4 Of The Most Common Case 8120 Problems

case 8120 problems
case 8120 problems

Harvesting is one of the most important steps in the field of agriculture. Moreover, it is one of the most time-consuming processes. In past, people used to carry out this process with the help of labor, which was quite expensive and time-consuming. Normally, the harvesting process with the help of labor took months, but after the arrival of the combines, the time reduced from months to days. Nowadays many companies around the world are manufacturing combined machines.

One of them is Case. The famous combined model of Case Company is Case 8120. If you are interested in purchasing this model then go through the following guide. We have listed some of the most common Case 8120 problems in the following paragraphs. Make sure to analyze the problem before the application of any solution.

Some Case 8120 Problems

After consulting with the current users of Case 8120 combine, we came to know about many problems related to 8120. We have listed the recurring ones in the following paragraphs.

1. Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption is the most important factor to consider before purchasing a machine for your farm. It is because fuel consumption determines the profitability of your business. The transportation cost is mostly ignored; it is the one that has a significant effect on your costs. Normally it has a share of about forty percent of the total cost, but this value can vary for different kinds of businesses.

In the case of Case 8120, the fuel consumption reported by its current users is quite high which makes it difficult to sustain. There are many ways to improve the fuel efficiency, but we have listed only a few in the following list:

  1. Change the power plug with the laser plug,
  2. Keep changing the oil regularly,
  3. Use good quality fuel,
  4. Use good quality engine oil,
  5. Avoid over-speeding.
  6. Make sure that the clutch plates and other engine parts are in good condition.

2. Air Intake System

The air intake system of a combine matters a lot because it is used for harvesting purposes. The system sucks the harvested crops into the combine. If it is not working fine then the process of harvesting is affected a lot. When we asked the current users of Case 8120, we came to know that they are not satisfied with the intake system of this combine. This shows that their engineering team is not skilled enough. Therefore, it would be better to go with other options because continuing with 8120 will be no more than a loss.

3. Body Build Quality

The build quality of a tractor or combine should be good enough to cater to any kind of obstacles or harsh conditions. If it is not of good quality then its parts will not last long. They will crack, and metal parts will degrade, corrode or wear out. This shows that the build quality of a combine’s body is a very important thing to take into view while purchasing it.

The users of Case 8120 combined complained about the build quality of this machine.  They said that after using the machine for a few months the parts started to crack. Therefore, if you are looking for this combination for your field, you should first deeply analyze your field to make sure that this combination lasts long. Otherwise, you will just waste your money on a machine that needs maintenance after every few months.

4. Customer Maintenance Center

Customer care is one of the most prominent features of any company. A billion-dollar company can flop if the customer service is of poor quality. Moreover, customer service determines the loyalty of the company’s customers. The customers of Case 8120 were not satisfied with their customer service quality. Most of them said that when they contacted customer support they were not replying. This resulted in a decrease in the current customers. Moreover, the people who were interested in purchasing Case 8120 lost their confidence in the company.


The problems listed in the above paragraphs show that Case 8120 is not a preferred machine due to the problems associated with it. The problems directly affect the maintenance cost, which reduces the profitability of the machine. In case you have already purchased this machine, you should solve the problems as soon as they pop up to avoid further problems.

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