Farmstand vs Gardyn Growing System: Which One?

farmstand vs gardyn
farmstand vs gardyn

Smart Growing Systems are devices that can allow people to grow plants without any effort. The only thing that you need to do is keep the equipment maintained.

As for the plants, these will be grown by the system as long as it keeps working properly.

This can be amazing but if you are interested in purchasing one of these devices then there are tons of options that you can select from.

This is why you should go through the models carefully. This should help you in picking a device that will last you a long time.

Farmstand and Gardyn are both amazing equipment that can be bought but there are also some similarities between them.

Considering this, tons of users ask questions regarding them. If you are having the same issue, then going through this article should help you out.

We will be providing you with a comparison that contains all the information required regarding these devices.

This should allow people to understand how the equipment is different and which one will suit their usage.

Farmstand Growing System vs Gardyn Growing System

Home Growing System Farmstand Growing System Gardyn Growing System
Soil Requirement No (Hydroponic System) No (Hydroponic System)
Wi-Fi Compatibility Enabled By Default Enabled By Default
Mobile Application Yes (iOS and Android Support) Yes (iOS and Android Support)
Supported Pods 12 to 36 Plants at Once 30 Plants at Once
Different Lighting Modes Only One Lighting Mode Different Lighting Modes
Type Of Lighting Full-Spectrum Lighting Full-Spectrum Lighting

Farmstand Growing System

The Farmstand growing system is one of the most popular devices that you can purchase.

This is equipped with tons of features that allow people to stay worry-free at all times. You should note that the brand behind this device is known as Lettuce Grow.


This makes some people wonder if the Farmstand can only grow lettuce but that is not the case.

Overall, the Farmstand is an amazing growing system that is equipped with full-spectrum lighting. This replicates sunlight by providing the plants with all the heat required.

Keep in mind that these lights have to be kept switched on for optimal performance.

You have the option to switch these off during the night so that power can be saved. Other than this, the lighting also has one single mode that you can switch between.

This is a major downside as you cannot completely control how the lights function.

Getting back to the features, another thing people notice about the Farmstand Growing System is its unique design. While most of the other growing systems are made using a horizontal layout, this device is vertical.

Several things make this layout amazing, the first one being the plants having a lot more space to grow.

Some varieties grow tall which is why having enough space allows them to stay healthy. This is one of the main reasons why other growing systems have tons of limitations.

Healthy Plants

Other than this, the Farmstand device can grow from 12 to 36 pods at a time. This allows people to grow tons of varieties while having consistent harvests.

Though you should note that there are different models that you can purchase. Depending on which you buy the pod capacity can vary.

This is why make sure that you go through these models carefully so that you can get one that matches your requirements.

Finally, one last thing to note about this device is that it is designed for outdoor use. This can be annoying for some people, but you can also keep the system inside.

Keeping the device outdoors is not necessary but because its design was made for outdoor usage, several things should be kept in mind.

The standard growing systems don’t have the spectrum lighting on them which is why their price is so low.

You can add these along the device when purchasing it, but this makes the cost go up.

On top of this, the device also requires some prior knowledge of how plants can be grown. This is why the Lettuce Farmstand growing system is not recommended for beginners.

Gardyn Growing System

Gardyn is a famous brand that is known for its series of home-growing systems. 3 models have come out now and each of them is equipped with tons of features.


Keep in mind that the newer models are simply updated variants of the older devices.

This is why you should purchase the model that has come out recently. This helps people in getting a device that will last them a long time without any issues.

The best thing about the Gardyn 2.0 Kit and Gardyn 3.0 Kit is that it comes with Wi-Fi compatibility.

This is a useful feature as you can connect the device to your mobile phone through your internet connection.

The only thing that you need to do is install the application on your mobile phone and then create an account. Now proceed to connect the growing system with your Wi-Fi.

People can then be notified whenever the food or water levels start to drop in their growing system.

water on plant

This can be quite useful as you can keep them refilled at all times. This helps in ensuring that the plants growing are also kept healthy and most problems are avoided.

When comparing the Gardyn lineups with Farmstand, you should note that both of these devices use a vertical layout.

This is the main reason why people often compare them with each other. Though the main thing about Gardyn is that it is made for indoor use.

This difference gives people the option to select the devices depending on their usage. Aside from this, you should note that the price of the growing systems is also similar.

This is why the main thing to look out for is where you want to place the device as well as what varieties you want to grow.

Considering these things and going through the information provided above should help people in making their decision. If you are still confused, then contact the support team for these brands.

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