John Deere 9670 vs 9770: Which Should You Choose?

john deere 9670 vs 9770
john deere 9670 vs 9770

If you are looking for a machine for harvesting purposes, you should also consider John Deere combines. It is because John Deere has been serving the agriculture community for years with its high-quality product. According to the current users, John Deere machines are highly durable and reliable because of their high build quality.

These machines possess highly-powered long-lasting engines, which makes them perfect for rough and harsh conditions. It is quite likely that if you were researching on John Deere combines then you would have come across John Deere 9670 vs 9770 because these are one of their top-selling machines.

We did systematic research on these machines to help you in making a decision. You are advised to read all the details mentioned in the following paragraphs to completely understand the core differences between the two models.

Comparing John Deere 9670 vs 9770

John Deere 9670 and 9770 are quite famous for their high-powered engines, which makes them suitable for all kinds of fields.

JD 9670

John Deere 9670 has an engine rating of three hundred horsepower. This is enough power to operate these machines in hilly areas. Moreover, John Deere manufacturers have installed air-conditioned cabins to provide comfortable rides to the operators.

JD 9770

John Deere 9770 has a three-gear transmission system with an engine rating of about three hundred and fifty horsepower. This shows that John Deere 9770 is more powerful than 9670. The John Deere manufacturers have installed diesel engines to make these machines workable in hilly areas.

Which One Is Better, John Deere 9670 Or 9770?

Many factors create a boundary line between the two of these, but we have researched the most prominent ones. The key differences have been listed in the following paragraphs.

Engine Power

Engine power is the most characteristic feature to consider whenever you are purchasing a combine. It is because engine power is the only specification that determines whether a combine will be able to operate in a specific condition or not. Moreover, engine power has a direct relation with the price of the machine. Therefore, before purchasing a machine for your farm you should analyze the local conditions to estimate the power requirements. After getting the estimate, you should purchase the machine.

It is necessary to research because purchasing an overpowered or an underpowered combine will just be a waste of money. This will show that you are not good at resource management. In the case of John Deere 9670 and 9770, 9770 possesses a more powerful engine. Therefore, if you are looking for a combine with a strong engine then you should go for 9770. On the other hand, 9670 also has a powerful engine as compared to other alternatives in the market, but it is relatively weak as compared to 9770.


Price is the first thing anybody interested in purchasing a machine considers. It is the only factor that affects other specifications. The greater the price the better the specifications. Moreover, different people are from different backgrounds. The background has a direct relationship to the budget. People with poor backgrounds have a low budget to purchase a machine. On the other hand, people belonging to big cities usually have a high budget. Therefore, everyone tries to purchase the best machine with limited money.

In the case of 9670 and 9770, 9770 has a high price, which makes it a suitable purchase for high-budget farmers. Moreover, the thing that is the reason behind the high price of 9770 is its high engine rating. On the other hand, 9660 is also costly as compared to the other alternatives in the market, but it is relatively cheaper than 9670.


It can be seen that both of these combines are highly powerful. Moreover, one of the most advanced manufacturers in the world manufactures them. This factor makes these machines trustworthy. If you are interested in purchasing these machines then you should first analyze your local conditions. It is because purchasing a highly powered combine that is not required for your field will not be useful because in this case, you are just wasting money. Moreover, you should also consider their prices as compared to other alternatives in the market because John Deere manufacturers are famous for their expensive machines.

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