8 Steps To Resolve Ford 8N Starter Button Not Working

ford 8n starter button not working
ford 8n starter button not working

Ford is one of the oldest and most reliable companies known for providing high-quality vehicles to their customers.

From providing high-end cars to tractors used for farming and construction, Ford offers a bunch of categories you can choose from.

Unfortunately, certain users are displeased about their experience with Ford. According to them, they have been facing a weird issue with the Ford 8N, where their starter button is not working.

If you have also been facing a similar issue, this article is for you! So, let’s have a look!

How To Fix the Ford 8N Starter Button Not Working?

  1. Ignition Key Fault

If you are having a hard time getting the starter button to work, you use the ignition key you should check first.

Any fault present in the ignition key could lead to starting problems.

There may be no power circuit to the coil when it’s in starting position. This is why we recommend you check all the wiring in the circuit.

While at it, check the microswitches and ensure they are operational.

You should also ensure that the switch’s spring is properly seated and making contact with the pin. If not, you should replace the electrical starter switch to be safe.

We recommend contacting a professional mechanic if you need help testing your ignition key or replacing your electrical starter switch.

They will be able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly and safely.

We hope this helps you get the starter button working again.

There are many reasons why the Ford 8N’s starter button will not work, and it can be hard to figure out which one is causing the problem.

It is important to evaluate all of these potential issues realistically so you don’t waste time or money on components that aren’t at fault.

Let’s discuss a few more causes of a non-working starter button on the Ford 8N tractor.

  1. Loose Wiring or Electrical Connections

The wiring and electrical connectors going to the solenoid can become loose or damaged over time.

Faulty Wirings

Inspect these connections to ensure they are tight and secure before moving on to anything else. You should also look at the ignition switch and ensure it is secure.

 If this is not the problem, you can move on to other potential reasons why the starter button will not work.

  1. Broken or Misaligned Solenoid Pinion

The pinion in your tractor’s solenoid can become damaged or misaligned and cause the starter to not function.

This can happen over time due to the tractor sitting outside or if you have hit something before pushing the button. If this is the problem, replace the solenoid with a new one.

  1. Disconnected Wiring from Solenoid

If your wiring and electrical connections are secure, but the starter button still won’t work, you might have disconnected the wiring at some point.

Follow your wiring connections back to the solenoid and ensure that everything is fully connected.


 If any wires are broken or unconnected, connect them properly and test again for functionality.

  1. Broken Starter Switch Arm

The starter switch arm might be broken or bent, so it will not operate properly.

This is another common problem that has to do with the hardware of your tractor instead of its wiring or electrical system.

If this is the case, replace the starter switch arm with a new one and test again for functionality.

  1. Checking the Starter Switch

The starter switch is the main element that helps in letting power go all the way into the starter.

So, if you are still having issues with your starter button, chances are that there is something wrong with the switch itself.

However, before you are sure of anything, you must quickly check the switch. You can make use of an Ohm meter to check the switch.

Your switch should be fine if you are getting the right readings. If not, it is probably the right move to get a new starter switch.

Just make sure you get the one that is compatible with your vehicle.

In addition, you also need to check the cable that connects the switch. Just like mentioned earlier, it is one of the most common reasons a starter button does not work. So, make sure this part is checked as well.

  1. Replacing the Starter Button

If you haven’t had any luck fixing the issue, then there may not be much you can do on your own.

We strongly advise you to get help from a professional or opt for a complete replacement.

Deciding to get the starter button checked could lead you to get a part replaced or repaired.

But to be on the safe side, having a professional on the field is much better.

When replacing the starter button, make sure to get a compatible part to fit well on your Ford 8N. You can either go to an auto parts store or check online for options.

Additionally, you might want to consider getting a replacement rather than a repair, especially if there’s considerable damage on the original part.

Remember the following to ensure you do a proper replacement:

  • Make sure that no wires are obstructing the starter button from functioning properly
  • Look out for any signs of damage on the starter button and its connections, then replace it if necessary

If you have trouble identifying what is causing the issue or how to fix the problem, we strongly recommend getting help from a mechanic.

This way, you’ll be able to avoid more serious issues and keep your Ford 8N up and running for longer.

  1. Check the Fuse

Fix Fuses

At times, the Ford 8N starter button will stop working. This can happen due to several reasons.

The most common reason is that power needs to reach the starter button.

To figure out what’s going on, you’ll need to check the fuse in the wiring harness that connects directly to your starter switch.

If this fuse has blown, replace it and see if the starter button starts working again.Another reason could be that your starter itself is starting to fail.

This can happen as the terminals on your starter get rusted and eventually break down.

If this seems to be the case, you’ll need to replace your starter motor for it to work again.


If you’re still having trouble with your starter button after replacing the fuse, it might be time to take your tractor to a mechanic for further diagnostics and repair.

 They’ll be able to look at the wiring harness itself to see if any other issues need to be addressed.

With some basic tools and know-how, you should be able to tackle this problem independently. Always remember to be careful when working with electrical components and parts.

How to prevent this issue?

One possible solution to prevent this issue is to regularly check the wires and connections of your starter button. If any wires are loose or frayed, replace them as soon as possible.

It is also helpful to add a layer of tape or insulation around these wires to protect them from wear and tear. This can help prevent your starter button from not working in the future.

Another solution is to use a stronger or higher-quality battery for your Ford 8N tractor.

This can help ensure enough power is available to operate the starter button properly. Invest in a high-quality switch or starter button for your tractor.

This can help ensure that the electrical components in your machine work well together and that your starter button has enough power to turn over the engine as needed.

If you still have problems with your starter button not working, consult a professional or experienced mechanic for advice.

They will access your tractor and evaluate the condition of your starter button, as well as provide helpful tips and recommendations on how to prevent this issue in the future.

Additionally, they may be able to replace or repair any faulty parts in your machine, helping to ensure that your starter button is working again.

The Bottom Line:

Replacing the starter button on your Ford 8N tractor can be challenging.

To do it properly, you’ll need to ensure that all wires and connections are working correctly and that no damage or wear is present on the starter button.

Begin with checking the wires and connections on your starter button regularly and add insulation or tape if needed.

You can also consider using a stronger or higher-quality battery in your tractor and investing in a quality switch or starter button.

If you still have trouble with your starter button after taking these steps, consult a professional or experienced mechanic for help.

They will be able to diagnose any issues with your tractor and provide recommendations on how to fix the problem or replace any faulty parts.

With their help, you should be able to get your tractor up and running again in no time!

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