Echo CS 590 Won’t Start: 11 Recommended Fixes

echo cs 590 won't start
echo cs 590 won’t start

Echo CS 590 finds its place at the top on the list of best chainsaws. The reason is that it has amazing specs and features, with abundant power. A number of chainsaw enthusiasts has recommended it as one of the most reliable chainsaws under $500. Apart from the great performance, it is also easy to use.

However, the problem is that sometimes it is hard to start the Echo chainsaw. Despite continuous and various efforts, this equipment just does not make a start.

There are many possible reasons for that. In this article, we will discuss the fixes to start Echo CS 590 chainsaw whenever you encounter the starting problem. So, let’s start understanding the solutions one by one.

Echo CS 590 Won’t Start Issue

  1. Fix The Flooded Engine

Fix The Flooded Engine

Sometimes the engine of the chainsaw is flooded because of the over-priming of fuel. If the choke is left too open, more and more fuel can enter the combustion chamber and cause flooding. In this way, there is very little oxygen left for the ignition of fuel.

Therefore, it is mandatory to clean the flooded carburettor on a chainsaw. It’s all about cleaning the combustion chamber and making room for oxygen. In the first step, pick a flat surface and place the chainsaw there. Read the instruction manual of Echo CS 590 to understand how to get rid of the top cover.

After the top cover is removed, you can see the cylinder, air filter, spark plug and control lever. However, you are just concerned with the spark plug and its cap.

After locating the spark plug, remove its connection from the high voltage cap. Be careful during the process so that you can avoid pulling the cap off the wire.

Now, unscrew the spark plug with the help of a combination wrench and loosen it. After you are done removing the spark plug from the Echo chainsaw, press the choke control lever to get the chainsaw choke deactivated. Dry the electrode wet with fuel.

The removal of excess fuel from the combustion chamber requires you to give the off position to the control lever. Use the paper napkin to plug the spark plug hole on the cylinder. The starter needs to be pulled 5-10 times after the cylinder is down. Put the spark plug in its hole again and reinstall the cap.

Turn on the power switch and pull the starter rope thrice. As soon as the chainsaw takes a start, release the trigger so that the engine gets its idle speed. Now is the time for you to set the choke to the off position.

  1. Clean The Dirty Carburetor

Clean The Dirty Carburetor

A dirty carburettor is a top culprit whenever your Echo chainsaw is not taking a start. The breakdown of gasoline takes place in a month. The reaction of oxygen with the molecules in gasoline causes oxidation.

The oxidation of gasoline causes the accumulation of dirty debris like gums and varnish in the chainsaw carburettor.

It’s not just the chainsaw starting problems that arise with this; it also causes the poor running of the device and improper flow of fuel.

However, you can fix the starting problem by taking out the air filter and using some carburettor cleaner. Most of the time, this action restores the operation of the chainsaw as soon as it is free of debris.

You just need some DIY and a few tools to get the cleaning done. When you are done disassembling the chainsaw, make sure every opening gets cleaner.

In the meantime, you can take a check on the carburettor settings and set them to the factory settings. An important thing to remember here is that the first or second pull can fire up the saw, so be prepared for that.

  1. Bad Gasoline

Bad Gasoline

Another common cause behind the poor starting of Echo chainsaw is bad gasoline. It is crucial to get rid of the gas if it has been residing in the engine for more than a month. However, this problem can be avoided by getting your gasoline stabilized.

The breakdown of gasoline is slowed down by the application of the stabilizer, and hence there are very minimal chances of gasoline going bad.

  1. Plugged Fuel Filter

Plugged Fuel Filter

The plugged fuel filter is related to the condition of gasoline. If the tank is varnished, it can plug the fuel filter and cause a restriction in fuel flow.

People who are careless while getting their gas tank filled end up getting debris in their tank. Make sure that whenever you fuel the saw, the cap is placed in a clean place and is wiped off well before you thread it back onto the tank.

  1. No Spark

No Spark

Chainsaws that run well have long-lasting spark plugs. However, it is also common for the spark plugs to get the depositions on their electrode. This is especially caused in situations where the burning of low-quality two-stroke oil takes place in the saw.

Take the plug and see what condition it is in. Use light sandpaper to clean the electrode. Make sure you check the gap. Check the settings as well and ensure that they are factory settings. If you are not properly informed, get help from the instruction manual.

You also need to run a test for spark. To do so, take the plug and hold it against the cylinder head while its plug wire is still attached to it. Now, pull the recoil slowly. It will centre a strong blue spark. The absence of this spark is a sign that you need to get the plug replaced.

In case there is no spark, even when the plug is in good condition, look for the plug wire and analyze its condition. It must be intact and not broken. A fine plug wire makes it clear that only the coil can be bad and can be causing the start problems in the chainsaw.

  1. Clogged Spark-Arrestor Screen

Clogged Spark-Arrestor Screen

The operation of the engines requires air. The absence of required air kills the engines and shuts them down. Sometimes, there is too much oil deposition which is caused by the use of low-quality oil and rich running of the saw.

The abundant oil deposits result in the clogging of the spark arrestor screen, and the airflow is choked.

It causes the starting problems in the Echo chainsaw. Even if it takes a start somehow, it cannot run smoothly unless the screen is properly cleaned with a wire brush.

You can avert this problem by using synthetic oil that is high in quality and burns cleanly. By using high-quality oil, you can run the saw on a leaner mix ratio.

  1. Plugged Air Filter

Plugged Air Filter

The problem arising from the plugged air filter is the same as that of the clogged spark arrestor screen. Make sure you remember the principle, operation only takes place when there is airflow.

Take the air filter off and use the compressed air to clean it. You can loosen the deposits by tapping them on a workbench.

You need to find a replacement for it if it is in bad shape. The reason is that the air filter is quite important in a chainsaw as it fights against the entrance of debris and sawdust into the engine. A new air filter is not costly either.

  1. Damaged Starter Assembly

Sometimes the starter assembly of the chainsaw gets damaged, and the recoil starter fails to give you any input. The only solution to this problem is the purchase of an assembly replacement. You can get a quality replacement for the damaged parts at many stores.

In addition, it comes at a fair price, and your budget stays unaffected. As soon as the new assembly is installed, the operation of the device is restored.

  1. Incorrect Ratio Of Fuel To Oil

There are 2 cycle engines in all the chainsaws. In simple words, the mixture of fuel and oil is used in the gas tank. You can see the recommended fuel and oil ratio from the chainsaw manual. If your ratio is incorrect, you need to drain the tank and use the proper mixture.

  1. Damaged Starter Rope Or Pull Rope

Damaged Starter Rope Or Pull Rope

No matter what part of machinery it is, it gets worn out with use. The same is the case with the starter rope of the chainsaw. Its fraying is followed by its breaking. Once you have detected the worn starter rope, find its replacement.

  1. Cold Weather

Cold Weather

For the proper start, the engine of the chainsaw must be warm enough. The failure in the starting of a chainsaw is obvious if you try starting it in cold weather. Instead of making repeated efforts, close the choke so that the engine gets a super-concentrated burst of fuel.


Echo CS 590 starting problems arise from particular reasons. Therefore, you need to stabilize the fuel and maintain your chainsaws. Do the cleaning of the spark plug and air filter on a frequent basis. In this way, not only does the chainsaw take a start, but it also runs smoothly.

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  1. Where is the spark arrestor screen on the CS 690? Just remove and clean or replace. I’ve replaced the spark plug and ignition coil. It then ran once. But not again. Anybideas?


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