Rise Gardens vs AeroGarden- Better Pick?

rise gardens vs aerogarden
rise gardens vs aerogarden

Home growing systems, also known as indoor smart gardens, come with tons of features that have revolutionized gardening.

People can get consistent harvests in their homes even if they don’t know how to grow a plant. This is because the device can keep your plants maintained by themselves.

When it comes to these growing systems, several things should be kept in mind. The features of the system can vary depending on the model of equipment that you have.

This is why it is important that you carefully purchase the device by going through its specifications.

Different brands are known for manufacturing these growing systems, however, Rise Gardens and AeroGarden are two of the best options that you can go for.

Both of these companies are amazing, but some people notice that their devices are also quite similar.

This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between Rise Gardens and AeroGarden.

Going through the information should help people in understanding how these devices are different. Additionally, you should be able to select one of them depending on your usage.

Rise Gardens vs AeroGarden

Home Growing System Rise Gardens Growing System AeroGarden Growing System
Pod Capacity 16 to 48 Pods Supported 6 to 24 Pods Supported
Lighting System Full Spectrum Lighting Full Spectrum Lighting
Water Level Alerts Enabled On All Models Enabled (On Some Models)
Wi-Fi Connectivity Yes Supported Yes (On Some Models)
Mobile Application Android and iOS Supported Only Works with Some Models

Rise Gardens

Rise Gardens is one of the most popular options that you can go for when it comes to home growing systems.

The company has 4 total models that they have come up with and each of the devices is equipped with unique features.

You should note that systems like these use hydroponic systems that require no soil. This is great as the plants only use water which circulates inside the system.

The process results in saving up to 80% water when comparing it to a standard garden that uses soil.

Excess Water In Soil

The main reason behind this is that most of the water poured over the soil gets washed away while the rest is absorbed by the soil.

On the other hand, 100% of the water used in home growing systems is absorbed by the plants. This is paired up with the plant food that you are using.

Keep in mind that people have to keep their plant food compartment and water reservoir filled up inside the home growing system.

Getting to the features on the Rise Gardens devices, people should note that there are 3 main models that you can purchase.

The main difference between these devices is the number of plants that can be grown. The overall features stay the same while you can plant additional pods with every nursery garden.

The first model is known as the “Single Family Garden” which can grow 16 pods at a time.

As the list goes up, the second model is known as the “Double Family Garden” which holds 32 pods.

vertical plant

Finally, the “Triple Family Garden” is capable of holding up to 48 seed pods at a time. This is a lot but the main reason this is possible is because of the rise garden nursery tanks.

These can be placed on top of the existing nursery gardens to add another layer. The increase in height allows people to plant an additional layer of plants in their home growing system.

The main issue with this is that the device takes up vertical space as well.

When comparing this with other home growing systems, the main benefit is that you get to plant a lot more varieties.

This is only good for people that want tons of harvests in their homes. If you are fine with fewer plants then the smaller model should work better for you.

The lighting system on the Rise Gardens models is full spectrum. This results in the plants staying healthy at all times as the light replicates sunlight.

People can also adjust the light to ensure all the plants are kept maintained for a long duration.

AeroGarden Growing Systems

AeroGarden is another brand that is known for manufacturing some of the best-growing systems.

The company is considered to be one of the best options as they were one of the first ones to manufacture home growing systems. With time, the brand has made tons of improvements.

home growing system

People should note that the AeroGarden brand has tons of devices that you can choose from.

Their lineups are wider which allows people to select a device that best suits their usage. The only major issue with these devices is that you can only plant up to 24 pods at a time.

This can be more than enough for some users as they might only want to plant a few varieties.

The main benefit of having AeroGarden devices is that they have higher support for plants that can be used. The pods can be bought directly from their website which makes the process easier.

On top of these benefits, you should note that the main reason why AeroGarden allows fewer pods is because of their spacing.

This allows people to plant varieties that take up a larger area. The spacing also helps people in planting different plants at the same without any issues.


The spectrum lighting on the devices is the same as Rise Gardens with the only difference being wattage.

AeroGarden ranges from 20 to 50 watts depending on the model you are using. This can also be lowered if the wattage is too high.

This helps in keeping your varieties safe from high heat and also allows people to save power.

Now that you understand this, most people going through the information provided above should be able to understand how these devices are different.

You can easily select one depending on your usage and preferences. If you have any further questions in mind regarding these devices then try contacting the support team.

This should help you in getting all the information required so that you can purchase the device easily.

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