How to Remove Old Hedges: Possible Steps

how to remove old hedges
how to remove old hedges

Managing a garden takes quite a bit of work. If you are making a garden for the first time, then there is a good chance that most of your plants will die in the first season. This is one of the reasons why people recommend others to start small and then work their way up by extending the garden.

Recently there have been many queries about how to remove old hedges to tidy up the front of the house. If you’re also struggling with old hedges, then here are some tips to help you learn how to remove old hedges.

How To Remove Old Hedges?

Removing old hedges can take a lot of effort. It is best to get an extra pair of hands for help if you have to manage a significant boundary. Otherwise, it will take you days to get rid of all the hedges that you want to remove from the front of your house. To remove the hedges, you need first to outline the area that you want to remove.

After defining the outline, you need to get a hold of a power saw or any other sharp tool. If you’re planning to remove just a section of the hedges, you can use the power tool to cut the branches from the base of the hedge. Cutting the branches will allow you to have more control over the process. This will also ensure that you don’t cut remove all the hedges from the front of your house.

So, you just have to use a power tool to cut the branches from the base of the plant and then pull the branches off of the hedge. Don’t bother with the roots for the time being, and keep removing the branches in sections. After you are satisfied with the look of the front and you don’t have to remove any more hedges, you can start removing the roots.

Removing the Roots

To remove the roots, you will need to get a shovel and dig the stubs of branches. It will take a lot longer than removing the branches, but at least you won’t have to worry about hedges growing again in an unwanted section.

After removing the roots, you are all done with the process and can use the space for your following gardening process. Depending upon the sections of the hedges, it should not take your team more than a few hours.

To Conclude

To remove old hedges from your home, you need to grab a power tool and start cutting the branches from the base of the plant. You need to take care of the branches first to get an accurate idea of the layout. After you are satisfied with the look of the hedges, you can then start removing roots from the ground.

You can either use heavy machinery or just a shovel to remove roots, which should be enough. Depending upon the size of the sections, it can sometimes be better to use heavy machinery to save some time. So, if you’re working with a large area of hedges, make sure to get the necessary help first.

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