Kubota vs Takeuchi Track Loader – Better Option?

kubota vs takeuchi track loader
kubota vs takeuchi track loader

Track loaders are a good companion to have when your job requires a lot of groundwork such as carrying soil, dirt work, grading, and material handling. Kubota and Takeuchi track loaders are some of the best ones available in the market nowadays. However, it is quite a struggle to decide which track loader you should choose. Both companies are Japanese heavy machinery companies known for their tool’s amazing features and build quality.

If you are considering buying a track loader and are confused about whether to buy Kubota or Takeuchi track loader then you are at the right place. We will provide you with the answer to your problem by comparing the track loaders offered by these amazing companies.

Kubota vs Takeuchi: Track Loader Comparison

Kubota Track Loader

Kubota track loader has an innovative and modern design that focuses on getting the work done smoothly. It can be used to work in a tough and challenging environment where many track loaders cannot deny working. These track loaders are versatile and comfortable. Although, it is quite expensive as compared to the Takeuchi track loader it works much efficiently compared to the Takeuchi track loader. A strong engine that has been coupled with a gearing machine is the reason for the high efficiency of the machine. Furthermore, the bucket can move in six different ways and in all directions which is quite an awesome feature to have in a track loader.

If we talk about the driver’s seat where you might have to sit for 10 or more hours so that you can get the job done in time, it is quite comfortable. it comes with a backrest as well as a headrest. Also, the cap is spacious. It has a sliding door which is a really cool and thoughtful feature to be included in a track loader. The cab has been designed in such a way that it provides you with full control over the device. The buttons and the joystick to move the basket and use other options are set in places where it is quite easy to reach without any awkward movements and adjustments.

Kubota track loaders are easy to maintain and require less attention from their owner. This means that you do not have to worry about fixing your machine all the time and its maintenance dues. The engine of the machine is efficient enough to use less fuel and do more work.

Takeuchi Track Loader

Takeuchi track loaders are smaller in size as compared to the Kubota track loaders. This allows them to get in small spaces or into places that offer small areas. Their small size also plays a key role in their transportation. This is because they are much easier to transport than heavy and bid track loaders. They are budget-friendly and cost less than the former track loader. These machines are powerful enough to be used as a go-to machine for heavy work.

Although Takeuchi track loaders are less efficient as compared to the Kubota track loaders, they can be used to work in challenging and tough environments. These machines have heavy lifting arms that work wonders in providing lifting power.

Takeuchi track loader has hydraulic mechanisms that do wonders in providing comfort to its driver. These machines also have multiple work modes so that you can choose which mode you need to choose so that the job can be done in an efficient way. They offer amazing pushing power due to powerful drives installed in them. These machines also have an excellent engine that delivers power in a smooth way. It is an amazing machine to have with an exceptionally tremendous breakout force that allows you to do your work much smoothly and effortlessly. The tractive force allows the machine to do the most demanding work. The machine also comes with Takeuchi management for two years. This means that you do not have to worry about its management for the first two years of its life. However, it does require more maintenance than the Kubota track loader.

The Bottom Line

The track loaders offered by both the companies have some unique features and advantages. We hope that you find our article helpful in deciding which track loaders suits you the most. To know more, go through the above-mentioned article.

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