6 Bobcat 763 Common Problems

bobcat 763 common problems
bobcat 763 common problems

Bobcat is one of the most reliable and popular skid steers brands. The company uses high-quality building materials and adds advanced features to deliver a seamless user experience.

Bobcat 763 is one of the best skid steers with 46 horsepower production and a diesel engine. It’s designed with four cylinders to ensure accurate strokes and produce power for driving the skid steer. However, there are some common problems associated with this skid steer that you must know about.

Bobcat 763 Common Problems

  1. Brake Issue

Brake Issue

In the majority of cases, the users struggle with brake issues whenever they put down the seat. The brake issues are caused by a malfunctioned wiring because damaged wiring can interfere with the movement of the brakes.

To fix the issue, you must locate the ground connection to see if it’s damaged. If it appears damaged or burnt, you have to hire a mechanic to fix the ground connections.

  1. Issue With Arms

Issue With Arms

Arms are an important part of skid steer because they do the lifting job. However, the arms tend to get pressurized and have tight movement or make screeching sounds.

The arms fail to perform properly if the auxiliary hydraulic circuit has been disengaged. To fix this issue, you have to locate the hydraulic hose and make sure there are couplers on both sides.

Once the couplers are connected properly, connect an auxiliary pipe to the loader arms, start the skid steer, and it will operate smoothly.

The second reason behind malfunctioned or pressurized arms is the short lockout solenoid. In that case, you have to hire a professional mechanic to get the lockout solenoid replaced with a new one.

  1. Nothing Happens When Key Is Turned

Nothing Happens When Key Is Turned

There is nothing more frustrating than your skid steer not turning on when you turn the key. In most cases, the skid steer fails to switch on if the LH panel is damaged. The LH panel is important for controlling the skid steer’s functions.

So, get the LH panel repaired or replaced, depending on the severity of the damage. In addition, you must check the common points and connecting wires to make sure there is nothing wrong with the signal transmission.

  1. Engine Does Not Start

Engine Does Not Start

The engine issues are common with Bobcat 763, and since it comes with the diesel-based engine, the engine doesn’t start when there is something wrong with the fuel system or glow plugs.

Fuel System

If your skid steer’s engine is cranking, but it’s not starting, you need to check the fuel system. The fuel system is designed with a fuel tank, a fuel line, and fuel filters, and any problem with these components can result in operational errors in the engine.

If you have been working in a dusty environment, there are chances that the filter has been clogged and needs to be replaced. It’s recommended that you replace the filter after every three months because a clogged filter can result in contaminated fuel, hence low engine performance.

Secondly, you have to check for the fuel leaks because a leak means that the fuel isn’t reaching the engine, resulting in functionality issues. Moreover, you need to check the fuel tank.

This is because if the fuel is unable to flow from the tank to a fuel injector, the engine loses its power and fails to run properly. So, make sure the fuel tank is filled to an optimal level.

Keep in mind that if the fuel rail doesn’t get pressure because of a clogged filter, the engine won’t receive a fuel supply. So, check the fuel level and make sure the injector isn’t clogged.

In the majority of cases, cleaning the injector and filter fixes the problem. However, if cleaning doesn’t clear the clogging, you have to replace them.

Glow Plugs

Whenever there is a short or open circuit in a glow plug, it can lead to engine damage. The glow plug is important for heating up the air in the combustion chamber of the diesel engine to make sure it achieves the necessary temperature.

Usually, there are around eight to ten glow plugs that need to be replaced. In addition, you must replace the glow plug switch or relay as well.

Throttle Cable

A throttle cable is connected to the engine, which is designed to work as a mechanical link between the throttle plate of the engine and the pedal.

Whenever the pedal is pressed, the throttle cable is pulled, and the throttle is opened. When the throttle cable is damaged, it won’t allow the passage of air into the engine, resulting in performance errors.

You need to ensure that the throttle cable is connected to the throttle body and that all the related connector pins and wiring are in intact form (there must be no damage and corrosion). If the throttle cable is damaged, replace it, or if it’s disconnected from the body, connect it to the throttle body.

  1. Hydraulic Errors

Hydraulic Errors

The hydraulic system of Bobcat 763 is known to drive the engine to power the hydraulic components of the skid steer. So, when the skid steer is not performing properly, you have to check the hydraulic fluid level, hydraulic pump, hydraulic fuel filter, and lines.

Hydraulic Fluid Level

The hydraulic fluid is responsible for powering the tracks and lubricating the internal components. In addition, it prevents overheating of the internal components and powers the hydraulic attachments. So, if the hydraulic fluid level is too low or high, it will fail to deliver the expected performance.

This is important because some people overfill the tank to make it work better, but it can actually deteriorate the performance. This is why you should keep the hydraulic fluid at the recommended level.

Hydraulic Fluid Filter

The filters are added to the hydraulic system to keep it free from contaminations, and the filters constantly work to remove contaminants to keep this fluid clean.

So, when the filter is clogged or has dirt, the skid steer won’t receive enough power. This is because the fluid won’t flow through a clogged filter, resulting in a loss of power. So, replace the hydraulic fluid filter.

Hydraulic Pump

The hydraulic pump is designed to transform electrical energy into pressure, which drives the engine and is installed on the front of the engine.

It is recommended that you inspect the pump, and if it’s a belt-oriented pump, you need to ensure that the belts aren’t loose or worn out. So, fix the belts to make sure the engine is powered (a loose belt won’t be able to generate power).


The hydraulic system of Bobcat 763 is pretty extensive, and leaks in the hydraulic lines can result in loss of hydraulic fluid.

So, if the hydraulic components aren’t working, you need to pressurize the hydraulic system to make sure the fluid isn’t leaking from anywhere else (the pinhole leaks become easier to identify when the hydraulic system is under pressure).

It is recommended that you wear safety goggles and gloves while checking the lines. If there are leaks, you need to replace the faulty/leaking lines. Lastly, check the control valves to make sure they are opening and closing properly.

  1. White Or Black Smoke

White Or Black Smoke

The black smoke and white smoke are pretty common with the skid steer. The black smoke comes out of the skid steer when the engine isn’t receiving enough air. In this case, you must check the air filter and make sure it is not clogged – if it’s clogged, replace the air filter.

On the other hand, if Bobcat 763 is extracting white smoke, it is because of a head gasket. The head gasket is responsible for sealing the engine head with the engine block. It is responsible for sealing the oil and water passages.

So, when the head gasket is blown, the water and oil passages will be exposed to air, resulting in white smoke. The only solution is to replace the head gasket. Also, make sure that there is enough coolant in the engine because a lack of coolant can blow off the gasket.

The Bottom Line

Running into problems with Bobcat 763 can be quite frustrating, but the majority of these issues are easy to troubleshoot. The solutions mentioned here can fix the issues with the engine and hydraulic system.

However, if something needs to be repaired and replaced, it’s better that you hire a professional mechanic.

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