How To Save Tomato Seeds Without Fermenting (Guide)

how to save tomato seeds without fermenting
how to save tomato seeds without fermenting

Tomato Seeds are needed and loved by everyone. Nothing beats the homegrown tomatoes, their tenderness, and the taste and that is why farm-grown tomatoes are the favorite plant that is being widely cultivated all over the world.

Yet, saving the tomato seeds is something that needs extensive care as they can start fermenting and those seeds cannot be used for planting new trees or plants at all. So, a few things that you will need to do in order to ensure that you are getting the right seeds and preserving them in the right manner are given below.

How to Save Tomato Seeds Without Fermenting

Is it Possible?

First of all, you would need to know if it is possible for you to preserve the tomato seeds without having them fermented. It is not something impossible, and if done right, you can preserve your tomato seeds just right so they will not get fermented and you can keep them for growing tomato plants from scratch or even gift them to your friends and family who would love to grow fresh tomatoes on their own.

How to Achieve This?

If you are wondering how you can achieve this, there is not much that you will have to do in order to make it possible. It is pretty simple and all you will need to ensure is that you are having fresh tomato seeds that are from a recently harvested batch. These tomato seeds can start fermenting really quickly and that is why you should not be taking any chances.

So, once you get your hands on the freshly cultivated seeds of tomato, you will need to start with the preservation process. To do that, you will need to slice open the tomato and then squeeze out the seeds.

You will need to smear these tomato leaves on a paper towel to get any moisture out from these seeds that might be there and could cause fermentation on these tomato seeds. Moving forward, once you are able to get the seeds dried out properly, you can move forward to have them dried on a paper towel.

To dry them properly, you need to place them on a paper towel at a dry place under the sun or where there is ample light for them to not go bad. After the seeds are dried out properly, you can place them in a paper towel or a paper bag. Then, place them in an envelope to keep them safe.

The best way to keep them like that for longer periods would be to make sure that you are keeping them at the optimal room temperature in a dry and dark place. You have to make sure that there are no bits of paper towel left on the seeds that can cause problems later on.

They might be slower to germinate after you plant them, but they will certainly not get fermented before and you can use them anytime you like to have freshly grown tomatoes at your farm or backyard.

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