5 Common New Holland Workmaster 50 Problems

new holland workmaster 50 problems
new holland workmaster 50 problems

New Holland tractors have set a name in the agricultural and construction industry because of the astonishing features they flaunt. They provide the right level of efficiency and functionality that farmers expect from tractors.

The tractors and telehandlers from the Workmaster series of New Holland are tough and reliable. More and more farmers look forward to picking this equipment because they are fuel-efficient and effective.

No matter what category of job you need these tractors for, they are bound to assist you with their remarkable features.

What’s more important is that before you purchase New Holland Workmaster 50, you need to look at the common problems that can come up with it. In this article, we’ll study the problems faced by the users of New Holland Workmaster 50 and look for their solutions.

New Holland Workmaster 50 Problems

  1. It Won’t Start

It Won't Start

The most common problem with the operation of New Holland Workmaster 50 is that it is not able to start with ease.

The major cause behind this problem is a battery that is possibly dead. In addition, a defective engine can also prevent the starting of the vehicle. If either of these components is worn out, you have to replace them with new and functional ones.

Another possible cause behind the inability of the tractor to start is the faulty take-off light. This problem is quite common in all the New Holland series, but its intensity can vary from model to model.

Most of the error codes are displayed on the power take-off light. Even the notification of a worn-out engine filter is visible on the take-off light. If you get this notification, it won’t be long until there is a leak of hydraulic oil into the engine.

The worst thing about a defective take-off light is that the user is not likely to take the low level of oil gauge into notice. There are specific reasons for that neglect, the first one being the tiny size of the indicator light.

It gets impossible to notice that the light doesn’t show up on the dashboard. Many other issues with the Workmaster 50 can arise if the absence of the indicator light goes unnoticed.

Once the spark plugs have accomplished their task, they should not be sped up because they will prevent the starting of the engine. In simple words, they lose the ability to ignite the fuel in each cylinder in a timely manner.

Even if the tractor starts, it jerks repeatedly. It can also increase the loudness of the tractor. Worn-out spark plugs should be replaced with new ones as soon as possible because they are crucial for the correct operation of the machine. You can find new spark plugs at an inexpensive rate.

  1. Seat Safety Switch Issue

The problematic seat safety switch causes issues with the surface. You cannot tackle this unless you are well aware of the settings on which you have set the seat.

Most of the time, the seat settings are too heavy, leading to the engine getting too much load. As soon as you detect a faulty seat switch, replace it with the new one.

  1. Frequent Breakdown Of Transmission Gears

Frequent Breakdown Of Transmission Gears

The Workmaster series of New Holland tractors face problems while working with the power shift. The appearance of the entire transmission is tough.

Near the driver lies a command grip handle that operates the new control system. With this feature, you can smoothly control speed as you have the fingertip access to the push button.

In most cases, this push button is pressed down too hard and starts malfunctioning. There is a high chance of rising friction between the gears when the push button is not working fine.

  1. Breakdown Of Hydraulic Valves

Breakdown Of Hydraulic Valves

The working of a hydraulic pump can slow down after continuous work hours. Mostly, the sluggishness in the pump is caused by the hydraulic compensator valve.

You need to get in touch with your mechanic and have your tractor checked because only an expert can detect the faults in valves and fix them accordingly.

However, fixing the valves is a temporary solution. Farmers who keep using the machines with the faulty valves have to suffer the damage of the complete breakdown of the New Holland Workmaster 50 tractors.

  1. Engine Jerking

Engine Jerking

A tractor engine cannot run smoothly unless there is air and fuel. The mixing of air with the fuel in the block is followed by the explosion caused by the spark plugs.

In this way, pistons move, and this cycle repeats. The tractor moves on. Under specific circumstances, there is a blockage on the lines of air and fuel entrance inside.

They create a big interruption in the cycle, and the engine starts jerking when accelerating. However, you’ll get notified of the blockage because a warning light appears on the dashboard as soon as air and fuel encounter any hindrance on the way inside.

Moisture can accumulate in the tractor’s distributor cap if you park the tractor outside in the cold weather. You can simply avoid this problem by finding a hot and dry place to park the machine.

If you don’t have the option of shelter, you can go with a thermal cover. It can significantly reduce the risks of engine jerking.

If the fuel injectors are dirty, there will be power loss and frequent engine failures. An inconsistent fuel intake can further worsen the situation. The best way to keep yourself safe from this situation is to keep the nozzle clean.

If you use a dedicated cleaner, the process of cleaning is pretty simple. However, it is possible that even the best cleaners might be unable to clean the dirty fuel injectors. In that case, you will have to replace them.

The falling of defective air mass flow sensor can cause the shaking of the tractor as it moves at an increasing speed. All you need to do is measure the amount of air that enters the engine.

In this way, the ECU of the tractor sends instructions to the injectors on the right amount of fuel to be released to enable the proper mixing.

The clear symptoms of a faulty MAF sensor are the parasitic movements of the tractor. You can easily notice the change in the movement of the tractor whenever you increase the speed a little bit. The incorrect operation of the air mass flow sensor turns on the warning light.

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    • Hi William,

      I bought a Workmaster 50 this past January. Only have 27 hours on it and now it wont go into reverse. I used it 3 weeks ago with a finish mower and let it sit overnight. The next morning it worked fine until it got hot again. I’m gonna try it again this weekend and see what happens.

  1. 2018 workmaster 50 has had electrical issues since 6 months old deal at the time informed me to move relays around and that solved most time then i had run 12 volt jumper up to the horn button fixed that. big problem. lot of issues for what i paid and now the dealer mechanic wont even call back. checked all safty switches, jumped across starter it turned over but dont think it getting fuel. any body in wv that can help. right now its just 27000 $ lawn ornament lol


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