Olive Tree Losing Leaves: 3 Reasons and Solutions

Why Is My Olive Tree Losing Leaves
Why Is My Olive Tree Losing Leaves

Olive is an evergreen tree found in subtropical regions. These are mostly grown for their edible fruits that are used in numerous recipes. The olives growing on the trees are also cultivated to make olive oil which is known for its health benefits. Overall, the fruits growing can be delicious to eat and you can even use them in different ways. The tree itself is quite easy to maintain which is why tons of people think about planting it in their gardens. The small size of the tree paired up with its low maintenance makes it a great option for beginners looking to plant trees.

Olive Tree Losing Leaves

While these are amazing, it is important to understand that there are also some issues that you can run into with them. Talking about this, some users have recently been asking the question “Why is my olive tree losing leaves?”. If you are getting the same problem with your trees, then going through this article should help you in finding some answers. This is because we will be providing you with several reasons behind the problem as well as ways that can be used to fix them.

  1. Temperature Around Your Olive Tree

When growing fruit-bearing trees like olive, people should first check the weather requirements on the variety. This is because getting a problem like your plant losing leaves can easily result in the harvest getting ruined. The problem mostly appears when your tree is too weak to keep the leaves on it healthy. This is why these start falling so that the tree can sustain its food source, allowing it to keep standing.

If the number of nutrients is still not enough then the tree will also start losing its branches and then eventually die. This is why steps should be taken quickly to prevent the problem from escalating. The first and most important thing to check is the weather conditions around your tree. Your plant should get constant sunlight for several hours so that it can keep itself healthy.

This should be around 6 to 8 hours as olives are known for taking sunlight as their main food source. Aside from this, the temperature in your area should also be quite high as these types of climates are preferred by the trees. If these factors are taken care of then your leaves should start growing back and the tree should last you a long time without any additional issues.

  1. Amount Of Water Being Received By The Tree

Other than sunlight, water is another important factor that should be kept in check when growing trees. As most people know, these plants take the nutrients inside the soil around them to keep themselves healthy. Although, this is only possible if the soil is also kept moist.

If you had not been watering your olive tree, then there is a high chance that the soil around it is too dry. This makes it difficult for the tree to breathe and consume minerals. Hence, the leaves start falling and the only way to avoid it is by watering your tree.

When doing this, people should ensure that they use the optimal amount of liquids. These can help in keeping the soil moist and ensuring that the plant stays healthy for a long time. You should also keep a drainage system in your garden so that the plants and trees don’t get overwatered. This can cause similar problems as too much liquid inside the soil can suffocate the roots.

  1. Natural Life Cycle Of Tree

If you have already gone through the steps provided above and your tree is getting all the nutrients that it should. Then there is a high chance that your olive plant might simply be going through its natural life cycle. When it comes to this, you need to understand that the tree will shed its leaves eventually and grow new ones back.

People can boost the growth of the plant by pruning its branches. This not only makes the tree grow back quickly but also helps in making it look beautiful. This is because pruning requires users to remove dead branches and leaves from their trees. Other than this, you can also use fertilizers on the plant to make it healthier.

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