3 Steps To Resolve Skid Steer Bucket Won’t Stay Up

skid steer bucket won't stay up
skid steer bucket won’t stay up

A skid steer is a powerful machine that is often used for digging and carrying heavy loads. These machines can be seen at construction sites and landscape areas. The skid steer comes with various attachments that can be used for various reasons.

The skid steer bucket attachment can be used for clearing snow, soil, and other types of debris from your way. In this way, it Is much easier to clear the land of interest, work on the landscape areas, and whatnot.

However, what if the skid steer bucket won’t stay up? This can be quite problematic. If you are facing such a problem that do not worry. we will provide you with the solution to your query.

 Skid Steer Bucket Won’t Stay Up

  1. Hydraulic Fluids

The skid steer bucket is dependent on the hydraulic system. The hydraulic fluid is responsible for an efficient hydraulic system. If the hydraulic fluid is less than or more than the required quantity, it will cause trouble in the working of your machine’s hydraulic system. It will not let the bucket stay up for a longer period of time, dropping it eventually. Therefore, make sure that the fluid in in the right proportion. If the fluid is not according to the required quantity, refill or remove the fluid accordingly.

  1. Loader Vibrating Too Much

Another cause of the skid steer won’t stay up can be that the loader is vibrating too much. In such cases, the bucket does rise a bit, but it drops after some time. this is because the clamp of the system is loosened.

If you have such kind of an issue, then it is recommended to tighten all the clamps first. Then check the bucket and tighten all the connections of the bucket as well. Also, do not force the machine to do the work in such a condition as it can cause serious complications.

  1. Control Problem

Sometimes, the hydraulic fluid is available in the right quantity. The culprit in such cases is the control valves that have been blocked due to debris. This causes the fluid to pass slowly through certain valves, affecting the performance of the hydraulic system. As a result, the skid steer bucket will not stay up for too long and drop.

To solve this problem, clean the control valves so that you can get rid of any external contaminants. Also, it is recommended that you check the seating of valves. If any valve is not in the required position, it will cause the fluid to leak causing more problems. Therefore, if any of the valves are not in their required position, simply move them back to their place.

In other words, the lifting of the bucket and the bucket staying in its position is controlled by the hydraulic system. If you have any problem with the bucket won’t staying up then you should probably get your hydraulic system checked. This will help you get rid of the problem.

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