Park Seed Reviews: Is it Good?

park seed reviews
park seed reviews

If anyone amongst you needs seeds or gardening accessories for their gardens, then it is quite likely, that you would have considered Park seeds in your list. It is necessary to do in-depth research about the seeds you will use in your garden. It helps you to avoid huge losses. The best way to do research is to go through current users’ feedback.

This will give your insight and knowledge about the product. To help you, we have prepared a detailed guide to Park Seed reviews. This review will help you decide whether you should buy seeds or any gardening accessories from this company or not.

Park Seed Reviews

Park Seed is an American company that is online-based. It sells its seeds through its website. You can go there and order the desired seed you want to buy. This company is specialized in gardening seeds. They have a wide variety of flowers to be chosen and available for sale. They have vegetables, gardening seeds, and gardening accessories, which can be bought through their website with just one click and will be delivered to your specified address.

As it is important to keep a good record of a company, but sadly, people are not satisfied with this company. When seeds are ordered from this company, the charges are quite high, and even the delivery charges are higher than they should be. They take a very big delay in delivery, and the product is not delivered on time. This can be problematic for some consumers out there. Because the delivery time takes too long, then the seed can deteriorate.

Many consumers also faced problems with their seed quality. The seed deteriorates after some time if kept. They should provide certain instructions on keeping or storing a seed if the customer does not want to use it for a while. The seed germination is horrible, and many customers are not satisfied with its quality. In addition, the company does not even do anything to make it better. It has been like that for a while now.

The website interference with the user is very poor. If a user faces any issue with their product, you cannot contact them through the website as there is no voice call, video call, or chat option present. Even if you contact them on the mobile number or telephone number. They will not respond. Not even on emails. Their custom service backup is horrible, and people are disappointed by them and have bad reviews about the company.

Many customers also face the issue of the missing product; If you order something, the pack comes with only a few of them and some mushy mess in the pack. This is a disappointment for the consumers who trusted them and ordered any product from them. There is no refund policy either; if any order comes with any defect, even if you call them, there will be no refund or return policy.

Their seeds are well packaged in an inner wax envelope sealed in outer foil but mislabeled. They do not give any kind of service to their customers. Even if you are an old customer, they will not respect that either and can send defected seeds to you.

Why Park Seed is Not Better than Other Companies Out There?

So hence, it is concluded that Park Seed Company is not a trustable company, and one should not buy any seed or accessory from them because there is no service backup for their customers, and they do not even reply to your email, calls, and texts. Moreover, for someone who trusted them, this can be a disappointment for them.

They keep their customer’s bluff and send them the wrong product, or sometimes they do not even send the full order. When you complain about that, then they do not give any kind of reply. Sometimes, their seeds come defective, and still no refund or replacement policy for that. Even if they send full order, some seeds are not true and do not germinate. Sometimes, the seeds even deteriorate because no instructions are given on how to store seeds and what steps should be taken to keep them fresh.

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