4 Reasons Behind AeroGarden Plants Dying

aerogarden plants dying
aerogarden plants dying

AeroGarden is a famous brand that is mostly known for its growing systems. These are smart devices that can be used to grow different varieties indoors.

The great thing about home growing systems is that they keep a check on your plants so that they can stay healthy.

AeroGarden has come up with several models, all of which are equipped with unique features.

This is why people thinking about purchasing one of these devices should make sure that they go through the lineups once. This should help them in getting a model that will last them a long time.

While having a growing system like this is usually amazing, people should note that there are also some problems that they can run into.

Recently, users have been reporting that their plants are dying when using the AeroGarden growing system.

If you are running into the same problem, then going through this article should help you out.

This is because we will be providing you with some troubleshooting steps that can be used to fix these issues. These should also help people in ensuring that problems like these can be avoided later on.

AeroGarden Plants Dying:

  1. Checking Water Reservoir

The AeroGarden Growing Garden uses a hydroponic system that allows plants to grow without any soil.

This can be amazing as different varieties are growing using water only. The process also allows users to save a lot of liquid as none of this is wasted in the system.

water drop

Though, people should note that the water reservoir on their AeroGarden device should also be kept in check at all times.

When it comes to this, you must keep the reservoir filled up at all times so that the plants can stay healthy. If the water starts dropping, then this will cause several problems.

The plants will first start to wither and droop. This is a clear indication that the varieties have started dying, hence, make sure that you take care of the issue quickly.

Simply filling up the water reservoir back up again should be enough to ensure that the varieties get back healthy.

AeroGarden has some models that can also be connected to your mobile phone. This allows people to get alerts whenever the water level starts to drop.

Though if you have an older model then the LED lights on your device should light up whenever the water starts running low.

  1. Checking The Plant Food

Just like the water reservoir, another thing people should keep In check is the plant food compartment on the AeroGarden device.

This is filled up with plant food that will be used automatically to provide the varieties with all the nutrients required.

The plants dying inside the AeroGarden issue is often due to the plant food being used.

ez go liquid plant food

Several things should be noted here as the plant food levels dropping can also cause this. Hence, make sure that you keep the food filled up at all times.

Even if you have a little plant food left, the varieties can still start to die.

This is because the plant food is shared between the different pods which results in them all getting fewer nutrients. Considering this, you should keep the plant food above the recommended level at all times.

People can also use the mobile application to get alerts whenever the plant food starts running low.

This works the same way as the water reservoir alerts and the only thing you need to do is set up the application on your mobile phone.

One more thing that people should check is the type of plant food being used.

This should be carefully selected as there is a wide range of plant food available. You must find a product that is compatible with the varieties you are growing.

  1. Checking The Aerator and Pump

The AeroGarden Growing System uses a small pump and aerator to keep the water circulating inside the device.

This is usually done automatically but keeping a check over the parts can be essential. This is because the pump and aerator can sometimes get clogged which results in the plants dying.

pump aerogarden

The water pump is mainly used to build pressure inside the device which can be usually noticed as it allows the water to circulate.

The aerator on the other hand is used to supply oxygen inside the water supply so that the plants can stay healthy.

This can be easily noticed as you can see small bubbles forming inside the water.

People should keep a check on both of these parts and if they notice that one of them is not working then make sure that they fix the problem. In most cases, the issue is from the aerator or pump being clogged.

To fix the problem, the only thing people need to do is open up their devices.

You can then make sure that you remove the dust gathering inside the parts to fix the issue. This should usually be done once the season changes and you have to plant new harvests.

  1. The Aerator Or Pump Might Be Damaged

Finally, one last reason why the plants in your AeroGarden might start dying can be that the aerator and pump might be faulty.

This is quite rare but there is still a chance that the parts might get damaged. When it comes to this, people have two options that they can go with.

You can find the damaged part and then replace it on your own. This can be ordered directly from AeroGarden.

On the other hand, people can contact the support team for the brand and notify them about the problem. Make sure that you provide them with all the information required.

The team will then ask you to send in the device for repairs. The process can take a few days to weeks at most but after this, the problem should be gone.

Keep in mind that you can also get your warranty claimed for free repairs and discounts.

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