Krone Round Baler Review – Worth It?

krone round baler review
krone round baler review

The past decade saw a huge spike in the sales of balers. Surveys suggest that more and more companies are now investing in this equipment, thanks to the amazing benefits they offer.

They make transportation and storage of crops an absolute cinch. While using a baler, you don’t have to go through the hassle of making small bales and stacking manually. By compressing the bales, a baler helps your crops retain their nutrients.

Krone is a household name in the agricultural industry. It designs and manufactures a wide range of solutions for agriculture. Established in 1906, the company is among the pioneers of the industry.


With its powerful and innovative machinery, it has staked its claim on the hearts of many farmers all over the world. The company was founded with the goal of helping farmers with its advanced products.

The round baler by Krone is one of the most sought-after balers on the market. It packs many cool features and is used by thousands of farmers to compress crops.

So, what features does it have, and how is it different from other balers? Does it offer value for your money? Today, we will discuss the Krone round baler in detail hereinafter. By the end of this article, you will be able to make an informed purchase decision.

Krone Round Baler Review

First things first, the Krone round baler does exceptionally well what it is supposed to do; make balers. It can make bales from straw, hay, and silage that retain their shape and nutrients regardless of the conditions.

  1. Construction


comes with two bailing chambers

The Krone round baler comes with two bailing chambers, i.e., variable and fixed. It combines the simple construction and low maintenance costs of a fixed chamber with the flexibility of the variable chamber, making it the best of both worlds.

Krone has a history of manufacturing powerful equipment, and the Krone round baler is no exception. Thanks to its heavy-duty engine, it is extremely efficient and can operate at great speeds. Thus, you will be able to complete more work in less time.

The Krone round baler gives you the option of a softer core. A soft core allows the moisture present in the hay to evaporate, thus extending its shelf life. In addition to that, you can produce bales in a variety of sizes according to your needs.

The 2.15-meter wide easy-flow pickup on the Krone round baler collects all the materials efficiently and seamlessly. It works well most of the time, and users didn’t report any issues while using it.

  1. Maintenance


The best thing about the Krone round baler is that it is made of durable materials. When properly cared for, it can serve you for a long time. For improved performance and durability, get it serviced regularly.

It may have a high upfront cost, but its excellent durability compensates for its high cost over time. Buy it, and rest assured that you won’t have to buy another baler in the next several years.

Of course, like any other machinery, the Krone round baler can also develop problems over time. However, you can detect those problems in time with regular maintenance and avoid costly repairs down the road.

Make sure that the engine and fuel system are in good health and replace any worn-out or damaged parts.

The interior machinery is protected by a cover. You can simply remove the cover to access the machinery in case any component goes bad or needs maintenance. The automatic lubrication system allows for convenient lubrication as one lubricator attends to all components.

  1. Features


Furthermore, the system can adjust the tension between the chains on its own, thanks to the automatic chain tensioning technology. All these features make it quite easy to use, and you won’t have to spend hours on its maintenance.

The Krone round baler uses the highly advanced XCut cutting system. This system uses a feet rotor and blade cassette for precise cuts and noise-free operation.

However, you can also opt for a rotor cutter with 17 or 26 blades. You can have different cutting lengths for different cutting lengths. It all comes down to your bale needs.

It goes without saying that cutting is the most important step in bale making. If the crops are not cut correctly, the bale won’t be compressed and stored properly.

Every agricultural piece of machinery that has an engine produces noise. Thankfully, that is not the case with the Krone round baler. It does make some noise, but it is far less than most other balers on the market. Buy this unit, and you will notice a clear difference.

engine produces noise

If you have used a baler tool, you’d know that the chambers sometimes often get blocked. If you are sick and tired of this problem, the good news for you is that the Krone round baler uses special technology to prevent blockage.

All you need to do is lower and raise the floor of the blade cassette with a press of a button, and it will clear the blockage. Apart from that, the blades are also easy to remove, and the procedure doesn’t require any special tools.

The net and wrap system is another key glaring feature of the Krone round baler. With this technology, you will get perfectly wrapped hays in all conditions.

wrap system

From silage to hay and from small or large swathes, the Krone round baler can handle anything you throw at it. This makes it one of the most versatile baler equipment on the market.

The Krone round baler features a Novogrip belt and slat elevator to produce high-density and hard bales. Whether you want to tie it with twine or wrap it by net, the Krone round baler can do it all. No matter what material you put in, this system will give you quality bales in all conditions.

The best part about this belt and slat elevator system is that it is capable of handling high loads, thanks to its two drives at the front. And yes, it requires minimal maintenance, which means you will be saving lots of money in the long run.

  1. Price


As far as the price is concerned, there is not much to talk about. The Krone round baler is certainly not the cheapest unit in the market, but it is not expensive either.

Its innovative features and impressive durability justify its price tag. All in all, if you are looking for a powerful and sturdy round baler, the Krone round baler is certainly worth considering.

The Bottom Line

Krone is known for its heavy-duty and durable balers. The Krone round baler delivers exceptional power and helps you produce bales easily and quickly.

Net and wrap, XCut cutting, and auto chain tensioning are some of the many features that have impressed farmers. With such excellent features, it’s no wonder Krone round baler is one of the best-selling units by Krone.

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