How To Fix Zucchini Stem Split?

zucchini stem split
zucchini stem split

Zucchini is also known as summer squash and it is used widely for multiple cuisines. In some routines, you might also know it as courgette. It is also mistaken as a cucumber as the shape and color are pretty much the same, but there is a bit more to it with a wooden texture at one end on the stems and a flower at the other. The stems of zucchini are quite thick as they get to hold the weight and since they are also grown closer to the ground, there are not many problems that you will have to face on the stems like splitting or breaking.

Yet, these stems are also hollow and there can be some reasons that might cause the stem to split, and that will be an issue for your zucchini plant to grow properly. Not only that, but it can also hurt the fruit and you wouldn’t want to have that. So, here are a few things that you will need to know about it.

How to Fix Zucchini Stem Split:


To start with that, you will need to know what are the reasons that might be causing you to have this problem in the first place. The Zucchini stems are hollow and the fruit is pretty heavy as well. That means there can be multiple reasons behind a stem split on zucchini such as harsh winds and whatnot. There can be rain, excessive moisture in the air, and some other problems as well.

The hailstorm and excessive rains and some animals on the farm can also cause the stems to split and you will need to ensure that you are getting it sorted outright. Needless to mention that the fruit can sometimes grow heavier than the weight the stem can take and it will end up splitting up.

Preventive Measures

There are certain preventive measures and you can build a strong fence around the farm. That will not only keep the animals away from your precious fruit, but it will also lessen the effects of strong winds that might be causing you the problem and you will not have to worry about your stems splitting more often than usual with all that.

Another thing that you can do is try that grid with the threads for the fruit to have support and that will be helping you perfectly to get the right support when the fruit gets too heavy for the stems to take the weight and getting split. This way, you will be able to grow perfect zucchinis without worrying about getting the stems splitting.

How to Fix it?

There are some ways that you can fix it and the best way is a grid to support the stems. You need to ensure that the stems are not breaking or getting bend too much so that the vessels can have the nutrients going on and you will not have to worry about a single thing. If the stems are smaller, you can use the tape to get it sorted out for you as well for the right support.

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  1. In my area, I have struggled to get fruit from my squash plants. Because of excessive Bermuda grass, I have taken to wicking barrels and raised beds. Currently the squash in wicking barrels I have tied to the fence for support. Tons of male blossoms which I have thinned a couple of times. The female have been shriveling when the fruit is less than 2″ and the bloom never opens. Plant is 5 ft tall having a 2″ wide stock that is somewhat of an oval that is kinda flat looking. I will hand pollinate if the female blooms open but they don’t get that far. 3 feet away are calla lilies. The pollinators have been absent again this year (the city sprays plus the city does bird abatement).


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