5 Ford 6640 Problems You Should Know About

ford 6640 problems
ford 6640 problems

Many farmers rely on tractors to perform various farming-related tasks. From tilling to sowing, tractors can complete a wide variety of agricultural tasks quickly and efficiently.

They can work on tough terrains and pull extreme loads, making them a suitable vehicle for farming. With such amazing benefits, it’s no wonder tractors are called “farming vehicles.”

Talking about tractors, you just cannot leave Ford behind. It is a well-reputed company specializing in manufacturing high-quality tractors and other heavy machinery. The company started its journey in 1903 and is among the most respected companies in the tractor industry.

The Ford 6640 tractor

The Ford 6640 tractor is among the most sought-after tractors by Ford. Its excellent performance output and groundbreaking features make it stand tall among all Ford tractor models. It was introduced in 1991 and is used by thousands of farmers all over the world.

Having said that, just like every other sophisticated machinery, the Ford 6640 tractor can also develop problems over time. There are many problems associated with this model.

Therefore, it would be better to familiarise yourself with these problems so you know what to do when they crop up. Luckily, most of them have simple solutions, and you won’t have to visit your mechanic to get them fixed.

In this article, we will take you through some common problems that you are likely to come across while using the Ford 6640 tractor. Let’s delve further without any ado!

Dealing With Ford 6640 Problems

Some common problems with the Ford 6640 tractor are mentioned in the section below.

  1. Power Loss Problems

Power Loss Problems

Many users have complained about the power loss problem while using the Ford 6640 tractor. This tractor features a powerful engine. So, if you notice a loss in power, there is definitely some problem with the unit.

If that’s the case, consider checking the fuel level of your Ford 6640 tractor, as it is the reason more often than not. Tractors, just like all other vehicles, require fuel to run. So, if there is not enough fuel in your tractor, you will see a decline in your tractor’s power, especially when driving in an uphill direction.

If so, consider checking the fuel level in your vehicle. If it is low, refill it to bring your Ford 6640 tractor back to its normal power.

In addition to that, make sure that your fuel is not expired. It may sound silly, but fuel also has a shelf life and is not suitable to use after 6,7 months. Expired fuel tends to be a bit thicker than fresh fuel and may cause clogging in your fuel filters and fuel lines.

And, of course, it loses its power over time, which is why you may experience a power loss in your Ford 6640 tractor’s engine.

So, if you are using your Ford 6640 tractor after a long time, it would be a good idea to drain the expired fuel before using it. Once done, your engine will work smoothly as it is supposed to.

problem could be with the fuel filters

However, if your Ford 6640 tractor has sufficient fresh fuel and is still not performing optimally, the problem could be with the fuel filters. Fuel filters hold a key role in your engine performance as they keep foreign particles from entering the engine of your Ford 6640 tractor.

However, those foreign particles can accumulate inside the fuel filter as your Ford 6640 tractor ages. Since tractors are usually used in dusty environments, their fuel filters get blocked more frequently than other vehicles.

And when they do, they won’t be able to do their job. As a result, particles may enter the engine of your Ford 6640 tractor.

Impurities can harm your engine in many ways. Not only will it reduce the fuel flow, but it will also damage other parts of your engine. It also takes its toll on the fuel efficiency of your Ford 6640 tractor, and your Ford 6640 tractor will start consuming more fuel, costing you a great deal of money in the long run.

Apart from power loss and excessive fuel consumption, hard starts are another symptom that indicates that your Ford 6640 tractor needs a new fuel filter. Sometimes, the engine may not engage at all.

Fortunately, replacing a fuel filter is a simple process and hardly takes 10 minutes. You can also do it at home without any professional assistance.

However, if you have replaced the fuel filter and the problem still persists, consider taking a look at the fuel lines of your Ford 6640 tractor.

These lines are responsible for transferring fuel from the fuel reservoir to the combustion chamber. If they are blocked, the fuel flow will be restricted, causing the power loss problem in your Ford 6640 tractor.

  1. Engine Misfiring Problem

Engine Misfiring Problem

Engine misfiring is another common complaint associated with the Ford 6640 tractor. It occurs when a cylinder does not generate any power. From a worn-out spark plug to a faulty fuel injector, there are several possible causes of the engine misfiring problem.

If your engine is misfiring, you’d want to start by inspecting the spark plug. Small but mighty, a spark plug plays a key role in igniting the air/fuel mixture in the combustion process.

If the spark plug of your Ford 6640 tractor has gone bad, there will be incomplete combustion. A spark plug tester can be used to test a spark plug.

If the spark plug is in good working condition, proceed to check the fuel injector of your Ford 6640 tractor. The fuel injector draws oil from the fuel reservoir and injects it into the combustion chamber.

  1. Gear Shifting Problem

gear shifting problem could be as simple as a low transmission fluid level

Many users had a hard time trying to switch through the gears while using the Ford 6640 tractor. This tractor uses multiple gears that allow you to control it better. However, they can get rough and hard at times.

The solution to the gear shifting problem could be as simple as a low transmission fluid level in your Ford 6640 tractor. So, check the reservoir using a dipstick to find out whether your tractor has enough transmission fluid or not. Furthermore, check and lubricate the gear linkage if it is too dry.

  1. Steering Problems

Steering Problems

Although it is not a common issue, some users reported that the steering of the Ford 6640 tractor gets stuck sometimes. Steering fluid is the first thing to check if you find yourself in this situation.

The steering fluid lubricates the components of a steering system and allows for the smooth operation of the steering and front wheels. If your Ford 6640 tractor has run out of steering fluid, get it right away from your nearby garage.

  1. Engine Overheating Problem

Engine Overheating Problem

The engine of your Ford 6640 tractor can overheat at times, especially if you keep overusing it. It could also be the result of a dirty radiator. So, remove the radiator from the unit and give it a thorough cleaning. Furthermore, make sure that the radiator fan is in good health.

The Bottom Line

The Ford 6640 tractor is known for its robust features and exceptional fuel efficiency. However, you may run into a few problems while using it.

Engine problems are quite common, which can often be narrowed down to clogged fuel filters or fuel lines. Establish a maintenance routine and get your Ford 6640 tractor regularly serviced to avoid these problems.

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  1. Hi I have a 1994 Ford 6640. When she gets hot after half an hour of driving I can’t seem to get a gear and when I do get a gear the 4 wheel drive comes on. Can anyone help me

  2. I have ford 6640 2wd.
    Steering is turning left only, where is problem, hydraulic oil is change, pouring 40L and filter. Sill turning left only.


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