7 Common New Holland HW320 Problems (With Fixes)

new holland hw320 problems
new holland hw320 problems

When choosing a farming vehicle for yourself, you should note that people can easily get confused. The main reason behind this is that there are tons of models that you have to choose between.

If you are having trouble finding a vehicle, you should check out the official website for New Holland.

This should help you select a model that will last long without any issues. The New Holland HW320 is one of the best swathers the company has come up with, but this model can also run into some problems.

This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common issues that you can run into, along with ways that can be used to fix them.

Fixing New Holland HW320 Problems

  1. Vehicle Shutting Down

One of the most common issues that you can run into with the New Holland HW320 is that it shuts down when using it.

This can be annoying as the user can no longer use their vehicle. Although, you should note that the main reason for this problem is that your battery is not connected properly. This is why you must first access the battery on your swather.

These must be filled with water frequently as the device cannot charge without it. Depending on how much you use the swather, the batteries might require you to fill them back up quickly. Other than this, another thing that you need to keep a check on your batteries is their terminals.

These can start gathering dust and layers of sulfate that will start to block its connections.

Considering this, the user has to manually remove all of the gunk from the terminals of their battery to restore its connection. If you notice this is all stuck, you should boil some water and pour it over the terminals.

This should allow the debris to soften up so you can easily wipe it off. Once this is done, it is best to disconnect your battery and then connect it back tightly. If done correctly, your swather should be able to start back up, and you can continue using it.

  1. LCD ECU Is Dead

Another common issue that tons of people have reported with the New Holland HW320 is that its LCD stops working.

This can also sometimes prevent the vehicle from starting or functioning. However, even if your swather is working, not having its main LCD working can make it hard for the user to drive it. Considering this, you must take care of the issue as soon as possible.

You can get started by taking off the LCD panel and checking all its wirings carefully. If one of these cables had come off, then connecting it back in should help fix the issue. On the other hand, if the problem persists, there is a high chance that the LCD ECU will die.

Checking Wires and Power Connections

If this happens, your only chance is to replace this with a new one. Although, the main issue here is that this part can be quite difficult to purchase. You can contact the support team for New Holland or visit workshops to see if they have the part in stock.

  1. Faulty Parts

Finally, one more common problem many people encounter with the New Holland HW320 is that the swather has faulty parts.

Trying to find replacements for these from workshops can be quite difficult. This is because the parts required on the New Holland HW320 model are usually not compatible with parts from other vehicles.

Keeping this in mind, the only option you have is to contact the support team for New Holland and ask them to send you a replacement part.

You can easily fix the issue if the company has this in stock. However, if the part is not being manufactured now, then your only option is to install a custom part through a workshop.

  1. Starts and Shuts off Immediately

The New Holland HW320 is a popular tractor model but can be prone to problems. One common issue owners may experience the tractor starting and immediately shutting off again.

This could be due to several causes, such as a faulty ignition switch or an air leak in the fuel line. It’s important to identify and fix the cause quickly; otherwise, this problem will continue to occur whenever you try to start your tractor.

Checking for any loose connections near the battery and checking for an air leak are good places to start when troubleshooting this issue.

 If these don’t solve the problem, replacing components like spark plugs or even having a professional inspect your machine for more serious issues with its electrical system may be necessary.

  1. Stalling or idling too low

Another potential problem with the New Holland HW320 is that it may stall or idle too low. This could be caused by something as simple as a dirty air filter, but it can also indicate more serious issues like faulty injectors or weak spark plugs.

If you notice this happening, it’s important to take steps to identify and fix the root cause of the issue. Cleaning or replacing the air filter is a good place to start, but if that doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to have your tractor professionally serviced.

Plugged Air Filter

Taking care of this promptly will help ensure that your machine runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible for years to come.

  1. Difficulty shifting gears

The New Holland HW320 can have difficulty shifting gears if any internal components are worn or damaged. This may manifest as a grinding sound when trying to shift, or it could be that the tractor won’t go into gear at all.

If you’re experiencing this problem, then it’s important to have a professional inspect the machine and replace any worn or damaged parts.

This may require removing the transmission, which can be a complex job, but it is essential to ensure that shifting gears remains smooth and easy in the future. Taking care of this promptly will help you avoid an expensive repair.

  1. Battery Dies too Quickly

The New Holland HW320 may also experience a battery dying too quickly. This could be due to something as simple as a loose connection at the battery terminals, or it could indicate an issue with the charging system.

If you suspect your machine has this problem, then it’s important to have a professional check for any wiring issues and inspect the alternator for any potential problems.

Battery Issues

Replacing the battery may also be necessary if it has become overly drained, as this can prevent future occurrences of the issue. Taking care of this promptly will help ensure that your tractor has enough power to start and run reliably in the future.

How to maintain the New Holland HW320 in good working condition?

Maintaining the New Holland HW320 in good working condition requires regular upkeep and preventive measures. The operator must take responsibility for keeping their equipment in optimal condition, as this will ensure its longevity and help avoid unnecessary repair costs.

The first step to properly maintain the New Holland HW320 is to perform daily inspections of the machine. This should include checking all fluid levels, such as engine oil and coolant, and inspecting the air filter for signs of wear or clogging.

It is important to inspect the belts and hoses for any cracks or damage that may have occurred over time.

Before using the New Holland HW320, inspect the machine for any signs of wear or damage, and replace any components that are not functioning correctly.

It is also important to regularly lubricate all moving parts on the New Holland HW320 with a high-quality lubricant.

This will help protect against excessive wear and tear and ensure optimal performance in even the most challenging conditions. Always pick the best lubricant for your engine type and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The final step in properly maintaining the New Holland HW320 is cleaning the machine after each use. This should include cleaning off any dirt, debris, or other contaminants that may have built up on its surfaces.

Be mindful always of disconnecting the battery before cleaning and performing regular maintenance.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions for proper maintenance and upkeep of the New Holland HW320.

This will ensure that all components are in good working condition and that potential problems can be addressed as quickly as possible. Following these simple steps, you can keep your New Holland HW320 running smoothly and efficiently.


The New Holland HW320 is a powerful and versatile agricultural equipment that requires careful maintenance to ensure it remains in good working condition.

By following the manufacturer’s instructions for proper upkeep and performing regular inspections, you can help keep your machine running smoothly and avoid costly repairs down the road.

Taking care of your New Holland HW320 will help ensure its longevity and performance, so stay on top of any maintenance tasks.

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