How To Clean An AeroGarden? (Explained)

how to clean an aerogarden
how to clean an aerogarden

Growing plants indoors usually required a lot of effort. People had to keep their varieties in check at all times. This included watering them on time and then keeping them near windows so that the plants can get enough sunlight.

All of this made the process difficult which is why tons of people even avoided it.

However, companies like AeroGarden have now started coming up with devices that can be used indoors. The great thing about them is that they keep a check on your plants on their own.

The device will circulate water inside itself, keeping the varieties watered.

The unique thing about the system is that it does not use any soil. This allows AeroGarden to save a lot of water as none of it is getting wasted.

On top of this, the device is also equipped with another compartment that will keep your plants fed at all times.

While AeroGarden is an amazing device, one problem with it is that the internal parts start getting clogged. You should note that this is quite common as there are tons of dust particles and algae entering it.

As long as you keep the device clean most problems with it should be avoided.

Talking about this, people have recently started asking the question “How to clean an AeroGarden?”.

If the same query has crossed your mind, then going through this article should help you out. This is because we will be providing you with a small guide on how you can clean AeroGarden.

How To Clean An AeroGarden?

Cleaning an AeroGarden device is mostly easy, but you need to keep some factors in mind. There are different models that the company has come up with.


The steps required to keep the device clean usually vary depending on the type of device you are using.

While the steps are usually similar for most of these models, these can also slightly vary in some cases. This is why it is recommended that people keep a manual of their device with them when cleaning it.

The process helps in ensuring that the manual can be checked in case of any confusion.

If you have lost the manual, then a copy of it can be downloaded from the official website of AeroGarden.

Just make sure that you enter the exact model of your device during this to prevent problems. With that being said, here are some steps that can be used to clean an AeroGarden.

Method 1: Cleaning An AeroGarden Using Dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher at your home, then cleaning the device is a lot easier. You can simply follow these steps to ensure that the device will be properly cleaned without any issues.


  • Start by removing the power cable from your AeroGarden device. You can now wait for a few minutes as there might be electricity circulating inside the tool. The step helps in ensuring that you don’t damage the device while cleaning it.
  • You can now start taking apart the device by removing its deck and bowl. These should usually come off with ease as the parts are tightly fixed with clips. After the deck and bowl have been removed, these can be placed inside the top rack of your dishwasher.
  • You can now start your dishwasher and it should start cleaning the bowl and deck of your AeroGarden. There are different modes on the dishwasher which can also vary from model to model. Make sure that you select the warm and cold-water cycle for the best results.
  • Some dishwashers also have hot water and dry heat cycle that should never be selected. This will most likely damage the AeroGarden parts as these are not compatible with high levels of heat. Keeping this in mind, you should avoid similar washing modes.
  • After the bowl and deck have been cleaned, reassemble the device, and install its parts back inside the system. Once done, you can let the tool dry for some time and then try running it. This should now work without any problems and the internal parts should be clean.

Method 2: Cleaning An AeroGarden Manually

The second method that you can use to clean an AeroGarden device is the manual method. This is slightly trickier and takes a longer time.

Considering this, it is best that you only use it in case you don’t have a dishwasher at your home.

  • Start by emptying the AeroGarden device by removing any pod kits inside it. Now make sure that the water is also removed properly before you continue. It is best that you also empty the water reservoir and then take off the power cable for your device.
  • You can now start filling up the bowl on your device using a mixture of water and bleach or just adding white vinegar. If you go with bleach, then make sure that this is used in a limited quantity whereas the white vinegar does not require you to add water along it.
  • People can now plug their AeroGarden device back inside an outlet and then let its water pump run. The aerator on the tool will continue to circulate the bleach or vinegar inside the device constantly for 5 minutes, before stopping. You can run the pump again if required.
  • You can now empty the tank and ensure that all the bleach or vinegar comes out. After the tank is empty, fill it back up again using clear water. You can now run the device again and let the pump circulate the clean water inside it for 5 minutes.
  • Just like the step above, repeat the process by removing the water and then adding clean water again. This is necessary as some bleach or vinegar might be in your AeroGarden even after cleaning it once. Repeating the process helps in ensuring that all of it is removed.

You can now empty the tank again one last time and then fill it up with fresh water that will be used for your next garden.

Both the methods provided above will help you in cleaning your AeroGarden properly and ensure that there are no problems.

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