with the sludge build-up issue in their units. So, you should try your luck with the heat gun, and there is a good chance that the dipstick will come out.

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