.065 vs .080 Trimmer Line – The Better Choice?

.065 vs .080 trimmer line
.065 vs .080 trimmer line

Every homeowner wants to keep their lawn neat and tidy. The best way to do that is to use a functional trimmer line that gets access to the weeds and grass that are unreachable by the mower. Your yard can look more appealing and fresh when the thicker brush is cleared out.

Users often find themselves in a dilemma while choosing a specific trimmer line among the wide range of possible applications. Depending on the overall diameter and size of the trimmer line, you can remove the weed effectively .

The weed type is also a considerable factor when it comes to the choice of a trimmer line.

On the list of the most used trimmer lines, 0.065 and 0.080 stand on the top. They are frequently used by many homeowners all around the world. A detailed comparison of the features and attributes of these two trimmer lines eases the decision-making task for you.

After studying the individual properties of the 0.65 and 0.080 and the factors that set them apart, you can easily decide which trimmer line can best suit your needs and requirements.

0.065 vs. 0.080 Trimmer Line

Features .065 Trimmer Line .080 Trimmer Line
Cutting strength Less More
Commercial use No Yes
Speed More Less
Power Less More
Cost Expensive Cheaper
Durability Less More

0.065 Trimmer Line

If you need a perfect trimmer line for getting rid of weeds and grass in your garden, .065 gauge is suitable for the job. It paves the path for reliable trimming in your garden. It is an ideal trimmer line for the promising brush cutters and trimmers.



The toughness flaunted by .065 is outstanding. The best thing about this trimmer line is its ultra weld-resistance performance. The commercial resistance is enhanced by the premium copolymer formulation. Talking about durability, it can last years.

For enhancing the cutting performance, agility is also added to the product. It doesn’t produce any noise either. You can smoothly carry out your trimming operation.


When compared with the .080 trimmer line, .065 is thinner. As a result, there is less strength and power delivered on its part.

Having a small and thinner size enables the .065 to cut the thinner weed only. That’s the main reason that prevents the use of the .065 trimmer line in place of the .080.

.065 is an ideal choice when it comes to the cutting of simple glass. However, commercial tasks cannot rely on this trimmer line. Regardless, it works faster when compared with  .080. Whether the conditions are windy or calm, .065 knows how to perform great.

People often regard  .065 as a budget-friendly gadget mainly because it can get the job done with less power and less amount of voltage. The durability of the  .065 is less than  .080, which is why it is not suitable for the longer and thicker weeds in your gardens.

0.080 Trimmer Line

Having more thickness than the  .065 trimmer line, .080 has more power and strength to offer. Trimming large weeds is simpler and easier with a .080 trimmer line.

Its use is common in both houses and commercial places. With the additional thickness of the line, there is more jumping in it. Therefore, there are bright chances of the cutting head getting slowed down as a result of the wind resistance.


The making of this trimmer line is done by using impact-resistant materials that promise efficiency. Meant for both light and heavy tasks, you can get the most out of this trimmer line for a long time because it is quite long-lasting.

Because of the flexible design, you can easily lift it. As far as compatibility is concerned, it is quite compatible with other trimmers from other types or brands. It also has a beneficial string length extension.



The durability of the  .080 is another feature that appeals to the users. Despite flaunting a number of useful features, it is still an affordable trimmer line. The thing that sets  .080 apart from  .065 is that it can trim both thick and thin weeds.

Therefore, you can use it in place of  .065 if and whenever you need to. An important thing to remember here is that you have to add more voltage and power to ensure the correct functioning of the  .080.

Comparing .065 and  .080 Trimmer Line

Comparing .065 and  .080 Trimmer Line

The best use of  .080 lines in both households and commercial tasks. On the other hand, the small and thin size of  .065 trimmer lines limits its use to households only.

0.080 possesses the ability by which it is great at cutting both thick and long as well as thin and short weeds efficiently. The working mechanism of .065 is faster than the  .080.

The versatility of the .080 is clear from the fact that it can be used in place of  .065. The use of more power and strength is done by .080.

The performance delivered by both of these trimmer lines is great. No matter which trimmer line you settle on, make sure you are aware of its pros and cons. The budget-friendly nature of  .065 has gathered a lot of customers, but there are certain drawbacks added to this line as well.

Talking about the  .080 trimmer line, it does get more work done in less time, but it also costs a lot of power consumption. The most important thing that you need to consider before either of these trimmer lines is what task you will be using the trimmer line for.

If you just need a line for trimming little grass at your home, choose  .065. On the other hand, if you want to get rid of weeks on a commercial level, opt for the  .080.


If you want strength and agility in the trimmer line, you should pick 0.080. You can remove the weeds on the commercial level with so much more ease with this trimmer line. However, the thin size of the 0.065 trimmer line is ideal for the minimal trimming tasks that can get covered under your set budget.

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