3 Common Bobcat Keyless Start Problems (With Fixes!)

bobcat keyless start problems
bobcat keyless start problems

The keyless start feature on the Bobcat skid steer allows users to use numeric code to secure their machines. There is no need to use a key when you have a keyless panel installed in the skid steer. On top of that, you can define different operators and monitor their working hours through the panel. So, if you have multiple employees working on a single unit, this feature can help you track and enhance employee performance.

With that said, running into starting issues with the keyless panel is not a rare occurrence. So, if you’re thinking of purchasing a keyless panel for your Bobcat, these are some common problems that you can expect.

How To Resolve Bobcat Keyless Start Problems?

1. Panel Goes Blank

An issue that you will often find people complaining about is the panel going blank after users try to start the unit. It can be very tough to operate the machine when your panel keeps shutting down as you’re trying to start the skid steer. There are many factors that can act as a source of this problem. Most often than not, issues with the wiring of the system are the main reason why you might be running into this problem.

If your panel keeps shutting down as soon as you try to start the engine, you should take a look at the wiring connections. Make sure that all the connection points are secured in their proper place, and the unit has access to 12 volts of power. To verify the power output from the battery unit, try using a multimeter or some other voltage measuring tool. If the power output is below 12 volts on the battery terminals, then you need to get a new battery for your skid steer. The panel won’t work effectively as long as you’re using a drained battery unit.

2. Error Codes

Many times, people are unable to operate their machines because of random error codes on their panel. Faulty configurations mostly cause these error codes, and the unit doesn’t work as long as these error codes are not fixed. So, if you’re in a similar situation, the best option would be to call an expert from Bobcat. He will have complete knowledge on how to isolate and fix the problem that you’re facing.

In the meanwhile, you can try rechecking the configurations on your unit and try to reset if you have the master code. If you’re not the owner, then it is best to involve the owner and have him call a technician. This problem can be somewhat complicated, and you won’t be able to fix it yourself. So, to save yourself some time, call the Bobcat company number and have them send in an expert from their team.

Aside from the configurations, these errors can be traced back to faulty sensors. You should use an external power source to check the integrity of the sensor connected directly to the panel. That way, you might be able to isolate the error before the technician from Bobcat arrives.

3. Loss of Power

The loss of power in your unit is also quite common while using the Bobcat Keyless panel. Luckily, this issue is most often linked with the corroded or dirty connection points on the panel. There is a good chance that you won’t have to rely on professional support or purchase any replacement components to fix this issue. All you have to do is use a multimeter to check the wiring connections and clean the connection points on the panel.

To clean the connection points on the panel, you can use a brush and vinegar solution. This solution will wipe away all the rust and corroded regions from your panel. However, you have to remove all the residue from the unit to avoid this problem in the future. Once all the rust has been removed, just firmly secure the connection points with the wires and try using the panel again. Hopefully, it will start working without any further issues.

These were some of the common problems that you can expect in the Bobcat Keyless panel. These starting issues can be avoided if you give proper attention to the configurations as well as the installation of the panel. However, if, for some reason, you’re unable to fix the device, it is best to rely on Bobcat customer support.

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