5 Most Common Problems Found In Merlo Telehandler

merlo telehandler problems
merlo telehandler problems

The operation of a farm is a daunting task, and so is the construction. All the work related to these tasks needs efficiency and smartness on your part. One can easily run into myriads of problems if the equipment cannot keep up with that.

One of these pieces of equipment is the Merlo Telehandler, which can perform every task. Whether it’s the excavation or the handling of material, Merlo is up for it.

Other names for Merlo include boom lift, telescopic handler, and a forklift. The boom on the telehandler can either be extended upwards or forward of the vehicle.

At the end of the boom, several attachments can be used to enhance the versatility of the Merlo. You may add a fork or a bucket. It all depends on exactly the requirements of your project.

The use of telehandlers is not trouble-free, and they are prone to all kinds of problems. However, some problems are more common than others. Let’s look more into these problems and their effective solutions.

Most Common Problems with Merlo Telehandler

  1. Lift Problem

Lift Problem

The most common issue associated with the telehandler is the lift problem. When the lift is problematic, there is no use of the telehandler. The possible cause behind the lift problem is the malfunctioning of the hydraulic system.

Now, as far as the causes of the failure in the hydraulic system are concerned, you should check the hydraulic oil pressure filter and see if it is clogged or not. Sometimes the poor cleanliness can clog it and bring deterioration.

The second thing to check is the oil leakage in the hydraulic oil path. Sometimes the insufficiency of the hydraulic oil upsets the whole system. If you see any oil leakage, eliminate it and supplement the oil that has been lost.

Lastly, check the cylinder, oil filter, and oil seal. In case you find them damaged, find a way to fix them. If they are beyond fixation, get them replaced as soon as possible.

Sometimes the hydraulic oil model of Merlo is not the correct one, and it has little temperature resistance. In winter, when the temperature is cold, there is a high oil viscosity, and the filtration of the hydraulic oil filter is slow. That’s the best time to add the hydraulic oil.

  1. Overheating Engine

Overheating Engine

The engine of Merlo can overheat because of multiple reasons. It could result from the radiator malfunction, low engine oil, and coolant-related problems.

In common cases, the main culprit is the radiator. The accumulation of dirt in the cooling fins prevents airflow and raises the temperature of the engine. It’s not just the overheating that results from the dirt but also the improper working of the steering power.

You need to clean the radiator by using a good water spray. In case the radiator doesn’t have enough coolant, let the engine cool down and then do the checking.

Remove the radiator cap and see the coolant level. If it is insufficient, refill it but make sure that you use the same coolant that is already in there.

A check on the oil level is a must whenever your engine is overheating. Oil plays a crucial role in the lubrication of the engine. It causes the coolness in the engine. If there isn’t enough oil, high friction is produced as a result of the movement of the mechanical parts.

Sometimes the coolant hoses can have tiny holes in them, which cause the leakage of the coolant. You can prevent that by adding the radiator stop-leak material. If the holes are too large to be covered, you better consult the professional.

Thermometer issues are another cause behind the overheating of the engine. You must take a test by running the thermometer in a pot of hot water. Look at the gauge’s needle. If it stays in place, you need to find a new thermometer.

Whenever you have an overheated Merlo, never throw cold water on it. The engine can get damaged and result in the distortion of aluminum heads.

The poor sealing of the suction path of the lifting system can mix the air with oil and cause emulsification. The easy compression of the air results in small volume and lower lifting pressure.

It leads to weak lifting. The solution to this problem includes a check on the tightness of the pipeline. Get rid of any air in the hydraulic system.

The temperature of the hydraulic lifting system is also very effective in causing weak lifting. Make sure you are paying attention to the oil pressure gauge.

You can keep your Merlo from overheating if you keep changing the oil routinely and maintain the vehicle by changing the filters after regular intervals of time. It’s not just the overheating that is prevented, but a lot of mechanical issues are also avoided if you properly take care of your equipment.

Whenever you have to use the Merlo, check the filters first and clean the protection screen so that no dirt or debris gets inside the radiator.

Check the air filter and the trap beneath it. That’s where most of the dust accumulates. Clean the filter well and empty the trap.

  1. Problems With Boom Feature

Problems With Boom Feature

The problems with the boom feature can arise because of many factors. The first thing to check is the selenoids in Merlo. Locate them and swap them around. Now try using the boom feature and see if it works.

There is a high chance that the solenoids are damaged, and they can’t be repaired. In that case, replace them with new ones. You have the second option, in which you can use a bolt into the valve. There is a slot behind the joystick area. Open the slot and thread a bolt in it. It enables you to the manual operation.

  1. Steering Problems

Steering Problems

In a telehandler, the steering operation is constantly in use. Any problem with it requires you to inspect the levels of steering fluids transmission.

  1. Attachment Problems

Attachment Problems

A large number of users have reported attachment problems while using a Merlo telehandler. The best thing about Merlo is its easy swapping from different attachments. However, there is always an exception. People do encounter problems with attachment.

Most of the time, they are unable to find the right attachment. Other times, the attachments do not work the way they should.

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