4 Methods For Resolving John Deere 459 Baler Problems

john deere 459 baler problems
john deere 459 baler problems

A baler machine is a device used to gather agricultural leftover and bundle it into compact piles. You may use it to gather leftover grains and stalks from rice, jowar, wheat, cotton, millet, and other crops.

Balers were explicitly developed for the purpose of harvesting hay on farms. The gadget gets powered by a power take-off (PTO).

Balers come in various shapes and sizes to meet the demands of any industry, including vertical balers, semi-automatic horizontal balers, and stockroom balers. They serve a vital function in the packaging industry. It may be utilized for growing mushrooms and as a food source for livestock.

It reduces the time and space needed to manage the hay, making for more pleasant and fruitful farmland. Facilitates the transport, storage, and maintenance of bales.

This machine bales hay into small, manageable bundles to make it easier. In advanced times, it has been used as biogas and in power plants.

There are a limitless number of companies that manufacture balers, and John Deere is one of them. When compared to its rival manufacturers, John Deere stands out as exceptional. You might be interested in learning more about them, right? Let’s dive in and find out!

John Deere – How They Work?

John Deere is an American corporation that specializes in the production of farm equipment and other large machinery under the brand name John & Company.

Machinery manufactured by the company has advanced to a new degree of accuracy, smoothness, and initiative. The company’s quest is to provide equipment that enables employees to be more efficient and facilitate ‘smarter, not tougher’ labor.

A lot of new heavy machinery has been introduced. One of them is a baler that can handle 459s. With this Baler, the firm was suddenly a hot topic. There is no such thing as an impeccable piece of machinery, and the John Deere 459 Baler isn’t an exception.

There have been several signs of trouble from the Baler, but they are all relatively easy to fix. I’ll go through the necessary methods to work things out in this Baler. Let’s jump right into them!

John Deere 459 Baler Problems – Methods To Solve

  1. Hay Running Problem

Hay Running Problem

Many John Deere 459 owners struggle with the issue of hay running. Clients have complained that the cutting procedure is time-consuming and dull. If it rains, you won’t be able to complete it in two months. There are various potential causes for this issue, which are explained below.

In John Deere Baler 459, the pickup’s mega teeth are installed – made of heavy-duty materials, making them last longer and improving crop recovery. These teeth are built to last, even under the most demanding baling situations. If the teeth appear to be brittle, they should be replaced to ensure precise cutting.

If the teeth seem good, it’s time to inspect the belt and maybe replace it. Staggered belts prevent the loss of fine material and keep the hay in place for quick, effortless ignitions. To escape the loss of excellent hay, the belts enclose 91% of the bale’s breadth.

The shape of the belt roll allows any loose hay beneath or behind the belts to be returned and fed into the Baler. This layout lessens the likelihood of hay being lost or damaged due to a buildup at the Baler’s front. That’s why it’s crucial for the efficient running of the hay.

If the belt and teeth are alright, then the issue may be with the PTO. A power take-off (PTO) is a mechanism that transmits the mechanical energy produced by an engine to another unit.

Powered take-off (PTO) allows the hosting energy source to deliver power to auxiliary equipment without the need for a separate machine or engine. A PTO allows a tractor engine to power an attachment, such as a jackhammer. So, if the PTO is causing the issue, it must be replaced as soon as possible.

Furthermore, this issue might arise even if these factors are in excellent functioning order. Installing a silage roller and knife is the only solution; however, this is a costly endeavor.

Therefore, make use of the John Deere 459 Baler’s warranty and call the company’s professionals to look into the issue for you.

  1. Baler Rotation Problem

Baler Rotation Problem

Round balers, as the name indicates, are used to create big, spherical bales of hay or straw. Essential to the operation of the John Deere Baler, this part is not to be overlooked.

Some owners of the John Deere Baler 459 have complained about the Baler not rotating; however, this is not a common issue. Some users have reported problems with Baler’s functionality.

Check the Baler’s rotation, and if you discover anything stuck, remove it as quickly as possible; it should solve the problem.

Like net wrap, B-Wrap is applied to bales but provides superior protection for the hay within. The small holes in this substance allow any moisture vapor within the bale to escape. B-Wrap preserves the quality of bales produced from every crop.

As opposed to net wrap, B-Wrap is used in round balers. A baler equipped with the B-Wrap kit can use either B-Wrap or net. Maybe the issue is with it, and you might have to repair or replace it.

Furthermore, the belt may cause an issue, so make sure to inspect it. The belts are made with a proprietary nylon and polyester triple-weave method. They are resilient enough to withstand significant shock loads and aid in keeping the belt’s length constant.

The DiamondTough belt used in John Deere 459 tractor outlasts and is more dependable than competing belts as it is more resistant to punctures and tears. Still, make sure that the belt is in good condition; if it isn’t, that must be the reason for the interruption in bale rotation. Get it repaired or replaced.

  1. Buzzer Problem

Buzzer Problem

However, there are occasions when turning on the Baler’s buzzer results in nothing happening. As a result, this issue might arise if the Baler encounters something that hinders its ability to turn on. The use of an OBD2 scanner is the key to fixing this issue.

This issue may also be resolved by pressing the Deere key to activate the monitor, then pressing the + key to scroll to channel 12 and testing the net wrap switch functionality on channel 12.

  1. Warning Light Problems

Warning Light Problems

For John Deere, its customer comes first. Therefore, they have introduced Warning Lights in their baler 459. These lights will flash if your Baler detects a problem.

As the owner of a baler, it is your duty to solve the situation promptly. Ignoring warning lights may lead to serious baler malfunctions and costly repairs.

An OBD2 scanner and John Deere baler user manual can resolve this issue. Each John Deere Baler comes up with a user manual for customer ease. Start by using the OBD2 scanner to scan the code indicted by the warning lights.

Compare the code with the manual problem codes, and look for the solution. Doing so will lead you directly to the problem, making corrections a breeze!

If the problem is not mentioned in the manual. Make sure to contact the company or call a professional, and they will look after the problem for you!

The Bottom Line

The fact that hundreds of individuals all over the globe employ John Deere 459 Baler in their farmland,  attests to the company’s credibility and dependability. However, everything involving significant weighty gear or components will inevitably have flaws. The John Deere 459 Baler is no different in this regard.

The article has explained some of the most frequent issues with the John Deere 459 Baler and how to fix them. But don’t focus on the big picture only; address the minor problems as well.

Because the proper maintenance and repair of your John Deere 459 Baler will help you to have it as a companion for years to come!

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