Cat 299D vs Bobcat T870 – The Better Option?

cat 299d vs bobcat t870
cat 299d vs bobcat t870

Skid steer loaders are very common nowadays. Many people buy and use these loaders as they get the job done easily and without much effort.

They work efficiently for tough works ranging from construction to landscape projects.

Two well-known skid steer brands in the market are considered to be best sellers. These brands are called Cat and Bobcat.

Both companies offer great skid steer loaders. All loaders are iconic in their way, but the Cat 299D and Bobcat T870 get more attention than the others.

If you want to buy one of these loaders and need help figuring out which will suit you the best, then we will help you by comparing Cat 299D and the Bobcat T870 loaders.

Cat 299D vs. Bobcat T870 – The Better Option?

  • Cat 299D

Cat is known for its high-powered machines. Cat 299D maintains its fame by giving you a gross power of 106 hp.

Such power is good enough to do jobs requiring high power, strength, reliability, and machine support. Cat 299D does all of it with little to no effort.

cat 299d

When talking about power, a hydraulic system is a must-have. The Cat 299D loader offers you two hydraulic pumps that ensure the hydraulic fluid’s high flow and have a hydraulic power of 76 hp.

It also offers a loader hydraulic pressure of 3335 psi, ensuring that all your work activities go smoothly.

The Cat 299D3 XHP Compact Track Loader combines powerful performance and industry-leading comfort with a unique blend of maneuverability, versatility, and operator efficiency.

This compact track loader offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio, allowing it to maneuver tight spaces easily.

This machine features a 76-hp engine, a standard operating weight of 11,206 lbs, and an impressive rated operating capacity of 3,600 lbs with the Standard configuration.

It also has an optional high-flow hydraulic system for increased performance in demanding tasks.

The Cat 299D3 XHP Compact Track Loader offers an exceptional operator experience with its comfortable cab, low-noise operation, and ergonomic joystick controls.

The intelligent machine control system of the Cat 299D3 XHP provides superior performance with smooth transitions between functions and boom speeds.

In addition to its advanced controls, this machine includes a Tier 4 engine that helps reduce emissions while maintaining maximum efficiency.

The Cat 299D3 XHP Compact Track Loader is designed to tackle many jobs, from landscaping and grading to material handling and demolition.

With its advanced features and powerful performance, this machine is perfect for those who need reliable heavy-duty equipment.

Whether you are looking for a reliable loader that can handle tough jobs or a machine that offers superior operator experience, the Cat 299D3 XHP is an excellent choice.

With its impressive performance and efficiency, it’s no wonder why this compact track loader is quickly becoming one of the most popular machines on the market.

For those looking for a reliable and efficient loader that offers exceptional performance, the Cat 299D3 XHP Compact Track Loader is an excellent choice.

With its advanced features and powerful engine, this machine can easily handle any job. Its comfortable cab and ergonomic controls make it perfect for experienced operators and first-time users.

Whether you are looking for a compact track loader that can handle tough jobs or one that offers superior operator experience, the Cat 299D3 XHP is an excellent choice.

With its impressive performance and efficiency, it’s no wonder why this machine is quickly becoming one of the most popular models on the market today.

The Cat 299D has a cooling system of 4.1 gals. It ensures that your loader stays hydrated while doing work.

It also has an air conditioning system that keeps you cool during the summer. The loader also has a joystick that can be used to control all movements of the loaders single-handedly.

It offers a very comfortable driving machine with all the operating buttons just a few inches apart.

Overall, the size of the loader is slightly bigger than the Bobcat T870 loader. The Cat 299D can lift about 3480 lb. weight equivalent to about 1580 kg and has an operating voltage of about 12 V.

 The machine offers a ground pressure of 4.4 psi which plays a key role in preventing your machine from gliding.

  • Bobcat T870

The Bobcat T870 track loader is a heavy-duty machine that offers exceptional power and performance.

It features a Tier 4 Final engine, allowing it to easily handle tough jobs while meeting emissions regulations.

bobcat t870

The advanced hydraulic system provides superior traction and faster cycle times, increasing productivity on the job site.

With its wide range of attachments and accessories, operators can customize their Bobcat T870 to meet the specific needs of their application.

 The operator cab provides superior visibility, increased comfort, and improved safety features.

Low ground pressure makes it ideal for working in soft or uneven terrain. With its long reach arm and high lift capacity, this machine is a great choice for grading, backfilling, excavating, and other tasks.

The Bobcat T870 provides the power, performance, and features necessary to complete any job quickly and efficiently.

No matter your needs, you can depend on the Bobcat T870 to get it done right. The Bobcat T870 is built with quality components to ensure long-term reliability and performance.

This machine is built to last, from the heavy-duty suspension system to the adjustable engine control settings.

Plus, its fuel-efficient engine saves you money on fuel costs over time.

The Bobcat T870 includes various maintenance features, such as an easy-access filter compartment, extended service intervals, and an onboard diagnostic system.

Customer Maintenance Center

With these features, operators can stay on top of maintenance tasks to keep the machine running at peak performance.

When it comes to versatility and power, the Bobcat T870 is a great choice. It offers superior power, maneuverability, and performance in nearly any application.

While the Cat 299D loader offers high power, Bobcat is also known for its high speed. The Bobcat T870 loader offers dual-speed options of about 5.5 mph and 9.3 mph, respectively.

The loader is turbocharged and runs smoothly while carrying a heavy load. Also, it offers a horsepower of 100 hp, which is good enough for a loader.

This allows the machine to work smoothly, and you do not have to worry about overheating it due to its high heat capacity.

This means that your loader can work all day long without getting tired. The standard hydraulic flow offered by the Bobcat T870 is about 36.6 gal per minute.

It can be capable of lifting 12,678 pounds of weight all at once.

The Bobcat T870 loader is equipped with joystick control. So, you can control the whole machine with one hand.

It also has a very comfortable driving seat and deluxe instrumentation. It offers hydraulic bucket positioning, as you do not have to make much effort to maintain the working mechanism of the bucket.

The loader also has a high-flow option. However, it does not include air conditioning in its system. This can make your job very difficult during the summer.

The Better Option?

The Cat 299D and Bobcat T870 are popular compact track loaders with various features and capabilities.

Both machines have proven reliable and powerful, but which is the better option? While both machines excel in different areas, the Cat 299D comes out on top.

The Cat 299D has a larger engine and operating capacity than the Bobcat T870, making it better suited for heavy-duty jobs.

It also boasts a longer maintenance interval and lowers fuel consumption, which can add significant cost savings over time.

Additionally, its greater reach makes it easier to reach tight spaces.

The Bobcat T870 is slightly more maneuverable than the Cat 299D, and its various attachments make it ideal for landscaping or other light-duty jobs.

The machine also has a very efficient cooling system that helps to extend engine life and reduce downtime.

The Cat 299D is the better option for commercial users who require a heavy-duty machine that can tackle the toughest jobs.

Its larger operating capacity and greater reach make it ideal for large-scale projects, while its low fuel consumption helps to keep costs down over time.

If you’re looking for a reliable, compact track loader, the Cat 299D is worth considering.

The Bottom Line

So, both loaders are amazing small construction vehicles. Both have their unique features and mysteries.

Cat 299D loader wins the users’ hearts when it comes to power. On the other hand, Bobcat T870 offers high-speed with dual-speed options.

These loaders are made with some cool specialties that others might not have.

Finally, we have provided you with all the vital information you may need regarding the Cat 299D and Bobcat T870 loaders.

We hope that you find our article helpful and it helps you to decide on the two great loaders.

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