3 Methods To Deal With Kubota SVL75-2 Fuel Problems

kubota svl75 2 fuel problems
kubota svl75 2 fuel problems

By some, it may be considered that the performance of the Kubota skid steer is inferior to other brands such as Bobcat and case. However, the Kubota provides a very good value for money and can be integral to your farming setup.

If you are on a fixed budget but are still in dire need of a skid steer that is reliable and adaptable to different projects, then Kubota is the one for you. This brand provides buyers with a range of skid steers that are reliable, affordable, and easy to use, especially for first-timers.

There has been some chat recently about a common issue that some face with the Kubota SVL75 2, particularly fuel-related problems. If you are someone who is also confused and suffering from those issues, then the following information will be quite helpful.

Kubota SVL75-2


Before diving into the fuel issues of these machines, we should first get acquainted with them. The overall design of the Kubota is full and strong. It comes with a height of 82 inches and a width of about 66 inches. It weighs more than 9000 lbs. and has a turning radius of about 54 inches.

The Kubota SCL75-2 comes with a 74 horsepower 3-speed transmission. The operating load is rated at 3, 285 pounds and it has a lift height of about 119 inches. The machine also comes with a hydraulic bucket coupler and self-leveling.

By removing the two bolts in the front cab corner, the Kubota is designed for serviceability. The noise and vibrations of the vehicles have also been reduced thanks to the introduction of large motor mounts.

There is also a large fuel tank which will let you work hard and long without the need for stopping to fill gas. The hydraulic tank can be filled from the outside and the machine has hoses that are easy to replace if needed.

The only filter that is under the hood is the hydraulic filter. The whole filter can go with thousand-hour change intervals. The rest of the filters can be found in the back engine bay. The cab of the truck is isolated and therefore, connected to the truck with two kinds of supports.

These are two rubber mounts connected to the back and two rubber mounts attached to the front. This also helps keep the vibrator away from the operator structure.



In terms of the engine power of the SVL5-2, the truck comes with a 74-horsepower turbo diesel.

It is a Tier 4 engine and there is a specific filter that must go into the regeneration cycle approximately every 20 hours, depending on how much the machine is left unused. It comes with 4 cylinders and a displacement of 203 ci. There is also a fuel tank capacity of 25 gallons.


The machine is designed for durability. It has great strength in its frame of the undercarriage and boom which makes it superior to other brands with the same products.

Their undercarriage especially is quite a unique one. It sets out this machine against its competitors as the undercarriage can support the truck perfectly.

The flange front idler of the truck can support the machine at the spot where it must bear the most burden of the load it carries. This is very important as it stabilizes the truck when it’s on the move.


The double front idler supports the truck, in the beginning, followed by four triple flange bogies and a single idler in the rear. This allows the truck to turn and slide while still being able to manage the load which is carried in it. .

Ground Clearance

Another amazing feature of this Kubota is the height of its ground clearance which measures up to almost 12 inches. This is another major advantage, especially when we compare it to the competitor brands that have machines working with only 7 inches or less ground clearance.


The interior of the cab is quite spacious and starts from the wide entry to the bottom of the door. Once inside, you have great visibility forward because you are seated high enough to see the front, sides, and back all clearly.

How Difficult is the Machine to Maneuver?

The Kubota machine has controls that are fairly simple to understand. You have the park, release, auxiliary switch, and even has a work lamp switch present. The right side of the truck’s interior will have auxiliary heat locks which can be controlled by thumb switches.

On the left side, you will find the controls for heating and air conditioning and the hydraulic bucket coupler switch, windshield controls and the regeneration delay switches. There is also a large hand throttle.

Kubota SVL75-2 Fuel Problems

After looking at the various benefits Kubota offers over other brands, we must now understand the drawback of the machine and how it can be resolved.

  1. Clogged Inlet Elbow

Clogged Inlet Elbow

One of the main fuel-related problems of the Kubota SVL75-2 machine is that it can suffer from a clogged inlet elbow. Several reasons can result in this problem, and if you are inexperienced with this, will need to consult a professional to have your inlet fixed.

With a clogged inlet elbow, it becomes impossible to work the machine. For the most part, you will find that the machine will continue to shut down within minutes of turning it on and it will continue to happen till this problem is fixed.

Therefore, it becomes impossible to work the machine smoothly without having it fixed.

If you are handy around your truck and understand the fundamentals of its maintenance, you can try removing the debris and unclogging the inlet yourself. However, you have to be experienced and confident about your capabilities.

If you are even a little bit uncertain, you should consider turning to a professional without whom you could end up making the whole situation worse instead of better. Protecting your truck and investment is more important than experimenting.

  1. Faulty Fuel Solenoid

Faulty Fuel Solenoid

Another problem is the fuel shut-off solenoid which can cause similar shutdowns in your unit. If you find that your machine is randomly stopping and upon inspection find that the inlet is not clogged, you should consider checking the fuel solenoid of your truck.

The faulty solenoid will stop the whole operation of your truck and you can’t get it running again without having this problem fixed.

A reliable way of checking the reliability of the solenoid is by using a multimeter or any similar voltage measuring device which is compatible with the solenoid.

If you receive a reading of 12 volts or above then you can rest easy knowing your solenoid is perfectly fine. However, receiving a reading below 12 volts would indicate that your solenoid is no longer suitable to use to must be replaced immediately.

  1. Defective Pump

Defective Pump

Depending on how long your truck has been in use, there could be issues with the pump that can develop and create problems in your Kubota SVL75-2.

Therefore, if your engine is continuously shutting down and you find that the above two scenarios are not your problem, you should check the pump to see if it needs to be fixed or replaced.

Sadly, this can be quite costly and you have, therefore, need to save a substantial amount to get your truck up and running again.

Before purchasing the replacement, however, it is a good idea to get a professional mechanic to inspect your whole unit. You can have them isolate the problem and check whether it is your pump.

Hopefully, you may find that there is another problem and your pump is not defective, which in turn, can save you thousands of dollars. However, you need to make sure that whomever you hire is efficient and experienced and doesn’t mislead you about the issue.


The Kubota SVL75-2 is a wonderful machine to have in the market especially, because of its competitive pricing and multiple benefits over other brands. However, it can suffer certain issues such as fuel problems. Luckily they are quite fixable, granted they are diagnosed and fixed by professionals.

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  1. 2012 SVL 75 — biggest piece of crap I ever bought – new – $46,500
    1 complete undercarrige & tracks replaced @1200 hrs – $5000
    1700 hrs on it now – just replaced both back idlers agian & rollers as they fail
    5 yrs fighting electrical issues going to starter & solenoid
    Was told ( by an IL Kubota dealer) have to pull engine to replace starter , solonoid & fix wiring connections down there .
    no support from selling Dealer in Missouri or the Kubota corp.
    machine only used in small cattle operation feeding hay & such – not for hire
    yesterday fuel guage quit working – endless problems
    wish i had bought a different brand – never know if it will start when going to use.


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