John Deere 9670 vs 9770: Which Should You Choose?

john deere 9670 vs 9770
john deere 9670 vs 9770

If you are looking for a machine for harvesting purposes, you should also consider John Deere combines. It is because John Deere has been serving the agriculture community for years with its high-quality product.

According to the current users, John Deere machines are highly durable and reliable because of their high build quality.

These machines possess highly-powered long-lasting engines, which makes them perfect for rough and harsh conditions.

If you were researching John Deere combines, you would likely have come across John Deere 9670 vs. 9770 because these are one of their top-selling machines.

We did systematic research on these machines to help you decide. You are advised to read all the details mentioned in the following paragraphs to completely understand the core differences between the two models.

John Deere 9670 John Deere 9770
Engine 300 Horsepower 350 Horsepower
Price Affordable Relatively Expensive
Harvesting Capacity Similar Similar
Fuel Usage Excessive fuel usage Fuel Usage Efficient
Screen Display Efficient display 10 row cab touch Screen display

Comparing John Deere 9670 vs. 9770

John Deere 9670 and 9770 are quite famous for their high-powered engines, making them suitable for all fields.

JD 9670

john deere 9670

John Deere 9670 has an engine rating of three hundred horsepower. This is enough power to operate these machines in hilly areas.

Moreover, John Deere manufacturers have installed air-conditioned cabins to provide comfortable rides to the operators.

JD 9770

John Deere 9770 has a three-gear transmission system with an engine rating of about three hundred and fifty horsepower.

This shows that John Deere 9770 is more powerful than 9670. The John Deere manufacturers have installed diesel engines to make these machines workable in hilly areas.

Which One Is Better, John Deere 9670 Or 9770?

Many factors create a boundary line between the two, but we have researched the most prominent ones. The key differences have been listed in the following paragraphs.

john deere 9770

Engine Power

Engine power is the most characteristic feature to consider when purchasing a combine. It is because engine power is the only specification determining whether a combination can operate in a specific condition.

Moreover, engine power is directly related to the machine’s price. Therefore, before purchasing a machine for your farm, you should analyze the local conditions to estimate the power requirements.

After getting the estimate, you should purchase the machine.

It is necessary to research because purchasing an overpowered or an underpowered combine will just be a waste of money.

This will show that you are not good at resource management. In the case of John Deere 9670 and 9770, the 9770 possesses a more powerful engine.

Therefore, if you want a combination with a strong engine, you should go for 9770. On the other hand, 9670 has a powerful engine compared to other alternatives in the market, but it is relatively weak compared to 9770.


Price is the first thing anybody interested in purchasing a machine considers. It is the only factor that affects other specifications.

The greater the price, the better the specifications. Moreover, different people are from different backgrounds.


The background has a direct relationship to the budget. People with poor backgrounds have a low budget to purchase a machine.

On the other hand, people belonging to big cities usually have a high budget. Therefore, everyone tries to purchase the best machine with little money.

In the case of 9670 and 9770, 9770 has a high price, which makes it a suitable purchase for high-budget farmers.

Moreover, the thing that is the reason behind the high price of 9770 is its high engine rating. On the other hand, 9660 is also costly compared to the other alternatives in the market, but it is relatively cheaper than 9670.

The John Deere 9670 and 9770 combined harvesters have several similarities, but some key differences set them apart.

Both models offer the same engine power and harvesting capacity, making them ideal for large-scale agricultural operations. However, a closer look reveals some important distinctions between the two machines.

  • Engine:

The John Deere 9670 and 9770 both feature a 300-horsepower turbocharged diesel engine with a 6,350-rpm maximum speed. Both models offer the same amount of power and can easily handle large crops.

  • Harvesting Capacity:

The harvesting capacity of the John Deere 9670 and 9770 is identical, with both models being capable of handling up to 10,000 bushels per hour.

However, the 9770 features a different cleaning system that reduces crop loss and improves overall harvesting efficiency.

  • Control System:

Both models feature a 3-row cab with an integrated control panel, but the 9770 model offers a more advanced control system. The 9770 features a 10-row cab with a touchscreen display and an intuitive onboard computerized system, allowing for greater ease of operation.

The John Deere 9670 and 9770 combine harvesters offer similar engine power and harvesting capacity. Still, the 9770 offers a more advanced control system and a cleaning system that increases efficiency and reduces crop loss.

Both models suit large-scale agricultural operations, but the 9770 will likely offer greater harvesting efficiency and overall performance.

The John Deere 9670 and 9770 combined harvesters are ideal for large-scale agricultural operations.

Both models offer similar engine power and harvesting capacity, but the 9770 offers a more advanced control and cleaning system that improves efficiency.

The 9770 is more expensive than the 9670, but it offers greater performance in return for the additional cost. As such, farmers should carefully consider their needs before purchasing.

Which one is better?

Due to the improved control system and cleaning system of the 9770, it is likely a better option for large-scale agricultural operations.

The additional cost may be worth the investment in performance and efficiency gains, meaning that the 9770 is likely the better choice.

Ultimately, farmers should carefully consider their needs before making a purchase decision.

Resale Price

The resale price of the John Deere 9670 and 9770 largely depends on their condition.

However, on average, the 9770 is likely to command a slightly higher resale price due to its additional features and increased performance.

The exact amount will depend on the age and condition of each machine. As such, farmers should research resale prices before purchasing either model.

Which model has had more sales?

When comparing the sales of the John Deere 9670 and 9770, the 9770 model has had more sales than its predecessor.

This could be due to factors such as improved technology, more advanced features, and larger cab size.

What are the differences in terms of power?

The 9670 model is powered by a Tier 3 turbocharged, six-cylinder engine that produces 600 horsepower (hp).

The 9770 model is equipped with a Tier 4 Final certified engine that provides an additional 30 hp for 630 hp.

What are the differences in terms of fuel consumption?

The 9670 and 9770 models have similar fuel consumption rates, but the 9770 model is slightly more efficient.

The 9670 model has a fuel tank capacity of 305 gallons and an average fuel consumption rate of 16.8 gallons per hour (gph). On the other hand, the 9770 model features a 350-gallon fuel tank and achieves an average fuel consumption rate of 15.5 gph.

What are the differences in terms of operator comfort?

The 9670 model has a basic cab with minimal insulation and limited legroom. The 9770 model offers an upgraded cab with improved climate control, additional storage space, adjustable air suspension seating, and more than two feet of extra legroom.


Which model is more reliable?

The 9770 model is generally considered the more reliable of the two models. It has a longer warranty period, advanced diagnostic and monitoring capabilities, and improved serviceability, making it easier to maintain and repair.

Both models are excellent for large-scale farming operations, but the 9770 model provides increased performance, comfort, and reliability.

Therefore, it is typically the preferred choice for farmers who need a powerful and dependable combine harvester.

Bonus: What other features do the 9770 models offer?

The 9770 models feature a larger grain tank capacity of 350 bushels and advanced crop-cutting technology, including a larger rotor and more knives.

It offers an integrated AutoTrac system with universal steering, allowing increased crop harvesting accuracy.

Its improved grain handling system ensures better cleaning performance, while its advanced discharge beater ensures optimal grain separation.

The 9770 models also feature an optional HarvestLab 3000 system that provides detailed moisture and nutrient efficiency information.

The 9770’s operator station can be equipped with an optional Advanced Remote Display that enables users to manage the combine harvester outside the cab.

This model is also compatible with various advanced telematics systems that allow farmers to monitor their equipment in real-time and adjust as needed.


It can be seen that both of these combined are highly powerful. Moreover, one of the most advanced manufacturers in the world manufactures them.

This factor makes these machines trustworthy. If you are interested in purchasing these machines, you should first analyze your local conditions.

Purchasing a highly powered combine that is not required for your field will not be useful because, in this case, you are just wasting money.

Moreover, it would help if you also considered their prices compared to other alternatives in the market because John Deere manufacturers are famous for their expensive machines.

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