4 Fixes For Add Water Won’t Turn Off In Aerogarden

aerogarden add water won't turn off
aerogarden add water won’t turn off

AeroGarden is mostly known for its plant growing system that can allow people to grow different varieties indoors.

This not only includes herbs, but you also have the option to grow flowers, fruits, and even vegetables. Though, some limitations should be kept in mind.

AeroGarden devices use a hydroponic system which means that they grow plants without any soil. This can be great as it saves water and there is no requirement for soil.

However, this also means that tons of varieties cannot be grown inside this device.

Additionally, another reason for these limitations is that the device can only grow small to medium-sized plants. Larger varieties require more spacing which is not possible on a small growing system like this.

Other than this, the device is amazing, and it can easily keep your plants blooming.

Recently, some people have been reporting getting problems with their AeroGarden. The most common issue that you might have also come across is that the AeroGarden add water indication won’t turn off.

This can be quite annoying which is why we will be using this article to help you out.

Below are some troubleshooting steps that should help you in understanding how the problem can be fixed and even prevented from appearing again.

AeroGarden Add Water Won’t Turn Off

  1. Water Level Might Be Low

Hydroponic systems mean that your device does not require any soil and will grow plants in water. This can be great, but you have to ensure that the reservoir is filled up with liquids at all times.


The water is necessary for your plants to stay healthy, and they will quickly start wilting without it.

This is why AeroGarden has implemented a feature on their newer models that can show people a warning in case the water level is running low.

When it comes to this, you should note that the warning should go away once you have your tank filled up back again.

This should be quite easy as the only thing you have to do is open up the water compartment. Make sure that you shut down the device beforehand to avoid the liquid getting spilled.

You can now start filling up the reservoir with liquids until it is full.

The add water notification should go away on its own but this can also take a few minutes in some cases. This is why it is best that you wait a few minutes to confirm if the warning goes away or not.

If it doesn’t then move on to the steps mentioned below for further troubleshooting.

  1. Check Water Quality

While the only major reason for this warning is low water inside the reservoir, if simply filling up the tank does not fix your problem, then several other factors can cause issues.

water drop

You should note that one of the major reasons that can cause an issue like this is the quality of water.

When talking about this, people should understand that AeroGarden requires fresh water to keep plants healthy.

If the water, you are adding inside the reservoir is impure then this can sometimes prevent the sensors from detecting it.

The issue is quite annoying, but it can be easily prevented as long as you ensure that the water being added is fresh and clean.

If you don’t have a clean supply in your house, then add a water filter to your taps. Most standard filters can last you several months before requiring a replacement.

These are fairly cheap so you should not have much trouble purchasing them. Moreover, the filter also ensures that the water supply in your house is kept clean.

  1. Check For Clogs

People using impure water inside their AeroGarden devices should note that this can also cause tons of clogs inside it.

While using dirty water is the main reason behind this issue, this can also happen due to algae and dust particles. The clogs can either be in the inlets or the sensors of your device.

impure water

Whatever the case might be, the “add water” indication can easily be due to one of these reasons. It is mostly better that you keep your device cleaned up so that problems like these can be avoided.

The pods require replacement after every few months which gives people a lot of time to clean the device.

Talking about this, the best way to clean your AeroGarden is by putting its bowl inside a dishwasher. If you don’t have this device, then you can add a solution of bleach inside the reservoir.

Let this run for a few minutes after which the chemicals can be rinsed out.

These should take out most of the debris and dirt from the system. Though, people will still have to clean the parts manually as well as some clogs might be left.

The sensors are quite sensitive which is why make sure that you clean them carefully to avoid breaking them.

In case the sensors do get damaged, people have to get them replaced with new ones. The best way to do this is by contacting the support team and asking them to repair your device.

Although people can also install the sensors on their own, but the process can be quite tricky.

  1. Device Might Be Running Into Configuration Errors


Finally, if you are still getting the same error even after trying the steps mentioned above then there is a high chance that your device might have some configuration errors.

This usually happens when the system’s memory is filled up after long usage.

The best way to prevent this is by switching off the AeroGarden device sometimes so that it can reset its memory. However, if you are already running into this issue then resetting the system should allow you to fix it.

The only thing that you need to do is remove the power cable from your device.

You can now wait for about 20 minutes after which the cable can be plugged back inside the outlet. You will notice that the AeroGarden device will now boot up without giving the same add water error again.

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  1. Nope, still have the same error, new water, new set up, thoroughly cleaned, turned it off and rebooted it….still low water message

  2. Nope, still have the same error, new water, new set up, thoroughly cleaned, turned it off and rebooted it….still low water message


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