6 Things To Do If AeroGarden App Is Not Sending Code

aerogarden app not sending code
aerogarden app not sending code

The home-growing systems from AeroGarden have revolutionized gardening for people all around the world.

Instead of having to keep the characteristics of each variety in mind while also having to keep the species maintained, people can simply plant a pod inside the device and let it grow on its own.

This seems fairly simple and the only thing you need to do is ensure that the home growing system is filled up with enough water and plant food.

Keep in mind that there are only a limited number of varieties that can be grown inside these devices at the time.

However, the brand is constantly working on improving its lineups by adding newer features and support for additional plants.

The best thing about the device is that it can provide you with consistent harvests throughout the year. With that being said, some issues can also be found on these devices.

The newer models of AeroGarden are now equipped with Wi-Fi technology that can be used to monitor your plants even from a distance.

The only problem with the feature is that some users report that the AeroGarden app is not sending them any code.

If you are running into the same issue, then going through this article should help you in getting rid of it easily. This is because we will be providing you with several troubleshooting steps that can be used.

How To Fix AeroGarden App Not Sending Code?

  1. Requesting Another Verification Code

When using the Wi-Fi connectivity feature from AeroGarden, people have to first set up their accounts.

You can do this by downloading the AeroGarden application from the app store and then continuing to set it up. The process is quite simple, but people start running into issues when verifying their email.

pin code

The main problem people have is that the application fails to send them the verification code required to proceed.

If you notice that your home growing system is running into the same problem, then the first thing that should be tried is requesting another code.

The application can sometimes bug out, resulting it in failing to send you the code. However, there should be a small timer below the verification page that lasts about 59 seconds.

Once the countdown is over, people should have the option to request another code.

This should hopefully provide you with the code required to set up your account.

  1. Checking Your Internet Connection

Aside from the application bugging out, another reason behind this problem can be that your internet connection is too weak.

When it comes to this, people can confirm the issue by checking how many signals they are getting. It is usually essential that you have a stable connection when using the app.

This helps the software to work properly as most of its features require the internet. Hence, if you have low signals then you should move a little closer to your router.

no internet

Once the account is set up completely, you should then be able to move around without any further problems.

Keep in mind that there are several other reasons why your internet connection can cause problems with the application.

This is why taking an online speed test is also recommended. If you notice that your connection speed is currently slow then using another connection is better.

  1. Application Servers Might Be Down

Just like your internet connection can run into problems, the application servers for mobile can also run into some issues.

These are generally fixed quickly but depending on the problem, it might take some days to get fixed. People can usually confirm this by checking the status of the application.

Several websites notify people in case any application’s servers are down. You can also look at the social media pages for AeroGarden to check if they have posted anything regarding this.

In most cases, it is recommended that you stay patient if the application is down.

Server Problem

As soon as the team is done fixing the issue or updating their services, the phone app should start working.

You can then request the verification code again and it should now come without any problems.

  1. Update Your Mobile AeroGarden Application

AeroGarden tends to roll out new updates for their mobile application after every few weeks.

There are several reasons behind this including the brand trying to keep its software secure. On top of this, the updates might add new features that can help you out when using the application.

Considering this, people should note that the previous versions of the application can sometimes start running into problems as soon as a new stable update is out.

This is why you should keep your software updated to the latest version at all times.

You can usually set this to be automatically updated as soon as a new update comes out to avoid problems like these.


On the other hand, you can also manually keep a check over the application to download new updates in cases like these.

  1. Using An Android Phone To Set Up

Most people that run into the AeroGarden app not sending verification code problem use iOS.

While both the application and its services are supported by this operating system, users report that they are unable to receive the code. If you are also an iOS user, then this can be annoying for you.

Luckily, people report that using an android phone to set up an account usually works for them.

Considering this, you can take a family member’s or friend’s mobile to set up your AeroGarden application. Once done, the software should work on your iOS without any further issues.

  1. Contact the Customer Support Team

Finally, if you are still running into the same issue then your only solution is to contact the support team for AeroGarden.

The great thing about this brand is that its customer support is usually helpful in cases like these. The team might provide you with an alternative that can be used.

Just make sure that you provide them with all the details required regarding your problem. Doing so should ensure that your issue is dealt with quickly so that you can continue using your AeroGarden.

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