John Deere 4640 vs 4840: What Makes Them Different?

john deere 4640 vs 4840
john deere 4640 vs 4840

John Deere is the name of a famous American corporation known as Deere and Company. The brand is mostly known for manufacturing heavy equipment, forestry machinery, drivetrains, diesel engines, and agricultural machinery. The company has a huge list of devices available that you can check out by visiting their official website.

This should also help you in finding any new vehicles or products that the brand has come up with. You can then search for a dealer nearby you that has the vehicle available at them and then visit them to check it out.

There are tons of options that you can choose between which might confuse you at first. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between two of the most famous tractors from John Deere which include the 4640 vs 4840 models.

Comparing John Deere 4640 vs 4840

JD 4640

The John Deere 4640 is one of the most famous tractors that people have been purchasing nowadays. The main reason for this is all the features that this vehicle comes with. The horsepower on this tractor ranges from 150 to 160 which is amazing considering its price. Aside from this, the vehicle uses hydraulic brakes which help in stopping it easily.

These brakes can be quite useful as you can even stop the tractor when carrying a lot of loads and traveling on an uneven surface. Other than this, the powerful engine on the vehicle helps in ensuring that you can carry tons of loads without any problems. Talking about this, you should note that the John Deere 4640 has a diesel engine on it.

This helps the vehicle in lasting a long time and helps in saving fuel costs. The tractor also comes with a wheelbase of 118.5 inches that allows it to fit large tires. These help in keeping the vehicle stable even when carrying tons of weight on it. With that being said, another thing that you should keep in mind is that this model of tractor has now become quite old. This is why you might have trouble trying to find it.

Purchasing a new John Deere 4640 might not be possible but you should be able to find a used model instead. Just make sure that you check the vehicle carefully before getting it. This is because some people might sell the tractors that have started running into problems or have damaged parts on them. Checking the vehicle thoroughly should help you in getting a tractor that will last you a long time.

JD 4840

The John Deere 4840 is another tractor that people all around the world enjoy using. When comparing this with the 4640 model, you will notice that both vehicles look the same. This is because this is an upgraded version of the prior model. The brand has made slight improvements to the tractor but when you compare all the parts, you will notice that most of these are the same.

This is why most people think that there is no difference between the two vehicles. When it comes to this, you should note that the John Deere 4840 tractor has a higher horsepower on it. The engine might be the same 7.6L diesel engine but the upgrade in horsepower allows the vehicle to carry a lot more load. Considering this, if you want to carry more stuff on your tractor then increasing your budget slightly for the John Deere 4840 will be a good option.

Going through all the information provided above, you should be able to understand which model will suit you better. Although, another thing that you should note is that when it comes to modifications the John Deere 4640 model is slightly better. This is because it uses a lot more parts that can be easily bought.

When it comes to purchasing parts for the John Deere 4840, you will notice that most of these are not supported. This can make it difficult to modify the tractor but if you can purchase the parts required, then this problem can be ignored. Other than this, John Deere also has a support team that can be contacted in case of any issues. The team will try their best to come up with a solution that can be used. This might take some time but waiting patiently is the best option.

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