Ego vs Ryobi Trimmer: Which One Is Better?

ego vs ryobi trimmer
ego vs ryobi trimmer

Among the many other tools that a farmer needs for the management of garden layout, the trimmer is the most important one of them. Just like any other machinery, there is a whole lot of variety among trimmers too.

Therefore, it can be a daunting task to pick a trimmer that best suits your needs and requirements.

Trimmers are quite well known for their adaptation features. A single trimmer can provide a number of different layouts. However, on the basis of a particular brand, certain differences exist among the trimmers. The popularity of brands like Ego and Ryobi is great among gardening accessories.

Many people keep comparing the two of these trimmers to decide which one has more to offer. This article shares the striking comparison between Ego and Ryobi to help you make a choice. So, let’s move on to studying their individual features first and then take a look at the distinguishable factors.

Comparison Between Ego And Ryobi TrimmersFeatures EGO Trimmer Ryobi Trimmer
Power capacity Higher motor capacity than Ryobi 40V power capacity, Less powerful as compared to EGO
Battery 56V battery 40V battery
Storability More Less
Cutting Efficiency Carbon fiber string enables efficient cutting Smoother cutting than EGO
Maintenance Very little maintenance required As it is battery powered, it does not need additional maintenance
Longevity Lifetime service Depending on the sturdiness of frame and power of motor, the service is long
Loudness More Less

Brief History Of Ego Power Tools

Despite being a newcomer in the world of power tools, Ego has marked its name as one of the most reliable manufacturers of outdoor equipment. The lithium-ion batteries used in the Ego equipment are portable and cheap.

Although the capability of Ego’s battery power system is nowhere near the gas engine, still Ego is a popular brand that supplies the best outdoor equipment.

There are a number of options from Ego trimmers that you can make a choice from. In comparison with the other trimmers, the Carbon Fiber Shaft with the Power load is better at the trimming job. You can hold it with ease because it is quite lightweight. Us

Brief History Of Ryobi

Having launched in 1943, Ryobi started manufacturing power tools in 1968. The number of Ryobi’s manufacturing facilities is 12 across 6 countries.

In addition to the availability of this brand in Home Depot stores, you can also get their products on the internet. In the UK, most hardware stores have Ryobi’s product lines, be it small independents or large national chains.

The quality of Ryobi string trimmers is good enough to take care of your lawn, yard and garden. Their reputation is good for a reason, and the credit for it goes to their quality motor and multiple power options.

Ego vs Ryobi Trimmer

Motor Difference

Motor Difference

The motor difference is the most important thing that sets these two trimmers apart. A tool can run for a long time if the motor is powerful enough and delivers the required HP.

Talking about the motor of Ego, it is a robust motor with a voltage of 56. It keeps on running for a long period of time. The longevity and performance of this motor are extended by its minimal vibration rate.

Although a battery powers it, it still gives a strong competition to the gas-powered trimmer. Some experts consider the performance of the Ego motor better than gas-powered motors because it requires less maintenance and doesn’t produce much noise.

The motor of Ryobi has a maximum voltage value of 40. The best thing about the Ryobi motor is that despite being powerful, it produces less noise.

Battery Life

Battery Life

Before purchasing any trimmer, the first question that comes from homeowners is about the battery life of the product. The 56V battery of Ego runs 15 minutes more than the 40V Ryobi battery. In simple terms, the Ego battery can run for an hour, while it’s just 45 minutes for Ryobi.

The battery life of the trimmers is affected by three major factors, the first one being the density of the grass. When grass is denser, it asks for a slower pace and more output. Blade height is the next factor that has an influence on the battery life of the trimmer in the same manner as the density of the grass.

The self-propelled function is the third factor that can extend the trimmer’s battery life. Ego 56V has a stronger self-propelled function which makes it run for an hour. So, Ego 56V is the clear winner of this category.

Cutting Efficiency

Cutting Efficiency

Cutting efficiency has a significant role in making a grass trimmer effective. Cutting quality is directly related to the cutting edge. The edges of grass are trimmed better with a robust and sharp cutting edge. The job is eased more when the motor is powerful.

There are a number of exciting features in the Ego trimmer that improve its efficiency in trimming the edges. Thanks to its patented Power load Technology, you can push and play without exerting much effort.

Moving on to the speed controls, Ego has many of them. It enables you to trim the glass as per your need. You can trim it at whichever speed you want. The trimming job is further improved with the exclusive Carbon Fiber Shaft.

As far as the 40V Cordless String Trimmer of Ryobi is concerned, it has a Jet Fan Blower. It can work great for a place with a 1-acre yard. If you ask about the power of the Ryobi trimmer, it performs a job like a gas-powered trimmer and doesn’t even demand the additional costs.



The maintenance factor is crucial in deciding which equipment is best to use. After comparing the maintenance requirements of both the trimmers in detail, it is clear that the maintenance work of the Ego trimmer is easy. The reason behind this ease is the extraordinary trimmer-blower combo kit.

The battery-powered trimmer of Ryobi doesn’t ask for much maintenance either because there are just a few law-keeping accessories in its combo kit. With the help of the compulsory blower, it’s not just the trimming that is eased but also the cleaning.



The serving period of a sophisticated and sturdy grass trimming tool can be a lifetime. There is no need to worry about the tool performance and battery because these factors are covered by the limited warranty period of both the trimmers.

The durability of Ego products is quite well-known all around the globe. You can trust Ego trimmers with their lifelong service, thanks to the use of quality materials in their buildup and sturdiness in structure. The tool warranty of this trimmer is 5 years, whereas its battery comes with a 3-year warranty.

The warranty of Ryobi is the same as that of the Ego trimmer. There is no such difference between the warranty period of both of these trimmers and their batteries.

Price Difference

Price Difference

The price differentiation is clear when the comparison is set between the gas-powered and battery-powered trimmers. Instead of oil, gas is used in the gas-powered trimmers, which is a long-term expense apart from its initial pricey purchase.

In addition, the maintenance needs of this trimmer are more, which is not only costly but also time taking.

Talking about the battery-powered trimmer, the only input it requires is electricity. You just have to pay the electricity costs.

There are variations in the price range of Ego trimmers on the basis of accessories that it comes with. For example, the price of an Ego Cordless Carbon Fiber String Trimmer that comes with a 2.5Ah is around $250.

You have the option of choosing the facilities with the trimmer, which also come at a price. You can choose any of the shafts, straight shafts, foldable shafts and telescopic foldable shafts.

If you want an Ego String Trimmer, you can get it in the price range between $200 and $370. In case you just need a trimmer, it is available at the cost of $170. The price range of Ryobi string trimmers is huge as they are available from $50 to $500.

Customer Service

Customer Service

The area which closely matches both the trimmer companies is their customer services. Ego trimmer comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You have the option of returning the product and getting a refund if the product doesn’t satisfy your needs.

Ego has excellent warranties for damaged goods as well. Their dense network of workshops and approved dealers are there to meet your every need regarding the trimmers. Reading the online reviews about the customer service of Ego, it is evident that customers are happy with their services.

The reputation of Ryobi is great as well in offering long warranties. The engineers who fix the parts are efficient and able. However, Ego excels in the area of customer service because it has much more to offer to its users.


Both Ego and Ryobi brands have quality trimmers to offer that exceed in quality and functionality. However, they both have certain differences between each other that set them apart. If you want better cutting efficiency and low maintenance, you should pick up an Ego trimmer.

On the other hand, the Ryobi trimmer is best for customers looking for power and sturdiness in the equipment that not only offers excellent service but also comes at an affordable price.

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  1. At First I was sold on the Ego Battery Powered trimmer; Bought the original trimmer but had difficulty loading the string so I bought a Ego Battery Operated Trimmer with the Power loader option; Last 18 months then the string would wrap all around the head and I’d have to seperate the head, cut then re-reload the string; I notified Ego about this problem and they originally said it would be covered under the warranty..NOT; because I bought thru Amazon, Amazon is a 3rd party vendor so Ego welched on their warranty coverage! Buyer Beware: always check to make sure your buying from a Authorized Ego dealer 1st.


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