How To Make Well Drained Soil?

how to make well drained soil
how to make well drained soil

There are a lot of fertilizers in the market that can help gardeners with better management of their plants. Most people like to stick to organic fertilizers as they don’t negatively impact the worm activity in the soil. On the other hand, chemical fertilizers bring instant results to the garden. So, depending upon the situation of your garden, you can go for either one of these options.

With that said, a few users have been asking about how to make well-drained soil. If you’re wondering about the same thing, go through the information mentioned here.

How To Make Well Drained Soil?

To make well-drained soil, you can rely on the composting mixture as well as sand. Depending upon the availability, you can add either one of these two things to the garden to improve the drainage of the soil. However, before you look towards adding these components, check the drainage time of the soil. If it takes an extensive amount of time to drain a hole filled with water, then you need to improve the texture of the soil.

Most people like to use the composting mixture to improve the drainage of their soil. This is because the composting mixture is organic and brings additional nutrients to the soil. Along with the improvement of the soil drainage, you notice better health in the plants because of more nutrients. You can buy the composting mixture from your nearest gardening store. It is relatively affordable and won’t affect your budget that much.

Usually, gardeners like to maintain their own composting bins, which increase their control over the structure of the soil. Luckily, it is pretty easy to maintain a composting bin, and all you have to do is manage the proportion of greens to browns while regulating the worm activity. So, if you haven’t already, try starting your own composting pile to make your garden more efficient.

Now, moving towards the improvement of drainage in your soil, start by using a tiller and then add the composting mixture. The tiller will loosen up the soil as you add the mixture to change the overall texture.

Once the compost mixture is added, you will notice a substantial improvement in the drainage abilities of your soil. Similarly, you can use sand if you don’t have the composting mixture in the soil. However, using sand won’t increase the nutrient content in the soil in any manner.

To Conclude

To make well-drained soil, you can either use sand or composting mixture. After tilling the soil, sand or compost can be added to break up the overall structure of the soil for better drainage. Once the compost is added, you will notice an increase in the drainage abilities of the soil.

Using compost provides users with the added benefit of increased nutrients in the soil. On the other hand, using sand only impacts the drainage of the soil mixture without having any effect on the nutrient content. Based on this information, you can make the ideal decision on what component you should add to your garden.

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