10 Most Common Case Skid Steer Warning Symbols

case skid steer warning symbols
case skid steer warning symbols

Case is one of the leading brands for people who want to purchase high-end and reliable construction equipment. They also have various landscaping vehicles available and skid steer is one of them.

Case skid steer is a lightweight and maneuverable vehicle which works great for digging up the ground while its arm can be connected with different attachments for landscaping projects. Just like other vehicles, the skid steer is designed with a dashboard that has multiple indicators.

Common Case Skid Steer Warning Symbols

  1. Hydraulic Lights Flashing Randomly

Hydraulic Lights Flashing Randomly

When the hydraulic light symbol starts flashing on the dashboard, it’s usually because of an issue with hydraulic oil temperature or hydraulic filter. First of all, you should check the hydraulic filter of the skid steer to clean it if it seems clogged.

However, if the filter seems damaged, you have to replace it with a new filter. This is important because a hydraulic filter can protect the hydraulic system of the skid steer from the damage caused by contamination of hydraulic fuel or oil.

Secondly, you have to check the temperature of the hydraulic fluid. The fluid is important to lubricate the system’s components to reduce friction. Moreover, it helps dissipate the heat to prevent overheating of the components while sealing in the clearances.

However, if you’ve been using the skid steer for hours, it can heat up the fluid, resulting in flashing hydraulic lights. So, it’s suggested that you switch off the skid steer and let the vehicle cool down but replacing the hydraulic fluid is more recommended.

  1. Power Issues

Power Issues

When the power light on the Case skid steer starts flashing, it signals an issue with the battery. The skid steer is designed with a battery to power the electronic components of the vehicle, but people often forget to replace the battery.

Usually, the battery life is around three years, so if you haven’t changed the battery of your skid steer in years, replacing the battery is likely to fix the power warning lights.

However, before replacing the battery, you can check its integrity by connecting a multimeter to the battery’s terminals. If the voltage is less than 12.5V, you have to replace the battery.

On the other hand, if the voltage is 12.5V or more, you have to check the wiring cluster because it’s common for the wiring to give up after a few years of use. In case the wiring is damaged, you have to replace the entire wiring system of your skid steer – it can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

Nonetheless, you must hire a professional electrician to ensure proper installation and connectivity.

  1. Advanced Control System (ACS)

The control system of the skid steer provides data about the heading and altitude of the control surfaces – it helps maintain and adjust the heading and altitude. In addition, it helps keep an eye on the speed. This system has a warning light on the dashboard, known as ACS.

This light switches on when there is something wrong with the control system and will make three-alarm beeps as well. However, there is no information on the root cause of this problem because the entire control system has to be inspected.

For this reason, we suggest that you contact any authorized Case equipment dealer as they can help identify the reason in this light and provide solutions.

  1. Attachment Control Device (ACD)

Just like an advanced control system, the (ACD) attachment control device also utilizes the initials as the warning light’s icon. This light remains switched on when the electrically controlled attachment is connected to the skid steer.

However, when this light starts flashing or makes three audible beeps, it indicates an issue with the attachments.

As the name suggests, the attachment control device helps control the external attachments connected to the vehicle. In most cases, this light flashes when the attachment hasn’t been installed properly.

So, just turn off the vehicle, take off the attachment, and connect it again properly and the light won’t flash. Also, you should check the bolts and nuts around the attachment to make sure they are tight.

  1. General Warning

General Warning

The general warning symbol on the dashboard is a red light with an exclamation point (it is designed with a square-shaped box and has a yellow background).

When the general warning light comes on, it simply means that there is something wrong with the hydraulic system or engine. So, it is suggested to get the hydraulic system checked by a professional to fix the leaks or other damages.

Secondly, you have to get the engine checked. If there is nothing wrong with the hydraulic system, there are chances that you are using the skid steer at a high speed.

In particular, the general warning light will flash and make a constant beeping sound when you are using the vehicle at a high speed. So, slow down the engine and the light will go off.

  1. Fuel Level

Fuel Level

The fuel level is one of the important symbols on a dashboard and has a picture of the hose and fuel pump to help you identify it. If the fuel level symbol comes on and makes three beeps, it’s likely that the fuel level is low, so just refill the fuel tank.

However, if you have already filled up the fuel tank but the fuel level light is still blinking, there could be something wrong with the fuel level sensor system. The sensor system is quite sensitive, which is why it has to be repaired by a professional mechanic. In most cases, the sensors have to be replaced.

  1. Glow Plugs

Glow Plugs

The glow plug symbol has a yellow color and looks like a light bulb. The glow plug remains on constantly when the vehicle is up and running and glow plugs are working properly. However, when the warning light starts flashing, it means that the glow plugs are not working properly.

A glow plug is basically a heating element that heats up the incoming air and fuel to optimize fuel combustion in the engine – this process is important for the engine to operate and skid steer to move.

It is exposed to high temperatures caused by the combustion process, and with regular use, the glow plug can get burnt. So, get the glow plug replaced to turn off the light and optimize the engine performance.

  1. System Voltage

System Voltage

A system voltage warning light is basically a battery light. This light comes on whenever the battery’s voltage is too high or low. The low voltage is usually caused by a damaged alternator because it won’t be able to charge the skid steer’s battery or can result in over-draining.

Keep in mind that over-charging will also trigger this light to turn on. So, call a mechanic to get the battery and alternator checked. There are chances that the mechanic will add a battery stabilizer to optimize the battery voltage.

  1. Engine Oil Pressure

The engine oil pressure warning light will turn on the skid steer’s dashboard – it has a fluid drop symbol designed into a bulb-like shape. When this light beeps and flashes, there is something wrong with the pressure sensor or when the sensor is out of range, so get the sensor replaced.

In addition, you have to check the engine oil level because a low level can also trigger the light to run on. The solution is to get the engine oil reservoir filled up with new engine oil because the dirty engine oil will damage the engine.

  1. Hydrostatic Charge Pressure

This indicator light has a red color and when it stays on constantly, it means that the hydraulic oil pressure sensor is not in range. The sensor gets damaged or burn down after over two years of use.

So, get the sensor checked and replaced in case of damage. However, if the sensor is working fine, the hydraulic fluid level could be low, so get it filled to an optimal level.

The Bottom Line

There are various warning symbols associated with Case skid steer but these are the most common symbols. The lights can say a lot about the performance of the skid steer, so it’s important to keep an eye on the dashboard to make sure you get the issues fixed on time to prevent some severe issues.

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