5 Common Case TV380 Fault Codes And Their Solutions

case tv380 fault codes
case tv380 fault codes

Case TV380 is an incredible machine that can lift almost everything, thanks to the vertical lift design it owns. It efficiently performs jobs that demand high hydraulic capacity and high break-out force. All your needs concerning fuel efficiency, productivity, and uptime are met with the Case TV380.

It is always a wise idea to go through the possible list of fault codes whenever you have to purchase a heavy machine like the Case TV380. There is a high chance that a number of problems can arise from the skid steer.

In that case, your basic knowledge of the fault codes can come in handy. Let’s move on to the discussion on a few common fault codes for Case TV380 and their possible solutions.

Some Common Case TV380 Fault Codes And Their Solutions

  1. Error Code 9406

Error Code 9406

This error code results when the control module and the instrument cluster on your skid steer are not talking to each other. After the appearance of this error, the unit stops its operation and eventually shuts off. Check under your seat.

You will find a faulty safety switch there. It is possible to trace back the error code to this switch. Therefore, the best way to overcome this problem is to inspect the wire connection to your seat.

The reviews show that a lot of users have encountered the same problem after shifting their weight on the skid-steer seat. The deactivation and reactivation of the unit power are related to even the slightest of your movement on the seat while the switch is engaged again.

All you need to do is make sure that the switch stays engaged all the time when you are in the skid-steer seat. For that, you have to recalibrate the safety switch. It is the best possible fix for the 9406 fault code on your Case TV380.

  1. Engine Error 3108

Engine Error 3108

Error 3108 is an indication of power problems with the high-pressure pump in your skid steer loader. The first thing to do is do an inspection of the wiring cluster and connection points.

In most scenarios, damaged wiring is what causes the problems of power with the high-pressure pump. It requires you to thoroughly inspect the wiring harness. Sometimes the loose connections and poor condition of electrical wiring prevent the electrical current from reaching the pump in the first place.

It is always better to call for an electrician to deal with such problems because wires can be hazardous. Another factor that can cause power issues with your pump is the poor quality of oil used which makes the engine liable to a bunch of problems. The moving parts of your skid steer start wearing faster than usual.

The components of the loader need sufficient lubrication, which can only be provided by a high-quality oil. Otherwise, there are possibilities of extreme heat damage and eventually an accelerated failure rate.

After staying in regular use, engine oils undergo natural wear. Secondly, external conditions like impurities can further cause the deterioration of the oil.

Talking about the impurities, they can come from anywhere, either the air moisture or the accumulation of dust particles as you drive the loader around. In this way, the hotness of your engine compartment rises and enhances the wear chances more and more.

  1. Error Code 3104

Error Code 3104

When the pressure relief valve in your unit is facing issues, that’s when the error code 3104 appears. A popular symptom of a high-pressure relief valve failure is the loud engine noise.

The loud mechanical noises are produced from the oil starvation in the engine. The most common noises include grinding, whirring, and scraping.

The best way to deal with these problems is to replace the relief valve in your skid steer loader with a new and functional one. This solution might seem costly, but it is actually pretty affordable and makes sure you are within the budget restrictions.

As soon as you are done installing the new relief valve, you can start the operation of the vehicle again. It removes any possibility of error code 3104.

  1. Error Code 1051

Error Code 1051

The error code of 1051 is the sign of No CAN communication with the engine controller. This results when you lose the communication with the controller. In this scenario, you need to run the verification on your power and make sure that the machine controller of the unit is at the battery voltage.

Inspect your cable connections as well. The next thing to do is take a check on the relays and fuses with the help of the voltage tester. Fuses not getting any power is a sign of poor communication with the controller.

If you don’t find any trouble here and still the controller powers up, it can result from the wiring harness issue.

A problem with the connector pins can also cause the error code 1051. The loss of communication occurs from the corrosion of the connectors or when the circuits are open. There is a potential terminating resistor in the unit that can also suffer damage and show the 1051 code.

  1. Error Code 1905

Error Code 1905

Most of the users have mentioned that their units also revealed the error code of 1905 at the start-up. The machine runs without any hydraulic functions. This error appears when the sensor supply voltage is out of range.

There are a number of solutions for this error code. The first one is to check the fuses in the cab. If that doesn’t work, try the next solution of replacing the battery. Make sure you properly check the battery candles.

To get rid of this error code, take a tester and run a battery voltage test. The ideal range is 13.7 and 14.5 volts.

Case TV280 is expected to have some more common default codes that you need to be aware of. On the other hand, the Case customer support staff is quite friendly, and they can greatly cause the insulation and troubleshooting of the issues that you are facing.

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